French Bulldog Cleaning: 10 Tips to Keep a Frenchie Healthy

Love for pet-dogs drives all of us crazy. Indeed, the dog is proved as a good therapist at bad times. Some look aggressive, and a few look so cute. One of the most famous breeds of dogs who look cute is French Bulldog. If you continue reading you will learn 10 crucial tips for “French Bulldog Cleaning.”

French Bulldog’s breed: French Bulldogs belong to the brachycephalic breed and also abbreviated as Frenchie or Franky, look endearingly sweet due to the fluffy wrinkles on their faces. Different breeds of French bulldogs are the Lilac French Bulldog, Merle French bulldog, Teacup French bulldogs, etc.

Frenchie’s Nature: Frenchie is the smaller version of the English Bulldog, love cuddles and attention from owners. They don’t bark unnecessarily. Frenchie takes care of his home, likes to stay in there, possesses a calm nature, and is too supportive. Frenchie is a room partner, best friend, and lovable, just like children.

So, his health and cleanliness are as important as kids. Let’s dig-in it!

Cure white breed french bulldogs face
“If you are lucky, French dog will come into your life, steal your heart, and change everything.”

How to Keep Your French Bulldog Clean? – 10 Tips to Keep Your French Bulldog Puppy Happy and Healthy

It is imperative to have some know-how about Frenchie’s “look after the routine.” Let’s point out some basic information regarding French Bulldog’s health and care:

1. Bathing of a Frenchie

French dogs are allergic to hot weather and hot water too. To keep pup neat and clean, bathing him is mandatory. Try to use lukewarm water. Also, use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner for the pet to not only remove the dirt but to provide Frenchie with a sweet smell as well. Being a Mom or Dad, prioritize Frenchie’s cleanliness.

2. Cleansing of an ear and wrinkles

Cleaning your french bulldogs ears and wrinkles are, indeed, hard to self-clean for them. So, give him a hand in this matter and prove that his health is like wealth. Frenchies’ ears are very delicate; that is why using a dry cotton ball is recommended. Also, only use an ear cleaning solution or cleaning products when the Veterinarian requires you to do so.

French Bulldogs Ears Cleansing

Some ear cleansing tips are as follows:

  • Pick a good ear cleaner that suits best to pet’s skin-related breed.
  • Rinse off the ears well with water that no soapy material remains.
  • Wipe them with good tissue wipes to remove dirt from the ear canal, as a must.
  • Shake off the pup extensively so that the remaining dust can be swept out.

French Bulldog Wrinkles Cleaning

Baby shampoos or PH neutral bathing products might be used while washing pup’s wrinkles. Due to the hefty wrinkles on Frenchie’s face, it is tough sometimes to clean the zones like around the nose, the ears, etc. as all the dirt and bacteria get stuck to those areas. So, it needs special care, and anti-bacterial wipes can be used to annihilate all the dirt.

Bulldog owners, especially in the Frenchie World, need to keep a constant eye on their dogs ear and dogs eyes. Tear stain removing and applying eye drops becomes a regular routine to keep their ears and eyes clean. Also, use a cotton ball to clean their ears from any dirt and debris without any cleaning products.

Wet wipes can be used to keep bulldogs folds clean, and for tear stain removing as well.

Tip: Use cotton balls when bathing your breed french bulldogs to prevent an ear infection.

3. Cleaning Accessories for French Bulldog

French bulldog owners must have some pet accessories for their pups. Tools like a pet hair vacuum can be used to clean off all the dust that is stuck in his hair. A brush pot is something in which a pup’s whole feet can be fit to remove the dirt. A natural dog pedicure is used to cut the pet’s nails. Keep Frenchie clean so that smooching can be easier.

Baby wipe, saline solution, and dog shampoos are some of the basic most important accessories you will need in your French bulldog cleaning kit at home. Daily cleaning your dogs tear stains is the perfect habit of keeping your French or English Bulldog happy and healthy — also, clean there Frenchies folds and wrinkles.

4. Keep your dog hydrated

Oudoor picture with a clear view of the dogs folds and wrinkles
“Everyone thinks they have the best Frenchie. And none of them are wrong.” – quote: W.R. Purche

One of the basic needs of all living things is water. Other than cleaning, Water intake matters. Keep pup hydrated as water saves from many diseases. Moreover, keep checking Frenchie’s water pot and refill it when needed. In summers, ice cubes can also be added into the bowl.

Because dehydration may slow down your little soul and can cause many problems like:

  • Dry nose and eyes
  • Loss of appetite and skin elasticity
  • Vomiting without diarrhea
  • Thick saliva and sticky gums

Don’t ignore these symptoms as soon as they showed up and try to get your baby-boo checked by the vet in the priority. Hydration is crucial to keep your dogs folds healthy and to prevent a heat stroke when they are exposed to a lot of heat temperatures.

5. Food Supplements for a pet

It is mandatory to check the French dogs feed, as the health of the dogs depends upon the meal they munch. Add good and healthy food items in the Frenchie’s diet. Try to give them food enriched with proteins, omega-3s (that keeps French bulldogs skin folds healthy), DHA (helps in the growth of the brain), and be a watchful of fats intake as well.

The French Bulldog has a naturally fast metabolism. French Bulldogs are prone to obesity. A gain of even a few pounds could be significant enough to impact his health. Moreover, Frenchie is also known as little-gassy as he farts a lot. Behind his “too much farting,” there is a reason like overfeeding, digestibility problems, and you can’t stay with him for long in a too smelly room.

