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Do you want a near “perfect” dog breed? Well, these do not exist. What can you do then about it? It is pretty easy, simply do cross breed mixing. In this way, you combine the finest qualities of two dog breeds that you desire the most.

A German Shepherd Mastiff mix is a classic example of a successfully bred hybrid dog. This resultant cross breed between a German shepherd and a Mastiff has very many admirable features of a good dog.

The breed possesses courage, bravery and profound loyalty to us that is derived from the parents. Keep reading and learn more about this powerful breed.

Origin of the German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix
The GSD has its roots in Germany, just as the name suggests. This dog breed was used mainly in military and police duties where they supplied food and other supplies to the German soldiers. The breed grew in prominence and became so popular worldwide.

The Mastiff’s roots can be traced from Central Asia a couple of years ago. They were used to patrol the streets at night to keep away poachers and intruders. Later, the need for a braver, less tempered, stronger and more loyal dog breed became more common. This was when the two dog breeds were crossbred to produce the desired traits.

German Shepherd Mastiff mix
Some info about German Shepherd & Mastiff

Features of the GSD/Mastiff mix

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

This dog mix, let us refer to him as a Metis, grows to an approximate height of 60-70 centimeters. The females may grow shorter though. The Metis will be notable for their large bodies, big snout as well as pendent ears.

The metis has distinct colors that may range from red and black spots to lighter hues, i.e., sandy or silver. The GSD’s coloration will be more prominent though. Furthermore, the lifespan of the Metis is between 10 and 13 years. Their life expectancy will depend on various prevailing factors.

Since the parents are considerably huge dogs, this mix can grow up to about 80 pounds. The weight is dependent on their upbringing and the type of nutrition you subject the dog too.

The concern with this dog mix is the length of its hair. Also, the Metis hair ranges from medium to short lengths. The coating is dense though. The GSD is known for their seasonal and sometimes constant shedding.

Plus, the Mastiff parent does not shed often. The amount of hair you have to deal with varies depending on the dominant genes in the mix. Constant grooming will, therefore, be necessary.

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

The German Shepherd Mastiff mix can perform some of the heavy haulings that their Mastiff parent is capable of; this should not be misunderstood to mean that all of them would. As the owner, you need to find on which side the mix is inclined to.

He could be more of the GSD or more of the Mastiff. The GSD version could be well suited for intelligent works such as hunting and herding; the Mastiff inclined one could, on the other hand, prefer cargo hauling to just sitting idle in the house.

Training and Temperament

A Metis is the result of a cross breed between two very active dog breeds. The GSD is known to be aggressive and protective. It is very easy to provoke this dog breed and can easily attack you if you infringe on their territory.

The Mastiff is also a high energy dog and can be used to carry some lightweight cargo. This means that the cross between the two would most likely be a high energy dog too. A lot of play time is, therefore, a must to tame all that excitement. Keeping her in the house the whole day will not be welcomed very much and may lead to aggression towards you and family members.

You should prioritize training the dog at a tender age so that she can grow up to be well behaved and social. Proper training ensures that your dog will be controllable and calm when she grows up. You should make provisions to take out your dog for socialization with people and other dogs.

It is crucial to start the training at 1 year for proper character development. Introducing family members and those who will need protection from the dog is critical. The Metis would otherwise attack those that she should be protected if they are unknown to her.

A well-trained Metis will make an adorable companion to you and kids as well. She will be protective of the family just as the GSD and Mastiff parents. Intelligence would depend on the dominant gene. If she leans towards the GSD parent, then expect high intelligence just as the parent.

Health Concerns of the Metis

The German shepherd mastiff mix has the same probability of developing health problems just like any other dog breed. Some could be genetic, while others could just be acquired from its environs. However, susceptibility is different in various dogs.

Health Concerns of the Metis

To avoid all these health issues, insist on adopting a puppy or getting one from a recognized certified breeder. The adoption center or breeder has to give you a guarantee on the health of the puppies.

A health clarification certificate should be provided not just for health conditions but also for the parent’s temperament. If they won’t give you any, then do not give them any considerations.

The two dog breeds have some common health conditions such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. This is due to their immense weight that is supported at the hip. With proper health care, this can be controlled.

The right amount and type of nutrition help in controlling the dog’s weight as well as hip and elbow dysplasia. Besides this health concern, watch out for obesity in your canine friend. Avoiding it lies squarely with you.

Metis Dog Care

The metis hybrid dog is from a parent who sheds a lot, while the other parent sheds moderately. Prepare yourself with all the necessary grooming equipment. Vacuums for pet hair should top this list.

You will have to brush her regularly and also bath her with dog shampoos after a couple of weeks. Normal dog care routines like nail clipping, cleaning of ears and others should also be carried out regularly. As loving as you are, keeping your pooch smooth and shiny should not be that hard.

Metis Feeding

Every dog breed relies on specific diets. Even mixes between different breeds will need nutrients that may not be the same as the parents.

Since the German Shepherd and Mastiff mix is prone to elbow and dysplasia, their meals should comprise of mostly fish oil, chondroitin, and glucosamine supplements as regularly as possible.

If you love your dog as much as you say, do not overfeed her. You can even prepare the delicious homemade dog foods that she likes. Do not forget about the protein needs also.

That’s all about this Crossbreed  

From all these, we can conclusively agree that a German Shepherd Mastiff mix would be a great dog to own. She can be much fun and protective when properly trained. She combines all the immaculate features of both parents hence making her intelligent, hardworking and loyal.

All that will be expected from you is to be a loving friend. Give her the play time she needs, feed her on the right types of nutrients, groom her regularly, train her in obedience and give her treats once in a while for good behavior. Make this possible, and you will have the most amazing friend.

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