Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix: Cross Breed of Convenience

The Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix is a very baffling and unique crossbreed dog. Not many dog owners are aware of their existence. What does this breed look like? How high or low tempered is he? Does he herd like the parents?

These are just some of the common questions that come to mind when discussing this breed mix. Stay with this article and find out the answers and much more information about this dog.

What is a Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix?

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

This is a dog cross breed between a blue heeler and the legendary German shepherd. A Blue Heeler is an Australian dog famous for their prowess in handling herds of cattle. Their distinguishing feature is their ‘blue’ coloration.

The Blue Heeler is also a hybrid dog in the first place. The breed has evolved over the years from the crossbreed of a Dingo, Dalmatian and a Collie. When it comes to herding cattle, this breed is up there with the best.

The German Shepherd requires no introduction here. This dog breed is among the most adored dogs. They attract most people to keep them because of their versatility. They can herd, be useful in the military and security purposes, act as rescue dogs and generally anything you expect a dog to do.

Attributes of the mix

Blue Heeler German Shepherd MixDepending on the dominant genes in any dog breed, their attributes will lean towards the dominant gene. The upright prickly ears common in both the parents of this mix is a must. The coloring though will be a mixture of the light brown shade of the GSD and the ‘Blue’ in the Heeler.

The mix also has a strong built, just like the parents. It is just like any other working dog breed. Broad shoulders and a shorter frame at the hind legs should be a common feature of this breed mix.

Both the German Shepherd and a Blue Heeler possess the attributes of herding dog breeds. They are even under this classification according to the American Kennels. This fact automatically inclines this breed towards the working class of dog breeds.

The Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Temperament

The parents of this dog breed are aggressive at times. This might make you believe that the offspring will be the same. This aggressiveness is good when properly put into use. Be strong-willed and establish yourself as the leader in the house and he will follow suit.

When it comes to activity, your dog will demand a lot of it. Her parents are not the type of dogs that you keep in the house. Do not expect the crossbreed to be an exception. You will have to exercise him on a daily basis, just like any other GSD or Bleu Heeler.
If you do not give them enough exercise, they grow frustrated and become stubborn. You might come back to scratched furniture and floor. To make your dog fall in line with your needs, be firm and authoritative with him.

The temper of this breed is the reason he is not good with young children. Handling all that energy and power might be too much for a kid. He is good though with adults and teenagers. When dealing with this dog breed, keep intimidation and provocation to a minimum as he might attack at any time.

Not all of the crossbreeds will have the same level of temperament. His temperament will depend on the parent dog whose genes will dominate. The Blue Heeler side is more reserved than the GSD side.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Training

If you have a Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix, be sure that your dog will be fairly intelligent, just like the parents. When you show him what to do and not to, he will grasp it very quickly.

During training, give him very clear and straightforward commands. Using too many words and complex sentences confuses the dog instead of training him. Do not show your teeth during training as this brings the aggression out of the GSD side of the breed.

When you properly train this dog, you will end up with a hardworking, obedient, protective and highly zealous furry friend. If you are not up to the task, then you could do with another type of dog breed.

How to Care for your mix

A GSD is needier in terms of care than its Blue Heeler counterpart. When your breed is more of the GSD than the Heeler, get ready to handle all the care needs that it demands. This is in terms of grooming, medication, exercising, feeding and any other stuff you would want to do for your dog.

You should feed your Blue Heeler and German Shepherd mix on a formula that will provide all the nutrients they need for their industrious work. Lots of lean proteins and enough calories should be part of their foods. They need strong muscles and enough energy to chase down and watch over your cattle.

Work with your vet and the breeder to come up with the best possible foods to keep your dog mix lively and healthy. The frequency of feeding is also important. This ensures that your buddy keeps you company for the longest time possible.

The amount of grooming that this dog will require will depend on the genetic inclination. A GSD sheds more than the Heeler. Whatever the case, expect to do a considerable amount of deshedding and brushing after a fortnight. This gets rid of the flying hair in your house.

Nail clipping is also mandatory because of the nails that grow fast. A nail clipper will be a good collection here. You also need to clean his ears, bathe him (use the best shampoo) and brush his teeth regularly. This not only keeps the dog clean, but it also provides a good bonding time.

Take care of your unique dog breed

A blue Heeler German shepherd mix is a fascinating dog to have. Imagine the industry of the GSD and the nobleness of the Blue Heeler all rolled into one. To bring out the best out of this dog, train him, groom him, feed him well, exercise him and watch out for the common large breed health issues.

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