Cowboy Corgi (Facts & Everything You Need to Know)

The Cowboy Corgi is one of my favorite dog breeds for a reason! They’re adorable dogs that exude royalty, a popular breed because of their darling looks. Plus, the Queen of England loves them, owning the infamous Royal Corgis that the world adores.

The lovable breed has a lot to offer, and if you’re planning to get your own, read on! I’ll be showing you everything you need to know about Cowboy Corgis and where you can purchase one for family.

What to Know About the Cowboy Corgis

Cowboy Corgi
What is a Cowboy Corgi anyway? Aren’t they the same as the usual Corgis we see from the Queen or from adorable photos online? They are actually different from the Welsh, but just as charming!

So besides learning where to buy a Cowboy Corgi, you also have to learn more about them. This can help you understand what kind of a dog you’re getting and what to expect.

A Brief History

These dog breeds aren’t the pure Pembroke Welsh Corgis that are so popularly loved. They are actually a cross breed between that and the Australian Cattle Dog! That’s why Cowboy Corgis are also known as the Corgi Cattle Dog.

Unfortunately, their history isn’t as well-documented compared to other dogs. Meaning to say, there isn’t much information about their past up to today. To understand more about this cross breed, I’ll talk more about the parent breeds instead!

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi came from Pembrokeshire, Wales, with the name Corgi coming from the Celtic word standing for the dog. It is believed that Corgis originated from the 10th century, helping drive and herd cattle by biting ankles.  They were recognized as an official dog breed by the AKC in 1930.

As for the Australian Cattle Dog, they were bred as dogs that can withstand the tough weather and environment. They were initially called as Blue Heelers before the Australian Cattle Dog. These breeds are known to work in the field outstandingly and became recognized by AKC in 1980.

Characteristics and Looks

Here are some helpful factor and characteristics of Cowboy Corgis:

The typical Cowboy Corgi weight ranges between 26 to 40 pounds for both male and females. Their heights can range between 13 to 20 inches tall, hence begin a short dog.

They have the similar size of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and have more of the heeler color an Australian Cattle Dog. If they come from a merle, they’ll look more like Corgis.

As for their medium-length short and thick coat, it’s usually tricolor, having the colors roan, merle, and sable. They have a weather-resistant undercoat and a coarse, longer outer coat. These Corgis shed a lot and require occasional brushing because of it.

They do have some health concerns similar to the Pembroke Welsh Corgis, which are hip dysplasia and back problems. However, if taken cared for well, they can live for up to 13 years.

As for their temperament, they’re very good with well-behaved children. Furthermore, they’re watchful among unfamiliar people and animals, also trying to dominate one another. These dogs are highly intelligent with a lot of energy, making training sessions easier to do.

Why Should You Get a Cowboy Corgi

Cowboy Corgi Everything You Need to Know
You’re probably wondering why Cowboy Corgis are such a delightful breed to own. Because they come from adorable and hardworking parent breeds, you get the best of both worlds! Here are some awesome reasons why you’ll want to own a dog like them:

1. They Have a LOT Of Energy!

For a small dog breed, they are extremely energetic and LOVE to move around as much as they can. This means they are fans of many tips of activities, may it be walking or playtime.

These make the dog breed lovely companions for adventures and walks. However, be sure that they always have something to do to prevent frustration and destruction to release that energy!

2. They’re Great Watchdogs

Cowboy Corgis may be small, but as a herding breed, they are extremely attentive and watchful. They’re alert and protective, making sure that they keep you away from harm’s way. Furthermore, they are extremely territorial around animals, especially when he isn’t familiar with them.

If they come through any danger or suspicion, they chase, nip, or make a LOT of noise. Be wary with the noise!

3. They Look and Act Adorable

I’m sure you’ve stopped for a Corgi at least ONCE. That’s because, with their short stature and cute faces, it makes you want to pet them! That’s because they are a popular and well-loved dog breed that exudes regality, adding to their attractiveness.

Fortunately, they are friendly dogs who love affection, and they love being scratched or pet! However, they are NOT lapdogs, being extremely energetic and squirmy.

