Best Dog Knee Brace for Torn ACL Reviews & Buying Guide

Much the same as humans, dogs can develop knee issues. Whether it is a torn ligament or a basic injury, there, the best way of helping the dog ensure less pain is to equip him/her with a well-fitting knee brace.

Fortunately, the market is full of impressive knee braces from many remarkable brands from which you can choose a decent knee brace that meets the needs of your pooch.

Best Dog Knee Brace For Dogs With Torn ACL

When dogs have a torn ACL or Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) problems, it becomes extremely painful on their knee joint. Dog knee braces are designed to help your dog when they are going thru this process.

It is not an alternative to a professional surgery, but it will help as support for dogs prior to or after surgery. Choose an available knee brace from the following list:

Labra Extra Support Knee Brace – Best Dog Knee Braces

The Labra Extra Supportive Canines dog knee braces are designed to provide maximum support and stabilization for your dog while remaining flexible and lightweight. This Dog ACL brace is among the best knee brace options for dogs that require added support while trying to maintain an active life.

The Labra dog knee brace is also excellent for wrapping around the dog’s leg to cover wounds and cuts. Simply bandage the area covered by the wound and then proceed to wrap it with the brace to prevent the dog from chewing and licking.

It is important to note that these braces are not designed for very small dogs, especially those weighing 10 lbs. or less. So, if your dog’s weight is close to this mark, it only makes sense you choose a knee brace specifically made for small breeds.

NeoAlly Dog Rear Leg Brace For Dogs With ACL Surgery

When a dog gets injured to a dog ACL, there’s always a chance the resultant imbalance will lead to more injuries to the remaining hind legs. As such, your dog needs braces that can be worn on the two injured joints at the same time even when one leg is injured – the right knee brace for the job would be NeoAlly Dog ACL Brace.

The best thing about this knee brace brand is that it is designed to directly support the knee joint. This provides support to the whole body, including the whole of the knee region. For that reason, it is also perfect for dogs with torn CCL or ACL tear.

Do you put security and safety above everything? Each NeoAlly brace comes with two Reflective Velcro straps. Better yet, you can secure the knee brace around the ankle without even sliding or it moving down. Of great importance is the fact that it provides much-needed visibility and safety when you are dog walking in the dark.

Agon Rear Large Leg Compression Wrap For ACL Tear

Unlike most other braces designed to support the knee, this knee brace is made for the hock. It is extremely important that you measure the circumference 2″ above the rear hock and also 2″ below the hock.

Agon dog knee braces come with four benefits: heals the pain that results from surgery or knee injury; provides stabilization and support during the nursing stage that follows an operation; assists them to loosen the extent of inflammation, and helps with the loss of stability that accompanies Arthritis.

The knee brace is made from neoprene sponge and rubber fabrics. The Neoprene is thick (5mm) and soft, the grade that’s usually used in the production of wetsuits. Soft Sponge is great for taking care of dog wounds and relieving joint pains without affecting your dog’s mobility.

Lepark Rear Dog Braces – Best Neoprene Brace For Dogs

Are you looking for a lightweight self-sticking brace that can provide secure protection during injury and training without sticking to the dog’s fur? Lepark Rear dog knee braces could be the right knee brace for the job.

It won’t slip from the injured leg. The angled design serves to match up with the hock of your dog and prevent it from slipping up or down. Each brace is equipped with 4 Velcro straps to secure the unit to the leg more comfortably.

Another perk is that it is stable and supportive, thanks to its 4mm premium neoprene construction and nylon lining. Even better, it is soft textured yet durable and will not cause chaffing or rubbing. As such, your dog can comfortably wear it daily.

Walkabout Harnesses Pink Knee Brace for Dogs

If you are into pink braces and you’re looking for a knee brace that can assist in the management of ACL, Arthritis, CCL injury, injured joint pain, stress, and fatigue, then you should try out this knee brace.

This unit comes with two stirrup straps that serve to hold up over your dog’s knee and then fastens with velcro over the pet’s back, permitting for greater adjustability.

A suspender has been included and serves to loops through the soft straps on the back. The suspender is equipped with a clip that snaps onto any standard chest halters, such as the popular Walkabout Chest Halter.

This knee brace will keep the joint area compressed and stabilized hence allowing any inflammation to ease down. This way, the joint will have a chance to calm down and heal. In a case of mild instability, you can hold the joint securely.

Kruuse Rehab Knee Protector – Best Dog Knee Braces For Torn ACL

If your dog is struggling with joint pains and lameness, then KRUUSE Rehab Knee Protector is what you need to help the pooch to lead a quality life. This protector comes with elasticity, and the stabilizing effect your dog needs to walk properly.

This particular knee brace can assist the dog directly with its supporting muscles and joints until it’s no longer necessary. The unit is mainly used for rehabilitation purposes to produce stronger muscles and improve movement.

And because no two dogs are the same, it is recommended that you take the measurements of your pooch before choosing a unit. In case your dog is found to be between two sizes, always choose the smaller size. These are commonly used for large breed dogs.

Caldera Pet Therapy Wrap Dog Knee Brace

Caldera Pet Therapy Brand is a more innovative brace complete with a patented therapy wrap that delivers hot and cold therapies at different times to the injured or sore regions. The high-quality knee brace comes out as less complicated to use.

Note that the adjustable velcro strap is very durable. These velcro straps have a adjustable quick release buckle system have been included to make it easier and straightforward to adjust and secure in place. Can work just like other custom braces with a lateral aluminum splint.

This is an ACL brace that features a therapy gel pack, which also comes with two reusable therapy gel packs, and one Large Stifle pet therapy gel pack, one large stifle wrap, a large anchor strap, and a large back boomerang strap.

Ortocanis Original Knee Brace For Dogs

The Ortocanis original knee immobilizer is one of the best knee braces for dogs with joint pain and limping problems. The knee brace reduces the pain and swelling by improving balance among the muscle groups involved.

A knee brace that improves flexibility in tighter muscles and enables your dog to quickly regain the normal walking gait in affected limbs. The surface of this brace exerts slight pressure that alleviates the heavy burden on the joints, thus increasing their stability.

The brace has an elastic as well as a stabilizing effect. In case of a damaged cruciate ligament, you may make the dog use this brace before the actual surgical procedure (and the prescribed treatment). This helps prevent the loss of too much muscle mass.

AGON Dog Canine Rear Small Brace Compression

This rear brace can be used by a dog that’s just about to undergo. It can also be used by a dog in the post-surgery recuperation stage. As such, it is the perfect brace for a pet that’s anticipating surgery or one that’s in the recuperating stage. Additionally, it is great for managing chronic arthritis and ligament Injuries and Arthritis.

You will need to be a little careful with it, though. For example, it is only effective when kept on for only a few hours per session. Remember to remove it every 2 to 3 hours so that the leg can “breathe.” These braces are designed to help your dog feel more comfortable during the anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Just like any other brace, leaving it intact overnight is strongly unadvisable. And because this dog ACL brace is made of 70% Neoprene and 30% Nylon, you will need to keep it away when the dog is wet. Make sure you understand that this is not an alternative to surgery.

Best Dog Knee Braces Buying Guide

The best knee braces for a dog with ACL should, first of all, be affordable for smaller budgets. The number of adjustable straps influences the effectiveness – 4 straps are about enough.

Also, check the material of construction: materials should fit tight yet snuggly enough not to harm the fur or hurt the leg – Nylon, Neoprene, and Welltex are preferable fabrics.

