Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser Review

Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

by: Petcube 600++ Reviews

The Petcube Bites Treat Dispenser allows you to remotely give your pet a treat. A variety of treats can be loaded onto the dispenser then remotely flung out for your pet. 1-5 treats of dry cat and crunchy dog treats are dispensable at any time, depending on their sizes.

If you need a real-time access to your pet, then use the 1080p HD video coupled with night vision. Also, a 2-way audio accessory makes it possible to interact with your dog. You can say hello and let them know how much you love them.

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Popularity: 9.8
Quality:      9.8
Opinions:   9.6
Indicators:  9.7

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