4. They’re Intelligent and Learn Quickly

Coming from both intelligent parent breeds, expect Cowboy Corgis to be just as smart as them! This is what makes them less of a hassle to train and command, keeping them out of trouble.

They ARE difficult to train sometimes (depends on how you train them), though they understand quickly compared to others. Furthermore, they’re more disciplined and can make good show dogs or to join games with.

5. They Are Funnily Food-Motivated

This is such an adorable benefit because it makes your puppy easy to train and appease. They have a chance of eating more than exercise, so make sure to prevent obesity with proper portion control!

Plus, since they love food and are more motivated by it, potty training and teaching basic commands is a breeze. All you need is a bag of treats and they’re already coming your way to do whatever you want.

How to Find a Cowboy Corgi Breeder

A pair of Cowboy Corgis just chilling on the porchAre you hooked and now want Cowboy Corgis for you and your family? It’s not just about looking at the first advertisement you see, though! You have to know where to buy these dog breeds, choosing a reputable Cowboy Corgi breeder to prevent scams.
With that being said, where do you find trusted breeders who sell “genuine” Cowboy Corgi puppies? Here are ways you can find a breeder:

1. Search Online

Today, the Internet is your number one guide in finding just about anything, including Cowboy Corgi breeders! Simply search for breeders near you and you’ll be directed to various websites of official breeders or lists of them.

Searching online makes the search much easier and quicker, though it doesn’t mean you should choose immediately. It will still take further research after the search, rather than getting the first one you see. I’ll get into purchasing Cowboy Corgis safely in my next section for more helpful information.

2. Official Clubs and Organizations

Both international and local clubs and organizations are extremely helpful when it comes to breeders. They usually have certifications for registered and reputable breeders for you to know who is legit. This assures that you’re purchasing from good breeders active with dog organizations.

You can head on to your local kennel club for more information about breeders around your area. They may also have an official website where they post a list of registered breeders with their contact information. You’ll notice that they have more expensive dogs compared to other non-registered breeders, though with more assurance and reputation.

3. Through Professional Recommendations

Besides checking for breeder lists online, you can search for reputable breeders based on recommendations. You can ask for recommendations from people in your area or online as well. The Internet has many people post testimonials about specific breeders, both registered or not.

You can also inquire from your local organizations, family and friends, as well as your veterinarian. They may be able to provide some names from people they’ve transacted or worked with before. This helps lessen your doubt from recommended breeders and also has you find ones around your area.

But just take note that people’s experiences with these breeders may not be similar to yours. Take recommendations with a grain of salt and still continue watching out for any red flags.

4. Physical Advertisements

Other times, we can stumble on flyers and advertisements without even expecting it. Looking for breeders from physical advertisements like flyers or posters can help narrow down your search. Besides this, you know they’re in the area, easy to contact, and can usually meet up with you as needed.

Besides flyers and posters, you should also check out your local phone book and newspaper ads. They usually have a list of breeders who may have Cowboy Corgis for sale. Yes, it’s a bit tedious compared to online searches, but it’s also worth a shot!

Buying a Cowboy Corgi For Sale

Cowboy Corgi walking on the park

Once you have chosen breeders and gone through advertisements, what are some tips to buying a Cowboy Corgi for sale? Check out these helpful tips before making the final transaction:

1. How to Tell It’s a Scam

It’s fairly easy to tell if the breeder you’re purchasing from scams. Besides meetings and checking the puppy yourself, watch out for these things:

  • Breeders who claim to import their puppies from overseas and while ship after payment
  • Advertisements without any pictures or many details on the dog breed. Or, with photos that look fake and grabbed from the Internet
  • If the breeders aren’t found on the official list of certified breeders in organizations
  • Breeders who can’t provide any papers or certifications proving the “authenticity” of the parent dogs and puppies
  • Advertisements you found from sketchy, non-trusted websites without any credentials

2. If You’re Purchasing Online

For those who choose to purchase online, you have to be more careful compared to meeting breeders. Just like purchasing other items online, there’s a chance of scams, especially when purchasing without guarantees.

Talk with the breeder and make sure you can visit them and the litter. It’s best that you talk with breeders located in nearby areas, and those who allow meetings.

