Top 10 Best Automatic Pet Feeder For Dry Or Wet Food

The best automatic pet feeder available is not only for forgetful pet owners. Automatic feeders can take the stress off busy dog or cat owners who may not always be available to feed their pets on time.

They provide a convenient solution for maintaining a consistent feeding schedule, ensuring that pets receive their meals even when their owners are away or occupied with other responsibilities.

Additionally, an automatic feeder offers advanced features such as portion control and programmable meal times, allowing animal owners to customize their pets’ feeding routines according to their specific needs.

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with diabetic pets that need daily feeds all through the day, you work random hours and do not want to risk leaving your canine or cat unfed, or you like to control their portions cleverly, an automatic pet feeder could be just what you have been searching for.

There are many choices on the market, so picking the best automatic cat feeder for your pet can be tricky. Therefore, to save you from investing in a gimmick, we’ve found the best dog feeders to automate the whole process and, at the same time, save precious time.

Top 10 Best Automatic Dog and Cat Feeders

Product Name

There are lots of automatic cat feeders out there. To make the process of choosing easier, we narrowed them down to the top 10. We assure you that with any product you pick from this list, you will walk away pleased and satisfied. So, keep on reading.

#1. SKYMEE 8L Petreat AI Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispense

This is one of the best automatic cat feeders available, as it gives you a big eight-liter storage pot. This lets you feed your small pet for a couple of days prior to refilling. It also has the essentials you would look forward to in a reliable automatic cat feeder.

SKYMEE automatic pet feeder comes with easy-to-customize feeding programs. Also, the voice recorder features allow for saving ten-second-long voice clips. You can serve dog food or cat food in the feeder.

This automatic feeder comes with a power supply option that works through batteries. Plus, the manufacturer also includes a non-slip pad which keeps this product from sliding if your dog or cat is feeling hungry and violent. The integrated bowl is small and works for those who have small dogs.

The device, on the other hand, has a propensity to shove when handing out large cat food; therefore, it may not be the right one for you if you have big dogs. However, it’s a bit more reasonable than other the same feeders. If an automatic cat feeder with a big storage jug is what you want, then the SKYMEE automatic pet feeder is the right choice.

#2. VOLUAS Automatic Cat Feeder

This automatic cat feeder from Voluas is almost the same as the very popular PETLIBRO and WOPET when it comes to distribution as well as food capacity. The overall style and design are also identical.

Even if the integrated motor doesn’t come with a groundbreaking feature that circulates on the other side when food is jamming the mechanism, this can unblock itself without support and assistance from you.

What is more, it is integrated with a dual power mechanism in the event of a blackout or emergency power shortage, and there is a voice recorder. This allows you to play a message each time it dispenses kibble. What is more, it comes with a sensor that allows you to determine if there is no food so you can make a fast refill.

Despite many perks, it also comes with a downside. This automatic cat feeder is made of flimsy and cheap plastic materials. Therefore, it may not last long, especially for rowdy pets. It has a small LED display and is hard to read.

#3. WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder For Small Or Medium Dogs

This Wopet automatic cat feeder is a handsome automatic cat feeder which sports a modern and sleek design that resembles a top-shelf coffee grinder. This comes with an app that enables you to be in charge of feeding portions in 5 grams increments.

You can also program the meal up to fifteen times per day, which makes it an excellent choice for dogs and cats of different sizes. Cat owners can also record a voice and play it back each time food is handed out or when they feel like soothing their dog/cat in case they are sad.

Another amazing feature is its capability to utilize D-size batteries in order to work. Because of this, even if there is a power interruption, this will still work, and your cat will have a happy tummy.

However, at times portion sizes can be erratic, and this might lead to sliding on your floor when the pet is voracious. However, the Wopet pet feeder is indeed a superior quality product. This is expensive but surely worth an investment.

#4. WellToBe Automatic Pet Food Dispenser with Two-Way Splitter

If you want a pet feeder to have room for multiple cats at once, this pet food dispenser from WellToBe is the best option. This comes with a two-way splitter, which allows it to load dual bowls simultaneously. So, you two cats would not need to brawl over who eats first.

It is integrated with a groundbreaking infrared sensor, which tracks how much food is in the bowl, eventually signaling the appliance to end dispensing when it is full. Blue light also switches on if the amount of cat’s meals is low. This also allows you to record a voice for ten seconds and have it play back each time it dispenses a meal.