6. Avoid everything “Hot”

This breed of dogs is sensitive and breaths with difficulty in hot weather, so try not to take them out in hot and sunny weather. French bulldogs stay indoor, and if you want to keep them well, keep the atmosphere cool. Overheating affects Frenchie’s health. Few of the overheating signs are:

  • Loose and a discolored tongue
  • Foaming from the mouth
  • Odd sounds coming from the throat
  • Excessive panting and heaving

Frenchie does better in temperate and cold. So, plan things out to keep the Frenchie busy inside the house more often, so the little soul doesn’t get bored. Keeping your French cold is crucial to avoid heat stroke.

7. Get Frenchie’s health checked from a veterinarians

Frenchie’s life is very important, and the ideal weight of French Bulldog should not be more than 28 pounds as it tells how healthy he is, whereas female Frenchie usually weighs less than male dogs. It is imperative in a few cases to get pup checked from a veterinarian regularly.

These daily checkups also keep updated with the Frenchie’s health. “Do follow” guidelines given by a veterinarian to show love and care. A veterinarian checks properly in case of any allergy or disease presence.

Symptoms of allergies:

  • Itchy, moist or scabbed skin
  • Runny and itchy eyes
  • Redness in skin
  • Sneezing or vomiting
  • Itchy back and ears
  • Diarrhea, etc.

Dental Diseases: French Bulldog is not different from other dogs when it comes to the teeth’s problems. It is a must to get Frenchie treated by the vet in case of any teeth infection. Carelessness in the dental checkup can cause teeth loss as well as other health issues.

Vaccinations are must: Many diseases like rabies, parvo, or distemper are controllable through vaccination. Regular vaccinations should be done to keep Frenchie’s health good.

8. Cleaning your dogs tail pocket

Try and keep everything around the pup neat and clean. As mentioned above, the pup’s overfeeding may result in farts, which makes the atmosphere smelly. Teach him where to pee and poo; this helps them to keep their surroundings hygienic. Frenchies love to stay closely connected to their owner and is a happy dog around the companion in a peaceful and odorless environment.

I know this might sound weird, but your Frenchie’s tail pocket needs to be cleaned periodically. For those who don’t know where the tail pocket is located, it is the spot in between their tail and their butt. Sometimes if this area is not cleaned, it can get infected, and you are going to need rash creams or antibiotic creams to clear the infection.

Also, a common sign of infection on their tail pocket would be if they drag their butt off your rug or hard floors. You can use wet wipes to clean their pup’s surround areas, and also for cleaning the folds and wrinkles. Don’t forget to spend time in the area mentioned above.

9. Fun Toys and play day with Frenchie

Other than this, a lot of funny, entertaining toys can be found for baby-dogs. Playing with a pup is the most relaxing time of the day. Many toys for baby-boo can be found from the market like teething toys to make Frenchie’s teething days less annoyable.

The French Bulldog is the sound addition in the times of boredom, and with his cute gestures while playing makes everyone happy. Moreover, tools like harnesses can be of great use for little Frenchie.

10. Cuddling has never been a bad idea

Spend time with your frenchie bulldog
Cutest little french bulldog laying down.

Frenchie doesn’t need much exercise and is a restful soul. You can keep him close to you while sitting on the couch as he hates moving. French bulldogs become stubborn at times. Therefore, treat them with love and patience.

Cuddles, hugs, and kisses make them feel proud and as important as any other family member. Now, you may have well-versed with the cleaning tips. With this, let’s brief out some fun facts about French Bulldog.

FunFacts about French Bulldog

  • French bulldogs are not French; their “real roots” are from England.
  • Cotton swabs and hydrogen peroxide is a must in your cleaning kit arsenal.
  • French bulldogs can’t swim because of their bulbous heads and squat frame. While planning a “beach-day,” keep it in mind that your pup might feel left out.
  • As we have discussed above, Frenchies are friendly dogs and like to stick in one place. They aren’t big barkers. They make less noise than other dogs.
  • Because of the nature of Frenchie, he easily mixes up with people and can babysit infants with love and care.
  • Cleaning out your dogs folds becomes a habit.
  • French Bulldogs have two types of ears. One of them rose-shaped ears, but Americans love Frenchie with unique bat ears.
  • Frenchie is sensitive and stubborn by nature. French bulldogs feel it when you scold them, although they are good when you are good.
  • Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Martha Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and many others love having Frenchie around them, and no doubt, they have.
  • French Bulldog comes in several colors like white, brindle, fawn, and a combo of two.
  • Bulldogs do not need regular grooming as much.

Bottom line for French Bulldog Cleaning

Baby wet wipe, wrinkle cream, and baby powders are a must for bulldog owners. Also, using cotton swabs can help you to prevent water from going inside of your dogs ears. Try not to use ear wipes and avoid using a damp washcloth unless it is recommended by a Veterinarian. This will keep your Frenchie free of ear infection.

The French Bulldog is indeed smaller in size but bigger at heart, as it gives a very empathic company with his presence. French bulldogs are the best homie-pets one can ever have. Also, we hope this “How to clean french bulldog information” can help you to keep your loved one happy and healthy. For more separation anxiety and potty training tips, please visit our latest Frenchie blog posts.

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