How to Get a Cat to Drink Water for Better Health & Well Being

Just like humans, cats need a lot of fresh water to stay hydrated. They cannot tolerate being away from water for a long time. Water helps their fur soft, gums moist, eyes clean and sharp. At the same time, it prevents constipation in cats. How to get a cat to drink water is an important responsibility that you should not overlook. This guide will tell you about the best tips and techniques about drinking water for your pet animal. Regular intake of water allows proper urination and prevents bladder infection in the urinary tracts. Today’s modern cats eat a lot of kitty chow with dry food products. Presenting water to them might be a challenge because some cats are really very finicky about water bowls.

The best way to get your pet drink more water is to provide him a source s/he is attracted. Fresh water is all it takes for your pet to remain hydrated for the entire day. So what comprises a good source of drinking that cats find attracting and enjoy? The answer to this question lies in two parts. The first one addresses the basic needs of the cat. It includes what is ideal for cat and whether they are attracted to it or not. The other one has to do with individual preferences for the owner and pet animal.

How to Get a Cat to Drink Water for Better Health & Well Being

7 Tips to Entice your Pet to Drink More Water

Many cats don’t drink sufficient water and owners always look for solutions how to get a cat to drink water. To entice a cat to drink water takes a little bit of trial and error. Once the magical combination is found, there will not be any problems ahead. Mentioned below are some tips that can encourage your pet to drink water:

  1. Water Types: Cats have their own taste and they might like tap water, distilled or the mineral one. Put several bowls of different water types to see which one she prefers.

  2. Bowls: The type of bowl can make a huge difference. Ceramics or stainless steel bowls are very successful. And It does not emanate any smell and cats are attracted towards them.

  3. Cleanliness: The water bowl should be regularly cleaned with hot soapy water. It will promote cleanliness because cats do not like drinking from dirty bowls.

  4. Placement: These animals have their own preference where they want their water placed. Try placing bowls at different parts of your home to learn about your pet’s preference.

  5. Multiple Cats: If you are having more than one cat in your home, use different water bowls for feedings. No cat likes sharing her water bowl with another cat in the family.

  6. Food Additive: If your cat does not drink proper water, you need to opt for food additive. Go for canned or wet food as they contain water and your cat will remain hydrated.

  7. Running Water: If all the aforementioned tips fail, then it is likely your pet likes running water. To check this preference, let her drink water from faucet. If she likes it, install a water fountain at your home.

Water Bowl vs. Running Water: Which One is Best


We tend to think that giving a bowl of water will satisfy the drinking needs of a cat. It turns out that this is exactly not the case. Canned food can help the situation but many wet food does not have proper hydration level. Cats don’t like standing water and are not attracted toward them. These types of animals seek moving water and water fountain is an ideal thing. Choosing your cat drink water from the fountain is the best solution. It continuously circulates water from a bowl through pipe system. At the same time it purifies the water giving the fresh taste your cat years for.

Plastic fountains are not recommended for feeding water to the cats. The reason being it contains a lot of chemicals which is harmful for animals. Chin acne is a common disease that is caused by feeding from plastic fountains. At the same time many cats detest the idea of plastic cat fountain because of the smell emanating from it. Apart from the harmful aspects, plastic gets scratched and bacteria grow in those places. Water turns foil and is unfit for consumption. Cats are not attracted towards warm and chilled water.

You can opt for ceramic fountains because water is kept cool and not chilled. There is no metal involved and cats like the taste of water. It has several positive attributes as compared to the plastic ones. Ceramics does not scratch and there is no possibility of bacteria growth. At the same time the ceramics have stoneware with certified food-safe glazes. It keeps the water cool, fresh and properly oxygenated. It is far greater in value and will last a very long time with reasonable care. A large number of vets recommend ceramic fountains to feed water to pet animals these days. It will encourage your cat to drink more water and she will remain hydrated throughout the day.

Importance of Water for Cats


The cat behaviourists are still unsure about why cats have a distinct preference towards running water. One reason can be the taste and the other can be the cat’s attraction towards motion element of moving water. How to get a cat to drink water? You will have to look beyond those fancy bowls if you want your cat to drink water properly. Get her a ceramic fountain with stone glaze and you will never have to worry again about feeding her water. It tastes great and is also beneficial for good health and well-being of your cat. Make sure that your cat is drinking plenty of water otherwise it can lead to several health complications. Always remember that dehydration will shorten your pet’s life no matter how much human care you shower on your cat.