Homeopathic Remedies for Dog Depression

Dogs are very sociable animals that need communication. Animal psychologists agree that among all the other pets dogs suffer the most from staying alone for a long time and the lack of attention from their pet owners. Keep reading to learn some homeopathic remedies for dog depression.

Depression among dogs is getting more widespread. As the size of the houses decreases, people move to bigger cities for new opportunities and bringing a lot of additional stress to their homes, caused by air pollutions, junk food, and the high speed of life.

Many dog keepers are always at work, so their pets have to wait the whole day to get a small amount of their attention. In these conditions, dogs become annoyed very often, and in the case that nobody controls this process, dogs risk to get depressed.

Top 7 Homeopathic Remedies for Dog Depression

Dogs want to show their importance and revenge upon you for the lack of attention. In some cases, dogs vice versa become your shadow; follow you all the time. Some dogs choose another criminal career and tart stealing and hiding your things. Again, they just want you to notice they miss you.

Now, let’s think about the main measures that must be taken to prevent your dog from getting annoyed. Here are some natural dog health tips you can incorporate to treat dog depression:

1. Dog Food can be fun

Analyze what type of food your dog eats. Some kinds of dry food are low in vitamins and microelements, which can also affect the mood of your pet, as he might have less energy than needed to keep spirits high.

The dogs that don’t eat much need some motivation to normalize the process of feeding. Boosting the dogs immune system with proper nutritional balance raw diet can be the best natural remedy to tackle depressed dogs.

You can always turn the feeding into an interesting game, placing food in different parts of the hose or apartment, and making your dog find it. In this way, the process of eating will be fun and not that monotonous.

Additional physical activity during the game will also be useful for the emotional state of the dog. They will make him move, seek for the food, and have the common entertainment with you.

2. Toys are important

Your dog, especially if he’s a solo pet in your family, might get easily annoyed while staying alone for the whole day. If you’re constantly at work, make sure your pet has enough opportunities to engage himself in some activities until you came back home. Adding additional activities is a great way to treat dogs suffering from depression.

Frequently change the toys for your dog, especially those that are not used at all. New toys will get your pet motivated to play. Therefore the exercise level will increase, and it can also help reduce your overall dogs anxiety. You can look at our accessories or gift guides for options.

However, don’t just buy a toy and bring it home. Assign some play dates to present your dog with it. Turn it into a game, raise his interest in what you’ve brought for him. Again, such happy moments are very useful for your communication with your pet in general, and for his emotional state in particular.

3. Multi-dog household and cuddle time

Multi dog family playing at the park can help with dog depressionRates show that dogs who are not the only ones in the family get annoyed less frequently than solo dogs. So, it there’s any possibility for you to have two dogs instead of one, do it. Dog owners who work long hours in the office must think about how to organize the entertainment for their dogs.

If the toys don’t work properly, maybe it’s time to think about the second pet. Of course, the dog’s temper is very important while making such a decision, as some dogs are mostly solo players. Dogs in the multi-dog families are more joyful, energetic, and, as statistics prove, live longer.

4. Importance of the discipline

Same as children, dogs that haven’t got used to discipline and schedules are easily annoyed. So, think about the daily routine of your dog and how it is organized. Make sure that your dog always gets his food due to the schedule. Long intervals between the pet food intake may make your dog nervous, stressed, tired, and easily annoyable.

Don’t let your dog starve, but at the same time, never let him overeat. Obese dogs are less emotionally stable than fit ones. That’s why extra food doesn’t only make your pet less healthy, but also make him suffer emotionality. Praising your dog is also a very important trick. So, you can add this technique while teaching your dog to obey instructions.

Many dog owners are convinced, training to roll the dog’s temper and making him learn different commands are harmful. This way, you make your dog do what he doesn’t want. But it doesn’t mean that any kind of training is useless. You could take your dog to the special classes, or organize the training process at home if you had time for it.

5. Digging for treasures

If your dog digs the backyard, pay attention where and how often he does so. Don’t leave your pooch alone for a long time, and don’t let dig near the fence to avoid any chance of escaping. At the same time, think about how to secure the fence to spoil any plan to escape.

If this frequently happens that your dog Diggs the ground, treat such behavior as an invitation to play. Take part in this game by burying toys and bones in the places he often digs.

