Top 5 High Fiber Cat Food for Constipation

Top 5 High Fiber Cat Food for Constipation

Cats normally do not cope well with constipation. It is accompanied by sheer struggle during poo time. The cat strains and eventually produces just a few or no stools. The stools that manage to come out tend to be dry and firm. It is at this stage that most cat owners start to look for high fiber cat food for constipation.

It does not have to get to this stage. Most cases of constipation are caused by lack of fiber-rich foods and sufficient drinking water. We have therefore decided to take it upon ourselves to prepare for you some of the fiber-rich foods that you can feed your cat on to alleviate constipation.

Cats are carnivores, why fiber?

Cats do not need much fiber in their diet, the little quantities they require contributes a great deal to their health. So apart from supplying your cat with abundant proteins, ensure fiber is part of the meal.

Fiber increases the bulk of food and water in the cat’s intestines. This works to either reduce or increase the speed of food movement in the cat. It all depends on how much the cat has taken. Fiber prevents and controls the occurrence of both diarrhea and constipation in the cat.

The presence of fiber in the diet aids in combating the growth of bacteria in the cat’s system. It reduces the growth rate of harmful strains. The cleaning action of fiber is beneficial to the colon as unnecessary cells are gotten rid of as new ones begin to grow.

Fiber aids in the weight management of your cat. By increasing the bulkiness of food consumed, the cat feels full. This cuts food intake, hence calories. Obesity and overweight are therefore combated.

High Fiber Cat Food for Constipation

Here are some of the foods that you can look at

1. Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Dry Cat Food


The occurrence of hairballs is common in some adult cats. This cat food is specially formulated with naturally occurring fibers to help your cat remove hairballs comfortably. The fibers also inhibit the formation of new ones.

The fiber in the cat food also plays the role of a constipation inhibitor. Your cat will be able to poop regularly, saving her from all the misery that accompanies constipation. This food is delicious too and contains no additives.

2. Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition


This cat food is blended with fibers which promote the transit of food through the cat’s intestines. This facilitation enables the elimination of any hair that your cat might have swallowed during the day.

This food is classified as a high fiber cat food for constipation as the fibers present in it aids in the maintenance of a healthy gastrointestinal system. It is also rich in fatty acids that minimize the occurrence of inflammation.

The fibers are also responsible for trapping of calcium present in the cat’s mouth. When left to accumulate, this calcium facilitates the formation of tartar on the cat’s teeth.

3. IAMS Proactive Specialized Health Care Dry Cat Food


This cat food will give your Kitty a balanced dose of all the nutrients it needs. As the cat feasts on her meal, she absorbs the essential nutrients into her body. The cat, in turn, stays healthy both inwardly and outwardly.

The fiber component helps in the digestion of the absorbed nutrients. This fiber blend of prebiotics, as well as beet pulp, maximizes the absorption rate of nutrients. The antioxidants present in it maintain a superior immune system. 

4. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food


This cat food is made for the indoor cat’s nutritional needs. It is a well-balanced, grain free food fit for your cat’s optimal health needs. This is a premium cat food which contains no fillers and flavors or preservatives.

Prebiotics, probiotics, and fiber are all present in abundance in this food. This ensures the optimal digestive health of the cat. If you suspect your cat could be suffering from constipation, it is a good idea to try out this food.

5. Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Adult Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food


This high-quality cat food makes for a sensible alternative to raw cat diets. Instead of feeding your indoor cat on raw food to compensate for the fiber needs of the cat, you could just purchase this food.

It blends all the essential nutrients, minerals, fibers, antioxidants and minerals and creates one delicious cat food. As you look to prevent or stop constipation from ruining your cat’s day, give this food a try.


High fiber cat food for constipation is a must for any indoor cat. The outdoor cat would get the fiber from the raw meat and fruits it takes. Some of the foods that can help you sort out the problem have been discussed herein.

If you are not able to get any of these foods, you can try wet or canned cat food and provide lots of water to your cat after a meal since constipation occurs due to lack of enough water in the cat’s system. I hope this article has aided you in keeping Kitty stress and strain free.

Last Updated on 02/05/2020 by Karen Snow