Why Dogs Are The Best Essay? (15 Dog Topic Ideas)

Dogs are important in a lot of aspects/spheres of life. The word ‘use’ is not suitable, but still, we use them not only for fun but also for a lot of needs. We decided to pick out the main directions where dogs obviously matter, and nothing can replace them nowadays. So, why dogs are the best essay?

A dog provides companionship, but in reality, it can also provide a lot more. Most people that have pets interact with other pet parents, experience less loneliness, and reduced stress. Having a dog can improve your mood, which boosts your mental health.

15 Dog Topics You Can Talk About On Your Essay

Five different dogs that are very friendly

Pet’s can teach your child to learn responsibility and to get out and move, which can, in turn, improve your physical health. A good dog can even provide better home security. Spheres of life that we can’t imagine without dogs. Below are many of the topics that you can use for your essays:

Emotional Support Animals

Dogs can help in stressful situations. For example, people who are scared to fly take them to a plane and feel safer. For those who adore airplanes, this situation might seem inexplicable, but if the flight is a phobia, one of the perfect ways to calm down is to hug an animal who loves you and cares about you till the last breath.

Not only this kind of phobia can be lightened by dogs but any other like frightening of darkness, of closed space, etc. Another side of emotional support is removing loneliness. It works for old people who live alone and need some necessary daily tasks to feel important. If you have a dog, you must wake up, feed your friend, go out, clean paws, and do a lot of other small tasks. As a reward, you get real love and devotion.


This is about physical but not emotional support. Blind, deaf, old people couldn’t move without the help of the dogs. Sure, they should be perfectly trained first of all, but after that, their help is invaluable. All over the world, guide-dogs facilitate the life of those who need help and make their life a little more comfortable. For example, in the UK twenty years ago, trained 1700 dogs at the same time, and this number only has been growing as we become a more inclusive society.

Trained Police Dogs

Work for customs, a bloodhound dog, or dogs sappers. All these categories of dogs work on the same level as people do. They protect us from a lot of illegal actions and prevent a lot of dangerous situations. A lot of specialists work on dog training. A lot of hours, and sometimes not pleasant ways of teaching lead to professional helpers and lifesavers.

You can’t name another animal that works in as many dangerous ways as dogs do. We don’t say that the help of the horse in the village as a hard worker or the cow as a family feeder is less important, but they are not even close to a dog in the question of studying for protection.

Dogs for Personal Security

Every small and big dog feels security who must protect its house and its owner all the time. It comes for them from the first breath and never goes. Protection of territory and loud notification of foreigners seems the best fun for every dog. Another ancient duty of the dog is to watch the flocks and save them from wild animals. They are so good on this that don’t even need extra surveillance. Not all breeds of dogs are perfect for the same tasks; that’s why you must choose carefully if you need a dog for protection.

Hunting Dogs

Nowadays, hunting seems more an entertainment than a necessity. There are a lot of fights about hunting for fun, but still, it exists, and dogs take part in it. Some breeds were specially bred for hunting on ducks, foxes, or big animals.

Their body structure depends on what they do more: swim, follow, find, or dive. You might be surprised, but a sweet dachshund is a perfect hunter that helps a lot. A few centuries ago, hunting couldn’t happen without dogs at all.

Dogs for Fun and Pleasure

We are talking about dogs as lovely dedicated creatures that convey their life to people’s hands without any doubt. Also, they bring a good mood, warmth, and confidence that you will never stay alone. Only dogs can give this. They care about the owner much more than themselves.

Dogs will protect and help you as much as they can and never ask for the same. Also, they are ready to wait for you for days and become the happiest creature when you come back. They will never ask for a separate room or your credit card. Their happy open eyes can melt the heart of every person. It works like magic and never lets down.

Less Loneliness

Proof that a dog can make you less loneley

Living alone can be difficult, even for the most positive of individuals. If you struggle with anxiety or depression, it can be even worse. One of the most effective ways to deal with loneliness is to get a pet. Dogs, in particular, have a way of providing companionship that few other animals can match.

If you’re looking for someone that is playful and likes to cuddle when you’re not having your best day, a dog may be the perfect companion for you. Before you know it, you and your furry friend just might be going almost everywhere together.

Social Interaction

As previously mentioned, having a dog automatically places you in a position to meet other people who also love their pets. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the pet store for food or toys or if you’re taking your best friend to the dog park.