You may bring some kind of soil, that is not typical for your yard and make an improvised digging pit to involve your dog in dogging for treasures. Most depressed dogs will appreciate it.

6. Playing outdoors

Dog playing fetch outdoor to treat depressionIn general, your dog may get frustrated, staying at home all the time. That’s why outdoor activities are very important for the pet’s mood. To refresh your dog in the morning, take him for a walkout for at least 45-50 minutes. If your dog has excessive energy, he’ll lose it when you walk quickly or run.

On the other hand, the systematic morning walks will keep your dog fresh and energized till noon. If you have a backyard, you can organize supervised outdoor games when you throw the bones, and your dog brings them back. Lack of activity in one of the main causes of depression on dogs and cats.

Unsupervised entertainment can be easily organized with the help of dog accessories, and you can easily purchase or construct yourself if you like some DIY activities. Dog tunnels are a great option for your dog, as they keep your pet engaged and don’t need much space to be stored.

7. Hide-and-seek around the house

If you see that your dog hides your things, do the same. You can involve your dog into an interesting game when you hide his toys in different places, leaving small hints which are easy for him to understand. This game may have some consequences on the general condition of your house and its tidiness.

In this case, you can play the game on the weekend before you start the house cleaning. You can also start this game when you don’t want your dog to get bored while you are busy with household work. Besides, you can hide yourself and play hide-and-seek games with your dog. This is a great natural treatment for dog depression.

Taking into account how strong is the sense of smell in dogs, both of the mentioned games won’t take a long time. But they will bring fun and joy. So, the ways to keep your dog from getting depressed are not that difficult. The only thing that matters is your attention to the needs of your pet.

Dog Depression Signs To Look For

Depression in dogs doesn’t have symptoms at the beginning but may result in serious mental disorders and physical problems. To avoid the risk of a dog’s depression, pay attention to the signs that your dog is bored and stressed. These following signs can show if a dog is depressed:

  • Your dog barks loudly without any reason but with a strong demand
  • Your dog digs everything: trash can, backyard, even the pulled carpet
  • The dog gets into bags, trash bin, wardrobes
  • The dog scratches to floor and furniture show depression in dogs
  • Dog seems restless and hardly take part in common activities
  • He or she seems indifferent and loses interested in toys, food, and games
  • Dog starts biting you is a sign that your dog is depressed
  • The dog bites himself / his tail
  • The dog attacks other pets in the house or acts aggressively towards the other dogs in the street (suddenly, as it’s not the normal behavior)
  • He/she licks his fur all the time because of boredom
  • Dog chews excessively is a sign of dogs anxiety

Besides, any dog keeper knows his dog well, so any change in the ordinary behavior of the pet may sign that he’s annoyed. Dogs can beg for additional attention in different ways. They may take your things, bring your shoes and put them in front of you.

Dogs are also very talented in showing their emotions: long sad gazes, or hiding face every time you look back, show they want something from you, and this is not food. These are your attention and admiration. If you live in the house, some dogs can even escape, like criminal breaking from the prison, by digging the hole under your fence.

Ask Your Vet For Methods Used for Treating Depressed Dogs

Although there are plenty of alternative medicine that can stop dogs depression, asking a professional Vet should be your number one priority if you notice signs of depression on your pooch.

According to the National Center for Homeopathy, there are some natural remedies for dogs that can be useful to treat anxiety and depression like Lachesis, Natrum muriaticum, and Nux vomica.

Make sure you ask your vet to see if these natural health remedies can help your pooch. Also, ask the veterinarian about any prescription medications that are commonly used for treating depressed dogs.


All the above mention tips can help you treat your dog if you notice any depressive symptoms. There are plenty of ways to help your pooch on having a happy dog life. If you want to make your dog feel happy, try to spend more time with him or her.

As pet parents, we need to look for abnormal dog behavioral symptoms at all times. Choosing the proper food for dogs can help you maintain your dogs health intact. There are also other natural pet herbal remedies like CBD oil for dogs, essential oils, and flower essences that you can look for if that is something you approve.

Homeopathic medicine should be your first attempt to improve your pet health before trying any medication for dogs. Medication could be an option for senior dogs that have extreme joint pain and cannot exercise as much. Also, remember to boost your pouches’ immune system with a natural diet.

Last Updated on 23/01/2023 by Karen Snow