Rottweiler and German Shepherd Mix: Get To Know Your Dog Better

Rottweiler And German Shepherd Mix

The idea of owning a mix breed dog is an interesting one. A mix-breed reduces your burden on healthcare and dog care responsibilities. They do not come with the more demanding needs of the pure breeds.

A Rottweiler and German shepherd mix result in a cute looking and impressive pup that requires less attention and resources to take care of. The combination also gives a blend between the two leading dog breed characteristics.

This article will bring to your disposal all the ideal information you need to know about this dog breed mix

Understanding a Rottweiler and German shepherd mix

This is a hybrid dog breed that results when a pure breed German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is crossed with a pure breed Rottweiler Dog. These two dog breeds are some of the most popular breeds in the world.

According to [AKC] (America Kennel Club), the GSD breed is ranked second while the Rottweiler is ranked eighth. This illustrates how well these two breeds are regarded worldwide.

Rottweiler And German Shepherd Mix

The German Shepherd is most notable for their police and military work. They can also be used for herding purposes. Their tall stature is recognizable from afar. They are medium-sized, have a deep chest and a well-muscled body. You would not miss their large, alert ears.

The Rottweiler tends to be larger in size, robust and powerful. This dog breed is very intimating at first sight. They are grouped in the working category of dog breeds. This is mainly due to their agility and high strength.

The individual characteristics stand out tall. When you cross these breeds, the result is a dog with unrivaled capabilities and more intimidating than the parents. The mix is more energetic, intelligent, powerful and more protective.

Some owners may find the breed aggressive unless properly trained. The Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix has a tall stature and grows to a height of approximately 22 and 27 inches. They would normally weigh about 77-115 pounds.

Personalities of The Dog Breed Mix

The Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix are known to be aggressive when he encounters other dogs or people. This is why you need to teach him to be social. For your dog to be well-behaved, he needs to be social to those he interacts with.

This hybrid dog derives a lot of energy from her parents. They become very active and play a lot. You, therefore, need to let them have all the playtime they require. Play the throw and catch ball game with her often. This is the best way to burn all that excess energy. She will not fancy being kept indoors very much.

Put in place measures that will ensure that your dog is not bored. Their high-energy dictates that they will be very messy when locked up in the house all day. When this happens, they vent their frustrations on the things they find around the house. A very messy house will await you when you get back.

The personalities of the Rottie-Shepherd mix may differ for various dogs, depending on the personalities of the parent whose gene is dominant. You would find a hybrid who takes more after the GSD parent or another one who is more of the Rottweiler.  Others are well balanced too.

Dietary needs

A Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix need the right diet to stay healthy, just like any other dogs. Their large physique and need to stay healthy means that their diet is something you should never compromise on. Do not over-feed the mix as she can easily become obese. Strong and regular exercise is a must for your dog.

Rottweiler And German Shepherd Mix

To keep your canine friend in prime condition, balance the dietary and exercise needs of the dog. A meal consisting of a high protein ingredient such as meat will do the work for you. The similarities between the two dog breeds mean that dietary problems are rare for the mix.

Avoid meals that comprise of grains. Meals consisting of grain fillers are the cause of many allergic reactions in dogs. Grain-free, protein-rich meals ensure that your hybrid dog will always be in top shape.

The temperament of the mix

Those who own large dogs are always concerned about the temper of their dogs. This is worsened when you have a mix between two of the largest and aggressive breeds around. The mix is not a pure breed though and would develop one of the dominant genes.

The GSD pure breed is an aggressive dog. This is why they are used as service dogs. The aggression has to be prompted though at times and may need just a small provocation. It can also be triggered when he feels threatened, or when her territory infringed on.

The Rottweiler is also known to be aggressive and high tempered as well.  Some cases have been reported of these dogs attacking people and other dogs. The temper of the mix will be inclined towards the dominant gene or a union between the two.

Proper dog training is therefore needed at an earlier age to tame this high temper. Socialization skills should be a top priority. Their high intelligence means they will be able to learn very quickly. Take the pups out to meet people and other dogs. Punishment during training should be avoided as it increases aggression.

Rottie/GSD mix grooming

If you have owned a Rottweiler, then you know that they do not shed fur as much as the German Shepherd does. During the shedding season, a GSD would require daily brushing and grooming to take care of the loose hairs.

So, how much grooming would a mix need? The answer is unpredictable. The regularity of grooming will be dependent on what parental breed the mix lies. If it is towards the GSD, then the grooming will be quite regular. If it’s towards the Rottie, then the grooming will be required less often.

Regardless of the breed, your puppy and dog will need regular grooming. Bathing when the need arises, brushing the teeth, trimming of nails and cleaning of the ears should be done weekly or after a fortnight.

No matter the genetic inclination of the dog, be prepared to clean your house often.

Health concerns

The key to a healthy dog mix is to get a puppy or a dog from the most reputable breeder you can find around. When the process of crossing is done right, then the occurrence of some of the health issues is minimized.

The health complications that the two breeds are always susceptible to include:

  • Heart problems
  • Joint dysplasia
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Bloat
  • Pano

Ensure that the breeder has a certification from the stipulated authorities to carry out the breeding processes. A mix from parents will history of these health complications should be avoided.

Enjoy Owning a Mixed Breed Dog

A Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix can be a special hybrid dog to have when the conditions of her upkeep are right. When this dog finds an active family, she will make the most protective and loyal family friend.

Keeping her well behaved is the most demanding experience. Proper dietary provisions, adequate training and playing time and the best healthcare provisions should be prioritized.

Do you own such a dog? Want to own one? Have experience dealing with one?  Why don’t you inform us in the feedback section below about your experience with this mixed dog breed?

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