Best Flea Treatment for Dogs: Don’t Let Your Pet Feel Miserable

Fleas are a bug nuisance for pet animals. By the time you discover it, fleas have already on the level of full blow infestation. If you are wondering, why you could not get rid of fleas then we would like to tell you that you are not alone.

There are many owners who have the uphill task to remove fleas from their pets. Here you can find the best flea treatment for dogs and without any kind of side effects. Are you one of those dog owners having problems with a flea in your pet?

You have no idea how to cure fleas and have tried numerous treatment methods. If this is you, then this post will definitely help you to solve your pet problem. Also, learn about protecting your pet animal against flea attacks in future.

Symptoms of Flea Bite in Dogs

Your dog can develop symptoms of flea after when fleas bite them repeatedly. Fleas are very hard working animals and they continuously suck blood from the host animal. In dogs, the most common fleabites have the following symptoms:

  1. Frequent licking in dogs with scratching and licking towards the end of the tail.

  2. Small raise skin lesions

  3. Severe itching sensation and pain bursts

  4. Flea bite rash or hot spots

  5. Inflammation of the skin or flea bites dermatitis

  6. Allergic reactions like blistering and swelling

  7. Loss of blood or anemia through flea bites

It is interesting to note that different species of dogs have their own tolerance and sensitivity towards fleabites. You might have two different dogs living in the same environment. One of them might react violently with many allergic reactions. While the other pet does not have any kind of effect and might not show any kind of symptoms.

Treatment of Dogs against Fleas

Fleas love savoring on pets like dogs and cats because they seek warmth and an ideal food source. Flea bites can cause itching and you can often see your dog scratching its body. At the same time, the flea leaves behind some dirt that looks like black pepper on the skin’s surface. There are two important areas you need to focus for best flea and tick treatment for dogs.

Internal Health of Your Dog

You need to maintain the good overall health of your pet and it is the most important aspect of the best flea treatment for dogs. To do this, you need to give a balanced diet to your dog. Raw diet helps because it can help destroy the fleas to a great extent. However, it is not possible to cook homemade raw food and the best alternative is choosing a premium brand of commercial food. It is important that you read the contents of the dog food carefully before buying. Some of the important guidelines for selecting a commercial dog food are as follows:

  1. The label on the food brand must have “AAFCO Guarantee”

  2. Do not buy a food that contains “meat and bone meal” or “by product meal”. They do not have any important source of protein and offers little nutritional value to the dogs.

  3. The first ingredient that you should look for is a chicken meal or meat egg lamb. Do not go for the generic meat.

  4. While selecting any popular brand, look what kind of preservatives are used. Go for natural preservatives like Vitamin C and E. Avoid chemical preservatives like ethoxyquin, NHT and BHA.

  5. Always check the expiry date so that the food product is fresh and last a long time. While opening the bag of food, there should not be any kind of rancid smell coming out of it.

Environmental and Topical Control

An important point in best over the counter flea treatment for dogs is to prevent fleas attacking your dog at home. Generally, the flea season begins in the month of summer and you need to take protective measures from spring. For preventive measures, you can administer oral tablets like Program & Sentinel. These tablets are very helpful in breaking the life cycle of fleas and prevent the development of eggs into adult fleas. As far as environmental control is concerned, you need to take proper care of the surrounding. People fail in the endeavors to get rid of fleas because owners do not realize the importance of doing so. The environment should be perfect in order to prevent re-infestation.

Best Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

Many pet owners ask, “What is the best flea and tick treatment for dogs?” There are hundreds of products available for best flea and tick treatment for dogs and they claim to provide relief. However, if you take a closer look at the bottle of the products, you will find statements like:

  1. Avoid contact with the skin

  2. Keep out of reach from the children

  3. Avoid contact with clothes and eyes

  4. Harmful if you inhale

  5. Fatal if you swallow

It seems that the products can do more harm than good to your dog and can cause further damage. As an owner, if you detest chemical warfare, then best natural flea treatment for dogs may be the best thing. Some home remedies available are effective in killing fleas in dogs. They do not use any synthetic insecticides and are non-toxic in nature.

Using Flea Comb for Grooming

The simplest and best flea and tick treatment for dogs are using a flea comb. It comprises of fine toothcomb that can easily trap flea and the eggs on the fur of your pet. You can easily get them at any pet store. Firstly, prepare a dish of soap water before commencing the daily grooming process. Pay special attention to belly and lower backs because fleas congregate on these places. The comb teeth will trap all the fleas in a very easy manner. Put the comb in the soap water where all the fleas will die in a short time. Repeat the process twice or thrice in a week and it will reduce the flea population in your dog.

Nice Home Bath for Your Dog

Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

If you are searching for a shampoo for best over the counter flea treatment for dogs, then dawn dishwashing liquid works wonder. The oil in the liquid will suffocate the fleas and all the eggs will separate from the dog fur. Use the soap to clean the neck first and do it quickly. Otherwise, the fleas will swarm all over the face of your dog and into the ears and nose. If your dog is having a lot of flea infestation, fleas may crawl around the eyes. The best trick is to soap up your pet and keep him/her saturated for five minutes. Rinse your dog and most of the fleas will be gone.

Home Made Flea Spray

The shampoo or the dishwashing liquid has little effect and hence it offers a small amount of protection for your pet against fleas. As such, the best flea treatment for dogs will be to apply flea spay after bathing your pet animal. A homemade flea spray constitutes half liter warm water and two drops of lavender and cedar wood oil. Shake the mixture of the oil well and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it all over the body of your pet. Try avoiding sensitive areas like eyes, ears, and nose. Since the essential oil evaporates quickly, you need to re-apply it on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness.

Important Tips on the Best Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

If you are not sincere in the treatment of fleas, your pet can get sick and eventually die. The EPA receives around forty-five thousand complaints every year on flea treatments in the dog. Given here are some important tips that you can follow while using flea treatment in order to minimize harmful side effects:

  1. Always use flea treatments that made for dogs only and not any other pet animal. Some people use cat products only to find their dog in more trouble than before.

  2. If you are using any soap or shampoo, make sure there are no active chemicals in it. Avoid active ingredients like amitraz, propoxur, carbaryl and tetrachlorvinphos.

  3. Follow the instructions that exactly mentioned and written on the package. This will reduce and kind of side effects and offer best flea treatment for dogs.

  4. If your dog is having any kind of bad reaction to the treatment, bathe him/her in lukewarm water. Rush to a vet doctor if the problem becomes worse.


These are some of the holistic flea treatments that you need to look at both prevention and cure. Unfortunately, there is no single solution and you need to look for a number of alternatives. Follow the guide mentioned above and it will surely help you in the best flea treatment for dogs. In the end, do not make your pet feel miserable and if the situation turns worse, go to your local vet. Always remember that fleas can again attack your dog in future. Therefore, you need to take precautionary measures. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry!