Cat Learns About An Automatic Feeder: Adjusting With The New Feeding Device

Automatic Pet feeders are great device that takes proper care of your pet feeding. It dispenses food at the right time and does not make your cat starve. If you have been feeding your cat manually, then automatic feeders can pose some problems initially. Cat learns about an automatic feeder with time and takes times to adjust with this device.

The reason being your cat has a routine for several months in the past. It is very difficult to change a routine because s/he likes using traditional feeding bowls. It becomes a trouble for your feline when you introduce this automated device to her. She will not be thrilled with the new cat accessory that can be disheartening for owners.

Introducing the Automatic Feeder for Your Cat

Cat Learns About its New Pet Feeder

For many cats, a whirring and sound emanating automatic feeder looks like a frightening monster. Initially she will be afraid of this device and would not like going near it. Like many pet animals, cats also detest the idea of change because they have to adjust with the new environment or thing.

If your feline friend hates this automatic food-dispensing device, s/he needs some convincing. You will have to convince your cat that it will take care of all her feeding needs. She needs to understand that she will get her meals on time and do not have to wait for her owner for that.

First of all, do not expect that your four footed pet animal will start using this device from the very first day. If s/he is suffering from some health complications, give him/her some amount of time. You need to be patient and do not try to rush into things. Wait until your pet is completely recovered from that particular health ailment before she starts using the automatic feeder.

When you bring this device for the first time in your home, she will be curious. She will have questions in her mind what this large imposing box. Take out the hopper and allow your cat to sniff and examine it properly.

In this way, she will have proper introductions with the machine and feel safe. At the same time, she will realize that there is nothing to be afraid. Of course, your cat does not know that this is the new feeder will dispense food for her from now onwards.

Comparison Table of 4 Best Automatic Cat Feeders

  • WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder
  • 9 x 12 x 15 inches
    5.7 pounds
  • Batteries 4 D batteries required
  • Use for Dry Food
  • Total capacity: 29 cups
  • Cat Mate C500 5 Meal Digital Automatic Cat Feeder
  • 12.2 x 11.89 x 3.7 inches
    14.81 Ounces
  • Serve up to five meals, 3 AA batteries required
  • Use for Wet/Dry Food
  • Total capacity: 14.81 Ounces
  • VOLUAS Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs
  • 7.71 x 7.71 x 11.42 inches
    3.66 Pounds
  • Use DC/AC adapter, 3 D-cell battery-powered
  • Use for Dry Food
  • Total capacity: 16.9 Cups
  • Wagz Smart Cat Feeder
  • 17.2 x 12.44 x 20.65 inches
    15.7 Pounds
  • U.S. A/C Adapter, rechargeable backup battery
  • Use for Dry Food
  • Total capacity: 5-7 lbs

Allow Your Pet to Get Comfortable with the Feeder

Put the automatic pet feeder next to her eating bowl. Do not plug on the device to electric socket or start it if it is an electronic one. You cat will continue to eat from the food bowl for the time being. As your cat learns about an automatic feeder, she will become more comfortable with time.

You may turn on the feeder for a couple of days to see your pet’s reaction. Initially she will get little afraid about the sound. However, with passage of time she will not care about the sound any longer.

After the passage of few days, turn on the device and program it to dispense food for two times a day. In this way, your pet will get used to the sound emanating from the machine. The noise may spook her and she might run under the bed. But you should not be discouraged and try to have a little amount of patience. It will take some days for your pet to get used to this new environment.

Once your cat seems to like the sound and device, she will start to come near the feeder. If there is food in the bowl, she will first inspect the item. She might not eat the food and you should try to maintain your patience level. In the coming days, she would start eat a nibble or two from the bowl. Just give her some time and space so that she adjusts with the feeder.

Important Tips and Guidelines

Do not remove the food bowl even if you have the new automatic feeding device for her. Initially she might like going back to her old habit if she is afraid of the new machine. If you take away the bowl early, she will not decide to use the feeder and starve herself to death.

With the passage of time, your pet may get curious and try to scratch the hopper and nozzle. Try to discipline her with soft behavior that it is her new friend and she should not hurt it.

Once your feline friend has been using the automatic pet feeder for few weeks, take away the food bowl. If she stops eating from the feeder then you need to understand that she is not ready yet. Do not yell or indulge in physical punishment for this bad cat behavior. Such kind of activities from the owner may make her fearful and will never use the device for eating.

When she is eating food from the feeder during the first few weeks, then try to be present over there. It is so because you will be able to analyze the situation and she will have little trouble eating.

In due course of time let her eat from the automatic food dispenser without letting her know your presence. If she behaves properly, then you have nothing to worry. Your cat is ready to use the automatic feeder without any kind of difficulties.


This is how cat learns about an automatic feeder and it is a continuous process. She may take at least 7-10 days to accustom with the device. Once she is ready, you can leave her alone at home with the feeder. Just program the device with number of meals and food proportion and you are ready to go.

You can connect the feeder with home Wi-Fi and control your pet feeding from your smartphone. Give your pet some time to adjust and you will realize how handy this feeder can be. It will make your life comfortable and feeding easy for your feline friend.

Last Updated on 19/02/2024 by Karen Snow