This opens up a whole new world for you that probably wasn’t available to you before. As such, it gives you the opportunity to meet new people who already have something in common. There’s a good chance that you might be making new friends. Even if you’re apprehensive about meeting new people, you might have a better time of it with your pet by your side for comfort.

Home Security

If you’ve ever knocked on someone’s door and heard a dog barking on the other side, you know about the level of home security that a good dog can provide. Most individuals that would be inclined to rob a home are far less likely to do so if they know there is a dog on the premises.

Additionally, it’s likely that having a dog will make you feel more secure during those long nights when you’re at home by yourself. If you’re particularly worried about home security, you can even train your dog specifically to guard the house.

Reduce Stress

Most vets and doctors will tell you that the act of petting a dog can make you feel less stressed. A way to take yourself out of your own head for a while and simply be present at the moment, petting a dog is an excellent way to do so.

It’s hard to allow your mind to continue to race when you’re focused on another living being that you love. You might even notice that your breathing and heart rate slow when you start petting your dog. This is because you’re becoming more relaxed.

Improve Mood

How a dog improves the mood of a smiling Senior woman

Your dog can make you less lonely and less stressed, you’re likely to be in a better mood. Some people are just naturally in a good mood most of the time. Others need a certain amount of support to truly hit their stride. A dog can help you get in a good mood and stay that way when you might otherwise feel like shutting out the world.

Better Mental Health

Obviously, having someone there to support you when you’re feeling down can help you experience better mental health. Dogs are excellent at doing exactly that. In fact, a lot of people use dogs as service animals or even emotional support animals.

This is true of individuals who have severe anxiety or depression. The mere presence of a well-trained dog can help take many of those feelings away. At the very least, dogs can help reduce the feelings associated with anxiety and depression, which gives you a fighting chance.

Improve Cognitive Function

You might not think that having a dog can help improve the way your brain works, but training your dog also works your mind. It’s sort of like working a crossword puzzle, and only you have the opportunity to interact with another living creature as opposed to sitting on the couch.

You can improve your cognitive function even more by creating fun games for you and your dog to play. It works best when you choose something that challenges both of you and gives you the opportunity to work together.

Better Physical Health

Dogs help you get out and move more because they require daily walks, and most of them want someone to play with them. You might begin to experience better physical health because you’re moving more. Even if you and your dog only go on a couple of moderate walks a day, it can make a lot of difference in your overall health and well-being.

As previously mentioned, having a dog can also improve your mental health by reducing stress. That reduction in stress can go a long way toward lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation in the body. Since inflammation is responsible for everything from heart disease to cancer, having a dog can potentially improve your overall health.

Dogs Teach Responsibility

There is just something special about being responsible for someone else who depends on you. Dogs teach responsibility because they have to be taken outside, walked for exercise, fed, and watered. This can help keep you on a schedule, and it teaches you how to care for another living being.

Besides, you’ll probably notice that you start spending more time with your pet as you play with her, brush her and teach her new tricks. All of these things help both of you bond. In doing so, you’re creating a sense of responsibility on both parts.

Other Things Why a Dog is a Good Essay Topic

Dogs are our friends who give us help and support in every situation. But it is important to remember that it is also a huge responsibility. They need time and care. Don’t buy a dog because it is fashionable or trendy.

They are not for photos on Instagram, and they are members of the family. The magic is that the dog will give you love anyway, but if you brought a dog home consciously and give your love also, you will get back more than you could imagine in the boldest dreams.

The fights between cat and dog adorers are forever. Both sides have arguments and (what is more important) unconditional feelings for each pet. And it is perfect because in this case, everyone will find a home.


Animals are always in trend. Cats, dogs, mice, ducks are popular according to tv shows, cartoons, and films. Nowadays, social media also works for popularizing some sweet creatures. Sometimes pigs, chipmunks, and beavers appear, but general fights between cat and dog admirers never stop.

If your school assignment is to write an essay about cats or dog’s, but you never had any of them, you can use as an example paper from Cheapwritinghelp.com. Dogs are the best friends of people without any doubt.

Having a dog can genuinely improve your life. It might seem like a rather dramatic change the first, but most things that are worth doing require that initial leap of faith. Once you get a dog, you’ll probably begin to wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. A good dog really can change your life for the better. Now you know why dogs are the best essay to write.

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