How to Remove Pet Hair from a Microfiber Couch

There are some people who love furniture, there are some people who love pets, and there are those who love both. If you happen to be a lover of the two, you may have an idea of how it is to keep your pet and your furniture co-existing in peace. It is surely not a walk in the park. In fact, it has been a nightmare for some. Why? Because pets and furniture, microfiber couches to be exact, do not really go well together because of pet hair. Pet hair can be problematic, especially if your pets love lounging on your couches.

Useful Tips on How to Remove Pet Hair from a Microfiber Couch

How to Remove Pet Hair from a Microfiber CouchA microfiber couch may seem like a big deal once infested with pet hair, but do not let this get to you. Pet cleaning tools are vital essentials because these will save you from a couch full of hairballs. We have prepared a couple of ways that you can effectively get rid of your pet’s hair. Yes, you can still enjoy your pet’s company while seeing a microfiber couch that is pet hair-free.

Clean it with a squeegee

If you think squeegees can only be used to clean windows, it’s time that we add another one to your list. Did you know that you can remove pet hair from a microfiber couch using a squeegee? Simply spray a bit of water into your couch and then scrape it gently with a squeegee. You will be surprised to see it come off easily.

Purchase an antistatic dusting spray

Another hack to get rid of pet hair on a couch is to use an antistatic dusting spray like Static Guard. This method works instantly and really helps, especially if you are vacuuming your dog hair after applying the spray solution. This spray makes it real easy for picking up dog hair that is stuck on hard to get places.

Use a rubber brush

Since microfiber has a smaller pile compared to other materials, you can expect pet hair to come off of it easier as compared to others. To get rid of pesky hair from your microfiber couch, you can use a rubber brush with short-bristles.

As you press hard to rub the surface, you will notice the hair clumping and creating a bunch together. Once all of the hair has formed a clump, you can easily grab it off your couch. Rubber tools are becoming popular because they are effective.

Remove it using a vacuum cleaner

We all know that vacuums are iconic pieces for all types of cleaning. Surprising as it may be, this also works for pet hair. Vacuuming the surface of your microfiber couch directly may not be as effective as compared to when you do some preparations. Simply use a rubber brush to loosen the hair’s grip on your couch and then let the vacuum work its magic.

This is an excellent option because apart from the easily available surface of your couch, you also get to reach and vacuum the creases and other hard to reach areas. A note for vacuuming your couch would be to not do it if there is a huge amount of clump on your couch because this can clog your vacuum too.

Prepare a lint brush or roller

If you have not yet cleaned your microfiber couch of pet hair for years, this may not work great for you. This method is ideal for someone who often does cleaning or who does regular maintenance. This is effective in getting hair out of your couch; however, this method can be tiring if you are to use it to remove a huge pile of pet hair. You do it by simply swiping over your microfiber couch’s surface. This is an ideal approach that you can do on a daily basis because this lessens the chances of pet hair accumulating until it gets too impossible to get rid of.

Take it off using a tape

If you have seen people do it to their clothes, you can do it on your microfiber sofa too. This is ideal for manageable areas; however, this may be expensive and exhausting if you are planning on working on larger areas. The process works by getting a duct tape or a masking tape and peeling off the non-stick area. Position the sticky side of the tape on your couch and leave it there for a few minutes. Once you feel that it has completely set, pull, and peel it until all the pet hair on the couch is removed. Try not to leave it too long as it may cause damage to your surface.

Clean it with a damp cloth or material

At this point, you have to find a material that can work for you. Most dog owners recommend furnishing a damp washcloth or a sponge mop to remove the pet hair from the couch. Simply wipe your couch using the damp material in one direction. This will cause the pet hair to be released from tight grips and be lifted off for easy removal.

Prepare a toothbrush

People who do not have other cleaning materials available in their home resort to unused or old toothbrushes to do their cleaning. This works great for a light load of pet hair but not so for huge loads of it. To use this, simply brush the pet hair away from your couch. If you want a more effective tool, you can opt to purchase a fur removal brush. This delivers better results than a regular toothbrush.

