How to take care a dog: keep your pet healthy & strengthen your friendship

Dog care is not only about feeding your pet from time to time. There is so much more because responsibilities come your way. Your pet is now a part of your family and you should not neglect him. You should learn how to take care a dog on a daily and regular basis. Else your dog will grow in an unhealthy environment and there won’t be any scope for its development.


10 Essential Basic Needs Your Dog Requires

  1. Give proper instructions to your dog regarding toilet and obedience training. It is so because a lack of these training can result in inconvenience and frustration for you.

  2. Do not leave your pet alone for extended periods. It will have an adverse effect on their health. Allow your dog to mingle with other dogs or people. Otherwise it will contribute to destructive behaviour.

  3. Regular walks are important because it will make your dog healthy. At the same time it also avoids risks of joint pains and arthritis related diseases.

  4. A regular balanced diet is important to keep your dog healthy. It should have high protein in it. You may feed red meat or fish to balance the food intake.

  5. Make sure that your dog is properly hydrated. Feed him with plenty of water from time to time. There should be a bowl of fresh water always available for your pet.

  6. Your dog needs plenty of exercise otherwise it will become lazy and overweight. Try to spend time with him and there should be plenty of space in a fenced area for playing.

  7. The kennel should be dry, warm and cozy else your dog will not be able to sleep properly. The bedding should be airy and washed every week.

  8. Arrange for an automatic pet feeder when you are away from home or on vacation. The machine will dispense food for your pet even in your absence.

  9. Take your pet to veterinary doctor twice a year. Get him physically checked for eyes and ears for any diseases.

  10. Grooming is also important because it is not just about appearance. Brushing your dog is important especially if your pet has long hair.

Important Guidelines for Proper Care of Dogs

Dogs are remarkably faithful animals, and they become an important part of your family. If you want to adopt a dog, then there are some things you need to pay attention. Dogs would need the following equipment at the time of adoption:

  • Collar with identity label or tag
  • Lead for walking in public areas
  • Scoop for collecting waste for garbage disposal
  • A proper bed with a beautiful and warm blanket
  • Good quality of brush

You will need to take care of your pet by arranging for the numerous treatments they need. You should regularly check for worms and fleas in eyes and ears. They are the carrier of germs and can make your dog sick. Proper vaccination is also required to prevent against deadly diseases like rabies. Vets should check the canines from time to time to see if they are healthy or not. You may go for optional neutering if you have a female dog and don’t want unwanted pregnancy in your home. Dog micro chipping is also important because it will help to locate your pet in case it gets stolen.

How to Take Care of Dog Vomiting Problem


Most of the times you need not have to worry about your pet vomiting. But you should not neglect it because it can be a sign of some illness. Sometimes your pet might swallow something or a change in diet can give rise to this medical problem. There are a few things you may do when your dog is continuously vomiting:

  • Don’t feed your pet for at least 24 hours
  • After 24 hours, give him rice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal
  • Feed your pet just half the portion that you were giving him earlier

Most of the times undigested food can lead to vomiting, and you should not panic. Try to give your pet ice-cubes or water from time to time. If still the problem persists, then there is no need to panic. Rush your dog for proper check up and treatment to your veterinarian immediately.

Developing the Bond of Friendship is Important with your Dog


It is said that a dog is man’s best companion. As an owner, you need to ensure that you maintain a good rapport with your pet. This can be ensured by spending quality time and don’t leave your dog alone for more than 5 hours. It will strengthen the bond of friendship between both of you. You need to make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise and is running around closed fenced area for 30 minutes. You can take your pet out for a 20 minutes’ walk in morning for fresh air. In this way your dog will be able to relish itself and remain in high spirits.

Playing is also an important criterion that you need to ensure on a regular basis. Take your dog to any nearby park on weekends and have a good game of ball fetching. If you are playing with your dog half an hour daily, it will be a good sign of physical health. These activities will make your pet mentally sound and less probable of getting depressed. An unbreakable bond will be developed which will extend to your family also. In this way your small pet will grow into an old glad dog.

Taking Care of Dog during Disaster: Tips and Techniques


A storm is brewing and you are worried about the well being of your pet. Dog safety is a major concern for owners in areas that are hit by natural disaster. So the biggest question is how to take care a dog when disasters come at your doorsteps without warning? Here are a few things that might be helpful during and after a disaster:

  • Current picture of your dog should be in your pocket or stuck in your pet’s crate
  • Keep a dog collar ready with ID like name, phone number and address
  • Stock water, food and medications to sustain your dog for a fortnight
  • Food should be in airtight container and place them in cool and dry place
  • Determine a safe spot in your home that can be a safe haven for your dog

You will be amazed to find that simple dog tips and techniques can provide a bundle of joy for your pet. There are a lot of responsibilities that comes when you adopt a dog. You should know how to take care a dog properly else s/he will become aggressive or fearful. Take proper care of their dietary and medical needs to keep them healthy. At the same time, a lot of love and affection is essential. Try to spend as much time as possible to spend with your dog. This will result in your dog thriving and eliminate the feeling of loneliness.