Safest Way For Dog To Ride In A Car (5 Tips You Must Read)

Our dogs are much more than mere pets. They are our family members, and taking them on outings is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend our time. But we can’t just put our dog in the car and let them run loose. We wear seat belts and follow the rules of the road for a reason, which is safety. So, what is the safest way for dog to ride in car?

Utilizing items like a dog hammock, a dog crate, a dog seat cover, or a car barrier are some of the safest ways to transport your dog during your car trip. Securing these items to the cars seat belt will reduce the chances of pet injuries if a car crashes by accident.

However, if you really want to keep your dog safe while they are riding in your vehicle, you should avoid any distracted driving. Make sure you drive safely at all times, and yes, this includes not using your phone when you drive.

7 Safest Ways For Your Dog To Ride In A Car

Safest Way For Dog To Ride In A Car

When dogs ride in a car, they know that they are either going to go to the park or maybe they are going to visit the vet. It only makes sense for dog owners to try to do anything in their power to make this ride comfortable for their pets.

They should be making sure that their furry friend is secure and free from harm. The dogs safety should be at the top of every fur parent’s list before jumping into the car for a ride. So here are 7 ways for you to keep your dog safe in the car.

#1 Buckle Up Using A Dog Seat Belt

It’s tough to dispute the fact that the cars seat belts keep us all safer. When hit from behind, we are kept secure in our seats instead of smashing through the windshield. If you don’t buckle your dog in then, they could suffer the same fate as well. There are several ways to buckle your dog up in the car.

One way to buckle in your furry friend is to put them in the cars seat, wrap that belt around them, and click it into place. This is not a safe way at all, but it does work if you have a well-behaved dog. However, a more secure way is if you purchase a dog seat belt and attach it to a crash-tested harness.

#2 Crash-Tested Dog ​Harnesses

Putting your dog into car harnesses, attaching the belt through it, and then securing it in the lock is one more way of buckling up your canine. There are harnesses designed specifically for this purpose, and we highly recommend this approach as opposed to a standard leashes.

We find the combination of a dog harness with a dog seat belt a cheap a safe solution. It also can help you prevent your dogs from leaping into the front seat when you are driving. Also, we recommend our readers to always purchase a safety harness that has pass different crash tests and that it has a certification from the Center For Pet Safety.

#3 Booster Seat / Carry ​Box Attached To The Cars Seatbelt

Depending on your dogs behavior and size, a carry box could be an option when it comes to pet travel. These carry boxes just make traveling with your dog a more comfortable and secure experience.

However, this dog gear is not design for all types of dogs. These types of dog cars seat boxes would only hold up to 25 pounds on average. Overall, purchasing a booster seat for those smaller dog breeds is a suitable option to explore when it comes to securing your dog in the car.

#4 Use A Back Seat Hammock For Dogs In Car

While keeping our buddies upfront with us would be fun, it’s always best to keep your dog in the back seat while taking car rides. In the back, they are not only less likely to be injured in an accident, the odds of them jumping on you while you are driving is lessened greatly.

Young children are required to sit in the back seat until they reach a certain age because, at that age, they understand the way to behave in a car. Unless your dog is trained well to sit still, you should keep them in the back seat when in motion.

#5 Use A Dog Crate or Kennel

There are different schools of thought when it comes to putting a dog in a crate at home, but when it comes to traveling, if you have a dog that is unable to learn how to behave in a vehicle, then it will be imperative that you put your pet into travel crates. There are several styles of crates, and you can find one perfect for our dog.

You don’t want the crate to be too small, so your friend is crowded, but you also don’t want it to be too big either. Making sure it’s secure in your truck or car is another size point you will need to consider when you are shopping for your crates. Also, remember to secure the crate in place with your cars seatbelt.

#6 Use Car Barrier For Dogs in Your Cars

If you don’t think your dog requires a crate, but you want to make sure they stay in the backseat while you are driving, then there are other ways to keep them back there. There are devices designed specifically to put up a boundary between the front and back seats of your vehicle and do so in a way that your dog won’t oppose.