Get rid of it with a pair of rubber gloves

As effective as a rubber brush is, rubber gloves can work wonders for your microfiber couch too. You do not need to get an expensive pair of rubber gloves; you can go for disposable ones for a more economical approach. The process is done by dampening the rubber gloves with water. Removing hair becomes easier when it is slightly wet.

While the gloves are still damp, run it through your couch’s surface. You will notice that pet hair is more likely to come off and stick to it as you go. If your gloves have collected too much hair, rinse it off with water. Keep doing the entire process until you get rid of all the pet hair on your couch. These can be found in any home and garden store.

Proactive Steps to Lessen Your Load When It Comes To Pet Hair

Cleaning brush with rubber glovesAs you have read earlier, cleaning and getting rid of pet hair from a microfiber couch can be tough. While pet hair cleaning tools are effective and readily available, wouldn’t it be nice to proactively lessen the load for you? Since your pet will always leave their pet hair on your couch, here are a few tips that you may find useful for your next cleaning venture.

Maximize sheets and covers

Unlike other materials, microfiber is less likely to hold on to hair compared to other materials. However, we have to remember that this does not exempt it from collecting some. As a pet owner, it would be good to have proactive measures ready. This includes the use of different types of sheets, such as plastic and other types of fabric.

When you have a drape over your microfiber couch, you lessen the chances of hair sticking to it. Plus, it would be a lot easier to just remove the drape rather than cleaning all the corners of the couch.

Regular grooming

Sometimes, the reason why your dog is shedding too much hair on your couch is because of the lack of grooming. It is good to make a habit of combing your dog’s hair at least twice a week to have loose hair fall off there instead of having it on your couch. Give your dog a haircut at least once a month, bathe your dog frequently, and maintain your dog’s grooming on a regular basis.

Train your dog

If you really feel uncomfortable seeing pet hair on your microfiber couch, you can solve the problem by training your pet. There have been many who were successful in training their dogs not to climb their microfiber couches. You can also train them to lounge in their own bed or space to lessen or totally eliminate the need for you to clean your couch.

Check with your veterinarian

Though shedding is normal and typical for most pets, it still helps to have your pet checked with a veterinarian just in case their shedding is not normal. Some pets shed because of medical reasons, and they are usually prescribed with medication to help them regain the hair and treat the hair fall.

These are just some of the things you can do to lessen your cleaning load. By being proactive, you lessen the amount of hair you have to clean. This makes it easier for removing dog hair to maintain your microfiber fabric couch.

If you notice excess hair loss on your dog, a vet might be able to treat your dog to prevent this. Most pet owners notice excess dog hair loss when cleaning clothes and wooden furniture.

Brush your dogs hair

Another DIY hack to reduce the amount of hair on your microfiber fabric couch is to brush your dogs hair. This reduces the amount of fur on your couch cushions significantly. Also, try to avoid using a dryer sheet or fabric softener sheets; they are known to cause problems with dogs and cats. Brushing your dogs hair helps a ton to avoid having to clean pet hair from furniture constantly.


Managing our homes can be challenging, especially if you have pets around. If you hate seeing your pet’s hair accumulating on your microfiber couch, you better have pet hair cleaning tools ready. There many ways you can get rid of pet hair that has accumulated in your microfiber couch and hardwood floors.

Pet hair removal takes time and consistency. Don’t this that you’re just going to use lint rollers, and the hair will go away. Sometimes it takes time to get the hair off the couch. Teaching your dog not to get on the couch will significantly reduce the amount of pet hair on the surface of the couch.

If you have been struggling with the same problem for years, now is the perfect time to try one or more of the ways we mentioned earlier. Who knows? One or more of the approaches discussed above can be your lifesaver and cleaning dog hair hacks in the days to come, so make sure to try them and see the difference.

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