Furthermore, look at the advertisements’ details, which should be accurate without any of the frills. If you stumble upon very cheap offers or “rare” ones, then move forward to another breeder. Most likely, these breeders put up gimmicks or aren’t selling “genuine” Cowboy Corgis.

3. Visit and Check the Dog First

Just because they allow you to visit and meet the dogs and litter doesn’t mean it’s a legitimate transaction. Thoroughly check both parents and puppies to see if they pass the standards of AKC and other official organizations.

It’s also best to visit the dogs’ home to see if they are living in good conditions and well taken cared for.

If you see that the area looks sketchy or dirty, there’s a chance of sickness or medical conditions. That’s not only a bad sign for you but also sketchy for the dogs as well! If the living conditions are very bad, be sure to report it for the dogs’ sake.

4. Ask About Owner’s Terms

Once you’ve already visited and checked the litter and parent breeds, it’s time to negotiate. Ask about the prices, as well as the owner’s terms about returning or any other medical issues you did not know about. This can help you see if you can trust the breeder or not.

If ever the breeder seems hesitant or does not allow any returns or the like, then that’s a bad sign. Breeders should be confident that they sell healthy and genuine puppies, willing to offer guarantees and the like. For breeders who refuse to write up or sign written contracts, it’s best to move on to another choice.

How to Care For These Corgis

Now you’re familiar with everything you need to know about a Cowboy Corgi, how do you take care of one? Here are some helpful tips to follow:

Diet and Exercise

Because Cowboy Corgis take a similar shape and size as a Pembroke Welsh, they have similar diet and exercise requirements. They require a balanced diet for optimum growth and health, focusing on portion control with nutritious foods.Tiny cowboy corgi puppy

You can give commercial dog food for your dog, depending on if they have any medical conditions. I recommend you feed them once or twice a day, preventing overfeeding and toilet issues.

As for their exercise, they love physical activity since they’re energetic. It’s important that you provide them the avenue to exert that energy to prevent frustration. Daily walks and playtime when you can do so are recommended.

Avoid running long distances, though they love long distance walks that accommodate their short legs. As for playtime, consider mind games and those related to herding and hunting.

Grooming Needs

One of the major complaints people have against the dog breed is that they shed. And they shed a LOT! This doesn’t adversely affect this grooming needs, though it does have your vacuum more.

Unlike short-length coats, these dogs require brushing every day and baths every one or two weeks. They’ll need extra baths during the shedding season to get rid of any dead or shed fur.

Furthermore, make sure that you clean your dog’s ears and their nails are clipped often. The same goes for their teeth, which need to be brushed every few days. This will keep them in comfort and good health.

How to Train

Like mentioned, these dog breeds are extremely intelligent and learn quickly, making them easy to train. Because of this, it’s important to train them as early as possible, usually after a month after birth or so.

Like exercise, it’s important to train them in short sessions every day, about 10-15 minutes long. Start off with potty training and basic commands, being stern but patient.

Make sure to have a bag of treats with you to reward them when they do a good job. If they don’t follow, be stern and strict, repeating the command until they do it. Avoid shouting and physical abuse.

Love and Affection

Last but not least, be sure to always give your dog the love and attention he deserves! Cowboy Corgis are extremely affectionate and loving, as like other dogs towards their owners. They also LOVE cuddles and scratches, which you should always give whenever you have the chance.

Avoid hitting or neglecting your dog, especially when they are puppies. Do NOT take your anger from other situations against them, as they don’t understand and will grow to be fearful! That’s why it’s important to learn the difference between showing your alpha side versus showing aggression and intimidation for dominance.

Wrapping It Up

Cowboy Corgis are a unique breed that requires a lot of love and grooming, and all the work will be worth it! With Cowboy Corgi puppies for sale by many trusted breeders, you get your money’s worth AND a beautiful dog. You just have to learn to take care of them well and give them all the affection they want and need.

I hope this article on the Cowboy Corgi helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and look for one from a reputable breeder now.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with these dogs, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

Last Updated on 19/11/2023 by Karen Snow