This pet feeder will suffer jamming problems if the dual-way splitter is set up, so perhaps you will find yourself unblocking using your finger from time to time. However, if this is not an issue, this is the best solution for having many pets when pet parents are away.

#5. PetSafe Six Meal Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

PetSafe six-meal feeder is an affordable, a little low-tech option pet feeder. This function by filling the servings ahead of time, and if you close the handle, just one of the servings will be available. It has a battery backup that allows you to serve multiple meals without relying on a power source.

If the next food is due, it will rotate and reveal the next serving. It is a little bit diverse from how other smart cat feeder does a thing. However, this makes sure that you do not need to worry about clogging, and the portions of the meal are precisely the volume you like them to be.

This smart feeder is ideal for smaller dogs and cats since every dish section is relatively small. However, this is an excellent choice if your pet is on a diet. When you believe your dog or cat can hold on to this and do not mind the insufficient companion app, this is an excellent low-cost option.

#6. Petory Automatic Cat Feeders

We are capping off this list with a smart dog feeder, which emphasizes being exceedingly simple to set up and utilize. This is one of the best automatic cat feeders available for many good reasons like catchy design, ease of cleaning and maintenance, etc.

Groundbreaking Petory Automatic Dog and Cat Smart Feeder is a stunning small device without non-sense feeding technology and a simple companion application that enables you to handle your pet’s feeding schedule regardless of where you are. This pet feeder has extra features, including a voice recording, playback, and a manual button to dispense food.

It is not made for big pets, so if that is what you want, then you are better off searching for other brands of models. And this is also susceptible to jamming. However, as far as non-nonsense and user-friendly feeders go, this dog feeder is the best choice.

#7. CAT MATE C500 Automatic Cat Feeder

Cat Mate C500 is one of the cats’ best automatic feeders. It is armed with many state-of-the-art features that make it stand out from the rest, including the several different feeding modes that ensure your cad is fed in line with its dietary needs.

If you want to feed your pets three substantial feeds per day or your small pet’s diet needs a small amount, often, this pet feeder is the best choice. The 6L capacity food tank allows you to keep your pet’s routine in check.

What is more to feeding your cat and dog at particular times, it also allows you to serve additional meals ahead or on demand of their regular feeding schedules if they are hungry. As with other renowned and popular cat feeders, most parts are dishwasher-safe. On the other hand, it doesn’t dispense wet food.

#8. PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder For Dry or Wet Food

Known for superior pet feeders, indeed, you love this latest version of PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder. It is Wi-Fi enabled, so rest easy that your pet’s tummy is always full regardless of where you are. You can use the app to feed your dog remotely and track how much food he has eaten. You can also set the portion amount and time for this feeder to dish out. 

This Petlibro automatic feeder has a clear and lovely LCD that allows you to enter your dog or cat’s age, weight, and activity level. It has a four-liter capacity that can dish out up to four meals per day, which is great if your dog has digestive problems and needs to eat slowly.

With a stainless-steel bowl and detachable design, this smart food feeder is easy to clean and maintain. The double power supply provides peace of mind with the battery kicking in during a power interruption. It also comes with a desiccant box to keep dogs’ or cats’ kibble fresher for many days.

#9. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder 

If you dislike filling up now and then, choose the automatic pet feeder from PetSafe. It has a 24-cup hopper for keeping semi-moist and dry food; however, it is harder to program. It also does not dispense a consistent amount of food larger than ½ inch, which is terrible if the pet is susceptible to overeating.

Hence, it is one of the best automatic pet feeders recommended by many pet owners. These smart feeders are made to work with semi-moist food. It can run for one year on a single set of batteries, or you can buy a power cable.

It is armed with unique features, such as the bowl being made of stainless steel materials so that it will last for many years of use, and the bowl holder, hopper lid, and hopper accessories are all dishwasher safe. You can serve larger dog kibble without worrying about the bowl breaking or wearing out over time.

#10. Whisker Feeder Robot For Multiple Pets

A lot of automatic cat feeders are just made to function with dry kibble. If your pet chooses wet food, try the whisker feeder robot. This comes with five different compartments, which can open at a pre-arranged time to feed your furry friend. Each compartment can hold 11.5 ounces of food.

