How to Build a Dog Bed to Provide Shelter for Your Pet

Just like human beings, every dog deserves a bed. Your pet also needs to relax and sleep just like any other people. They also need a little bit of privacy and a sense of belonging that comes with dog beds. Before building a dog bed, you need to make sure there is ample space in your home. Otherwise, the home will become overcrowded and there will be little space for you. If you want to know how to build a dog bed, then read below for great revelation and enlightenment.


Why You Need a Dog Bed?

Dog beds have become very popular amongst homeowners in recent times. It is making a significant difference in fulfilling the demands of pet animals. Dogs are pack animals and love company. Before you learn to build a dog bed, you need to understand why you need a dog bed in the first place. Some of the important reasons are listed under the following headings:

  • Dog bed allows your pet with his own private space. It also ensures a sense of security and adds an element of privacy.
  • If your dog is old and arthritic, dog bed can help him climb to his place easily. With less walking, it will be ideal for their bones and joints
  • When your dog has his own sleeping space, it will make him feel superior and equal. Provide him a bed where he can rest and sleep easily.
  • Dog beds are ideal if you don’t want your pet to be injured jumping from couch. It lessens the chances of getting hurt and you get the peace of mind.

Best Ideas for Building the Ideal Bed for Your Dog

There are many factors that you must be aware of while making a dog bed. Some of them are worth mentioning under the following points:

  • Where you are going to put the bed?
  • What is the climate type in your surrounding?
  • How big and grown your dog is?
  • What kind of materials you can access to make a bed?
  • What should be the thickness of the bed?
  • How soon you need to make a pet bed for your dog?

Indoor beds can be a good choice for your pet animal. Make a design that easily fits in your home. If you are staying in a cold climate, the dog bed should be thick.¬† For people staying in warm places, a dog bed out of PVC will be nice. The bed size should be in proportion to the height of your pet animal. You don’t want your pet bed to be small and cluttered. There are several materials like a quilt, old pillows, and sleeping bags, etc that are excellent sources for making a bed. If you have unexpectedly acquired a dog, you can turn an old quilt into a bed. Follow the ideas mentioned above to provide the ideal pet bed for your dog.

Top 10 Adorable Dog Beds for Your Pet Animal

If you are looking for how to build a dog bed, you are in the best place. These are adorable DIY (Do It Yourself) beds that your canine pet will love. Pamper your dog or puppy with these super cute beds that you can make easily with little efforts:

  1. Repurposed Bed: You can turn your old drawer, picnic basket, wine crate or suitcase into a soft and repurposed bed for your pet.

  2. Dog Crate Nightstand: It looks like an ordinary nightstand but is an ideal place for your dog to climb inside this bed. Just open the latch and it turns into a nice cozy bed.

  3. Little Red Wagon: Get rid of all axels and wheels from the wagon. Put a dog-friendly pillow in the bed of the wagon. You may apply adhesive furniture to bottom.

  4. Woven Platform: A heavy-duty dog bed that can tolerate the weight of 160 pounds Mastiff. It has a square wooden frame with nylon strapping and upholstery tracks.

  5. Repurposed Suitcase: If you have a vintage suitcase, you can turn it into a soft and cozy spot for your dog. Just pad the bottom with foam cushion and can fine-tune with soft fabric.

  6. Converted TV Console: Televisions are excellent furniture pieces. If you have a retro unit collecting dust in the basement, turn it into a nice bed for your dog.

  7. Broken End Table: There are old tables in our home that are broken and need replacement. You can turn those broken end table into a soft and cozy bed where your dog can stay.

  8. Side Table Nook: If you want privacy for your pet and want him close to your family, this is the best dog bed. Put a pillow inside where your dog can rest easily.

  9. Double Duty End Table: Any hexagonal dark wood table can turn into a great bed for your pet. Just apply some fresh coat of paint and spruce up the inside with pillow and soft cushion.

  10. Sweater Pet Bed: If your dog likes snuggling on your clothes, then you can convert an old sweater into dog bed. Fill it with cotton stuffing, pillow and sew it properly.

These are some of the ways how to build a dog bed for your four-footed animal. There are different beds you can choose from the above list. Give your pet the luxury and pamper him with the nice bed suited to their needs and demands. Just make sure that the bed is airy and large enough so that your dog can stretch easily. At the same time, it should be durable and water proof so that it can last a long time. When you are thinking about the comfort of your dog, it is a win-win situation for you. Your dog gets the desired place to sleep and your bond with your pet gets stronger.