[Infographic] Dog Coat Types & How to Groom Them

Walk down a crowded street in any town or city and you’ll notice a plethora of hairstyles. Some will be clean-shaven; others will have bushy afros; some will have neat, long locks; maybe some will have flowing ponytails. In this article you can learn what are the different dog coat types and how to groom them.

The same goes with dogs. You’ll come across dogs that have little or no hair and you’ll see those with thick, unmistakable coats. You’ll have noticed dogs with brilliantly trimmed coats and you’ll see a few with rough, shaggy coats.

Depending on the breed of dog and how well it is cared for, its coat will grow in a certain way and, when it comes to clipping, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. The type of grooming your dog needs will be determined by the nature of its coat.

Naturally, dogs with thicker or rougher coats will require more effort to groom than those with smooth or light coats. There will also be variances in how to dry your dog after it has had its bath. With long-haired breeds like shih tzus, you’ll need to use a hairdryer and brush their coat again to make sure they are fully dry. If it’s a smooth-coated dog such as a dachshund, you can rub them with a towel and allow them to airdry in their own time.

What are the different Dog Coat Types ?

If you’re unsure of the best way to groom your dog, the good folks at Clippers Ireland created an infographic which covers pretty much every dog coat type and the do’s and don’ts of grooming them.



Hope with this info-graphic you managed to learn the different dog coat types and how to groom the. For more info about your breed visit out dog categories on the main menu. Also, we recommend our post on ways to train a a kitten to use a litter box.

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