You can dispense the compartments prior to leaving your work, and your feline can be fed up to six times when you are away. To keep food fresh, this feeder utilizes two ice packs. It comes with a cover to prevent the air from getting inside and making the wet food hard or not safe to consume.

This automatic pet feeder only needs three AA batteries to function and features an indicator to know the status of the battery, so you are able to feel confident that your cat is fed up as scheduled.

Best Automatic Cat Feeder Buying Guide

Smart pet feeders are expensive, and definitely, you do not want to spend a bunch of money on some, which you may regret later. With that, you will need to do a lot of studies into the features found in automatic cat feeders and get used to the many types.

Also, you will need to consider why you want an automatic cat feeder since the answer to this question must dictate the kind of device you end up purchasing. Keeping these things on top of your mind, you are able to make a good purchase that you and your pet will be pleased with.

The goal is to maintain healthy feeding habits for your pet. Let your dog or cat eat at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure they receive proper nutrition. You can also keep your cat’s food fresh by storing it in an airtight container prior to serving it to the feeder.

What to Look for In An Automatic Cat Feeder

These devices allow you to feed your cat without having to hire a pet sitter or worry about your cat going hungry while you’re away. When choosing an automatic cat feeder, it’s important to consider the capacity, programming options, and durability of the device.

These factors will ensure that your cat is well taken care of even when you’re not there. With regards to buying the best automatic cat feeder, there are vital features worthy of your consideration prior to making a financial commitment, including:

Meals Served a Day

This is vital if you are dealing with a dog or cat that is following a specific diet or feeding plan and needs regular feeds. Some of these automatic feeders allow you to serve up to six meals per day.

While many automatic cat feeders provide the choice to schedule up to thirty days a day, never think this feature comes as standard. Other smart feeders allow you to dispense up to ten meals.

Food Type( Wet or Dry Food)

In general, there are two kinds of food: dry cat food and wet cat food. If your pet has a preference or needs just to eat one type of food, make sure the chosen automatic pet feeder is able to cater to this requirement.

Dishwasher friendly

The best automatic cat feeder must be dishwasher friendly. When investing in this kind of product to ease the daily responsibility of cat owners, make sure your dog feeder is easy to clean and maintain.

Secondary Power Supply

Most automatic cat feeders available get their power from the wall socket, while some come with a secondary source of power with the use of batteries.

This is a good feature for cat owners who lives in places that experience blackouts on a regular basis. This allows your pet to get his meal, although there is no power.

Device Durability

Dogs and cats can get rowdy once they eat, most especially if they are hungry.

So, make sure to get dog or cat feeders that are made of high-quality materials which can survive your dog’s daily abuse. This is vital for medium and big-sized cats.

Food Tray

The food bowl can be designed with different types of materials. Stainless steel bowls are a popular choice due to their durability and ease of cleaning. Feed your cat’s favorite dry kibble in the food tray to ensure they receive the proper nutrition.

How Does An Automatic Feeder Work?

Automatic cat feeders work by storing a predetermined amount of food in a compartment or hopper. The feeder is programmed to dispense the food at specific times or intervals, ensuring that your cat is fed even when you’re not around.

Some feeders also come with additional features, such as portion control and customizable feeding schedules. These additional features can help keep your cat’s diet balanced and prevent overeating. Your pet’s health and well-being should always be a top priority.

Dispensing food at specific times throughout the day can also help establish a routine for your cat. Furthermore, choosing the correct cat kibble can provide the necessary nutrients for their overall health and support their digestive system.

These smart cat feeders allow you to keep track of your cat’s eating habits and monitor their food intake remotely. Some of these devices can even dispense semi-moist cat food to ensure that your cat receives the necessary nutrients and stays hydrated.

Can You Serve Dry food With An Automatic Feeder?

Yes, most feeders are designed to dispense dry cat food. Dry food is a popular choice for many cat owners because it is convenient and has a longer shelf life compared to wet food.

Other feeders are equipped with mechanisms that can handle dry kibble and dispense the appropriate portion sizes at scheduled times throughout the day.

This allows your cat to have access to their dry food even when you are not at home, ensuring they are fed regularly and maintaining a consistent feeding routine.

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