A barrier keeps your dog on one side of your vehicle. This could mean the difference between a rambunctious dog who leaps into the front seat on a whim and a canine that stays in the back, where it is safest. And we are sure you can imagine the kind of trouble a loose dog can cause while you are driving down the highway.

#7 A Zip-line Harness For Flexibility

There isn’t just one type of harness designed for securing your dog. Zip-line harnesses allow younger or more active dogs the ability to move around while being securely fastened into the car well enough to avoid injury during a collision.

5 Tips That Makes Traveling With Your Dog Safely And Comfortably

Dor Harnesses That Have Passed Crash Tests And Are Certified

Taking a break during a long car trip can really help, especially if your dog gets car sickness often. The best thing to do is to find a parking lot every few hours so that they can stretch their legs a reduce some of the car anxiety.

Making sure that you drive safely or avoiding anyone to distract the driver is by far the best way to keep everyone protected during a car trip. Here are some other puppy care tips to consider when you are driving with your dog:

#1 Make It Comfortable For Dogs In Your Cars

While some people have said that dogs have no concept of time, anyone who’s taken a long road trip with their dog can say that isn’t true. We’ve seen our dogs become anxious and bored, especially after they realize that the car ride is going to take longer than they anticipated. Do them and yourself a favor, and make the ride a smooth one.

This can be done by throwing a dog bed into the back cab of your SUV and adding a few chews or favorite toys. Familiar scents are always a good idea so, if this is a new friend, you may want to put one of your towels or t-shirt into the car, so they are close to your scent. A dog seat cover could also help to smooth the ride.

#2 Bring Some Treats and Water

You may be wondering how treats are going to keep your dog safe in the car but, for some dogs, there is no better way to get them to sit than holding a treat in your hand. Keeping your dog and all of your passengers safe in your vehicle includes paying attention to hazards on the street, but it also includes avoiding hazards from within.

A dog that does not sit still is an issue that can put everyone in your car in harm’s way. While you don’t want to reward negative behavior, consider it conditioning like Pavlov’s drooling dogs, only yours will sit on command.

Suppose you aren’t into giving processed treats to your dog; that’s fine. You can easily store some homemade treats or whatever it is you give your dog as a reward when they are good.

#3 Take Time To Stop And Take A Break

There are short trips to the vet or the dog park, and there are longer ones like heading a few thousand miles away to a National Forest. If you are planning on taking a full-on road trip with your dog, there is a lot that you will need to consider, including bathroom breaks and time to stretch those legs.

You can easily plan these little stops before you head out by researching your route and what you will be coming up on when out on the road. With the internet, finding cool places to stop is just a few clicks away.

#4 Play Some Dog Calming Music

They say that dog calming music soothes the savage beast, but you might be thinking, “my pup is far from savage.” The reality is, music is soothing to most creatures, including dogs, humans, cats, birds, you name it. What we hear isn’t the same, though, since humans, dogs, cats, and other animals all hear on different frequencies, which is the measurement of vibrations.

If you put yourself into the shoes of your animal, then you might understand why they get car anxiety. While you trust your owner, they are putting you into a machine, and you have no idea where you are headed.

Playing a bit of classical music or even some soft, soothing sounds of rain or ocean waves should bring down the apprehension a bit, which is in everyone’s best interest. This type of music is known to help with separation anxiety in dogs as well.

#5 Always Remember To Turn Off The Power Windows

If keeping dogs safe is your number one priority, then remember to turn off the power window option of your car. Although it sounds kind of silly, this simple tip will prevent your dog from putting down the car’s window with its paws by accident.


There are certain activities that are crucial in a dogs life. Hiking is just one of them, but it can take you and your dog to a plethora of beautiful destinations. We all know that riding in a car is one of the most dangerous things you can do.

Accidents happen all the time, and the safety of our passengers is key. Your dog’s safety should be your top priority when you transport your dog. Do not distract the driver when you are traveling with pets.

We wanted to make sure everyone out there understands that your dog is one of those precious pieces of cargo that deserve the same type of safety standards as anyone else in our vehicle. Sure, it may take some adjustment or special equipment but, when it comes to your dog’s life, you know that they are worth every additional penny.

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