Benefits of Using an ACL Dog Knee Brace

Your dog may be suffering from an array of knee injuries sustained on the knee as a result of jumping in the garden and over fences or garden gets. You will need one or a few braces to keep the dog walking properly and avoid more leg injuries. Here’s some reasons why your dog may need a brace:

  • Heal any strains located in the canine joint
  • Relieve a case of Arthritis
  • Offer support after the operation
  • Assist a limping back leg
  • Fatigue
  • Stabilization of back joint after the dog’s injury

What To Look For When Buying A Dog Knee Brace

The materials used to make the knee brace, as well as the number of straps, can affect the supporting properties. If you want to land the best brace, consider these factors:

  • Material: Hock, Carpal, and stifle leg braces are manufactured from lightweight polypropylene, polyethylene, and co-polymer. These plastics are durable, long-lasting, and cleans easily.
  • Durable: For extremely active, agile, or even obese or very large dogs, it is recommended that you select a product made from carbon graphite or one that has been pre-impregnated with composites that tend to be extremely strong and very light.
  • Support: A good race should support the knee area without exerting undue pressure that might worsen the condition. We advise that you go for a knee brace that can fit your dog perfectly and one that can support different injuries without requiring many adjustments.

Size Chart

Measure your dog to have an idea of what knee brace to purchase. Choosing the size of dog braces can be as complicated as choosing a cloth for an adult human. There are about eight categories to choose from:

  • Mini For Pinscher or around 15 – 17 cm // 5.9 – 6.3”
  • XXXS For Chihuahua or around 17 – 18 cm // 6.7 – 7”
  • XXS For Jack Russell or around 19 – 21 cm // 7.5 – 8.2”
  • XS For Cocker Spaniel, Fox Terrier, Sheltie 22 – 24 cm // 8.6 – 9.4”
  • S For Greyhound, Beagle, Kelpie 25 – 28 cm // 9.8 – 11″
  • M For Border Collie, Small Labrador, Springer Spaniel 29 – 31 cm // 11.4 – 12.2″
  • L For German shepherd, Big Labrador, Boxer 32 – 36 cm // 12.6 – 14.2”
  • XL For Rottweiler 37 – 41 cm // 14.5 – 16.1”
  • XXL For Barnese Mountain 42 – 47 cm // 16.5 – 18.5”

By all means, these are not perfect sizes, but they tend to be very accurate if you measure your dog correctly. There is another factor to consider, which is the “year-old” factor. Dogs will have different sizes during their life stage.

Note: If the size of your dog falls between two size categories, always choose the smaller size.

Do Knee Braces Help Dogs with ACL Problems?

Braces can just be used to manage acute ACL, but they don’t help much. While human being anatomy lends itself to the knee brace, the dog’s anatomy doesn’t. Braces can work perfectly for human users because they are designed to mimic the functions of the ACL, i.e., preventing internal hyperextension and rotation. Dogs aren’t designed this way.

Speak to a veterinarian that has experience with TPLO surgery alternatives if your pooch has stifle knee problems. Make sure you ask the vet if getting an ACL brace is a good option for your dog. A good non-rigid brace would always help your pooch feel more comfortable during the time of the injury.

What Is the Importance of Using a Dog Knee Brace?

There are numerous benefits of equipping your dog with a knee brace.

  • Heal any strains located in the canine joint.
  • Braces relieve both mild and advanced Arthritis.
  • Your dog can also use braces to get much-needed support after the operation.
  • If your dog has been limping lately, a brace can prove to be helpful.
  • A dog knee brace will help with support and help your pooch feel more comfortable.

A veterinarian will often suggest getting a custom brace to make sure it can fit your dog perfectly. However, you can save some money buying a brace from our previous review list.

A 14-year-old or older dog can suffer from hind leg weakness. Especially on the rear legs when they start to get arthritis problems or hormonal imbalances. This dog issues will also help your child learn about responsibility.


You don’t want your dog to shoulder all the torment from injuries. A decent knee brace can be of great help to your hurting dog. Although knee braces aren’t the best remedy for ACL in dogs, they can be used to manage the illnesses and even help the dog recuperate after surgery.

It is crucial to measure your dog prior to looking for options. This will help you when choosing the right knee brace. Make sure you consider the size, material of construction, and support.

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