Automatic Dog Feeder with Timer: Feed Your Pet when You are Away from Home

The Automatic Dog Feeder with Timer is an excellent feeding device to support in your busy lifestyle. Like for instance you are getting ready for work and you forgot to make your pet’s food. You are away at work attending some chores and skip the meal of your dog. Now there is no need to worry as long as you have this product by your side. It will make the feeding task much simpler and easier for you and your canine creature. There is no need to set the machine manually. You need to program it for once and it will start dispensing food automatically. It is all set and forget option for your convenience and ease of purpose.

automatic-dog-feeder-with-timerWith the help of automatic pet feeder for your dog, you will never have to worry about your pet’s eating habits. The machine will dispense food at the correct time based on your programming. There is no need to keep an alert schedule because it dispenses food automatically. It is ideal for owners who are having more than one dog in their home. The reason being some feeders have very large eating bowls that can accommodate tow dogs at a single time. It is a necessary product for elder owners or those who have some kind of physical disabilities.

What is the Best Automatic Dog Feeder with Timer for My Pet?

The market and the online pet store offer hundreds of different types of feeders for daily home usage. It becomes a difficult task for the owners to choose the best product out of the lot. People become confused seeing such varieties of automatic feeder and are unable to make the right choice. In order to make this buying decision easy for you, you need to look at 3 important aspects. There are different pet feeder manufacturers and they target different markets. So you need to analyze whether the feeder will help your dog for eating or not. Like for instance, you should not buy a small feeding bowl if you have a big dog in house. You should never buy those feeders, which consumes a lot of electricity if you are not financially sound. Here we share some tips that can help you in buying the right feeder for your pet animal:

  • Always look at the efficiency of this device because it can save valuable time. The tank should be big enough to save frustration of owners from refilling repeatedly.
  • Size of the tank also depends on the age, weight and activity of your four footed pet. If your dog eats a lot, you need to buy a feeder that has a large tank.
  • The kibble size is an important factor to consider. It should be round so that food can easily come through the nozzle. Otherwise, food will be stuck in the tube.
  • You must use an airtight hopper because it will not allow moisture to come inside the tank. Food will stay fresh for a long period without repeated filling.
  • The type of food your dog eats is also an important factor to consider. If he eats dry food, go for those machines that dispense only dry food and not wet one.

Comparing Different Types of Automatic Dog Feeder

Investing in an automatic feeding device for dogs can be worthwhile if you have a hectic lifestyle. The machine ensures that your pet eats at the right time and his health is maintained. Mentioned below are important criteria that you need to consider while shopping for feeder.

  • Product Material: They are available in metal and plastics. Some dogs are allergic to plastics because of foul smell. If you own such a pet then opt for the stainless steel ones. Good material will ensure the strength and sturdiness of the device.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The main objective of the feeder should be its quality rather than appearance. Still there is no harm shopping for the fancy automatic feeders available in market. A stylish device will compliment the home décor and will look nice. You can select feeders available in various color and style.

  • Feeder Size: The feeding needs and appetite of your dog will decide the size of the feeder machine. Some are small while others are big.  For bigger dogs like Labrador or Bulldog, larger feeder size is ideal. There are feeders that hold up to 1 week of food in it. So give proper thought before making any purchase.

  • Dog Proof: Canine animals like dogs are very curious animals. They tend to tear down new items to satiate their curiosity. If you do not want the feeder to get chewed or damaged, look for pet proof devices. It is very sturdy and reliable at the same time. The container should be airtight so that your dog cannot open it.

  • Ease of Use: The machine can be assembled and disassembled without much effort. Go for feeders that are water resistant and dishwasher friendly. In this way you will not have a lot of trouble cleaning this pet accessory. In addition, it should not be very high on maintenance otherwise it will have unwanted burden on your pockets.

Automatic Dog Feeder with Timer is an ideal pet accessory that feeds your dog at regular intervals. You need not have to be physically present at home for pet feeding. With automatic timer, you can set up to five meals a day and it will dispense food at pre-determined time intervals. Try to choose a model that is relatively comfortable for your dog to eat properly. It should be properly cleaned to promote hygiene and cleanliness. When your dog is eating at the right time with fixed food proportions, you need not have to pay attention to its health. He will stay healthy and will never starve as long as you are having this smart product at your home.


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