How to take care of a cat – essential things you must know

Being a cat owner is a big responsibility because it becomes a part of your family. This domesticated animal has been a family pet for several years. People with busy lifestyle prefer cats over other animals because they require less attention.  You will fall in love with this animal quickly because it does not demand anything from you. Cats show their love and devotion through their silent actions. If you are thinking about adopting a cat, it is important you must know how to take care of a cat properly.

How to Take Care of a Cat

Taking Care of Cats: Eight Basic Things You Have to Learn

You will have responsibilities on your hands after you buy a cat. This pet animal needs proper attention and affection from its owner. Mentioned below are some basic things that you must know for appropriate care of cats:

Food: Your pet will need proteins in her diet. You can feed her fish, meat or any other poultry items. You must give her water regularly to keep her hydrated. The water bowl must be clean free from dust and hair. Much to the dismay of many, there is no need to give her milk regularly. Feed her with quality wet or dry tinned cat food. They are carnivores and cannot survive on vegetables.

Sanitation: It is imperative that the litter box of your cat is clean. To promote good hygiene behaviour, change the litter box regularly. Since cats are clean animals, you need not have to bathe them regularly. Brush her furs on a regular basis to keep the tangles at bay.

Safety: Cats are fond of things like tinsel, thread, needles and rubber bands. Electrical cords may be hazardous for your pet. Don’t forget to keep these things out of the reach of your cat. In this way, your pet will be safe at your home.

Vet Service: If your cat is healthy, she is happy. Take your cat to a veterinarian on a regular basis, at least every six months in a year. Go for proper physical check up which includes ears, eyes and heart. At any point of time, your cat is not behaving ok, see the vet immediately.

Vaccinations: Get proper treatment for your pet against fatal diseases. Cancer and kidney are some of the common cat diseases. Every cat must get vaccinations like feline leukaemia virus and feline infectious enteritis. These conditions can prove deadly for your pet animal. Therefore, it is crucial to go for the preventive measures.

Neutering: If you have a male cat, get him neutered to be healthy and happy. He will be less prone to wander away from home and indulge in fights. A neutered female cat cannot have kittens. It can be advantageous if you don’t have enough space to accommodate a lot of kitten at your home.

Training: Cats should be given training like not to jump over countertops. You can train your cat not to scratch furniture. They are very smart animals whom you can train quickly with unnecessary hassles.

Identification: Make sure that your cat has proper identity like for example a pet license. Also, don’t forget to put an ID tag and collar that includes name, telephone number and address.

Important Tips on Maintaining Cat’s Cleanliness


Cats can be a great companion in for humans and are very talented searching for pests in the home. Maintaining the cleanliness of the cats is crucial. There are times when this animal is unable to clean itself. Given below are some tips on cleanliness that you should preferably do:

  • Freshen up your pet’s vision by proper clean up around the areas beneath the eyes. For this, you can use a damp cloth for cleaning injuries or infections.

  • Combing the hair of your cat is important otherwise s/he would rumble it up. Hence, it would get difficult to manage with hairballs start forming on its rear portion.

  • Always use a damp cotton cloth to clean the ears of your pet. Never use cotton buds because it could harm your cat’s ultrasonic hearing capability.

  • You may brush your cat’s teeth for proper sanitation and hygiene. For proper procedures and things needed on this task, always consult your vet.

  • Don’t forget to check for worms and fleas as they can harm your cat. These external factors carry deadly diseases that can be fatal for your pet.

Automatic Pet Feeder: An Innovative Product for Ideal Cat Health Care


Automatic Pet Feeder is an innovative product that can assist you in feeding your cat when you are not at home. You will have the convenience of knowing that your furry friend gets proper food on a daily basis while you are away at work. It will make your life lot simpler if you have a busy lifestyle. It will help you in feeding your cat when you don’t have the luxury of staying at home all the time. The device comes with a programmable clock, feeding bowl and food bin. You will have to program the number of meals and food proportion.

The machine will automatically dispense food for your pet at desired timetable throughout the day. It operated on 3D batteries that can last to one year with regular usage. Overall usage is very easy and it is very user-friendly. You can connect the feeder to your home WiFi connection and control your cat feeding on any smartphone. Undoubtedly, automatic pet feeder is a great product that can control obesity and provide significant health benefits for your cat.

Some Useful Tips for Cat Care to Keep in Mind

  • You should buy the cat breed that is best suited to your home environment and lifestyle. It is important to be cautious in this aspect if you have children or dogs at home.

  • Introduce your cat cautiously to the new environment at your house. Give your pet sufficient time to adapt to the new surroundings. Don’t push them into adjustment.

  • Diet is an important aspect, and you should give the proper food to your pet. Correct food at the right time is important to ensure adequate nutrition intake.

  • Always consult a vet before giving any particular food type to your pet. Some cats are allergic to certain food products that may cause severe harm.

  • All family members including small children should have proper knowledge on how to take care of a cat. Don’t let your pet starve or overfeed your cat.

When you are buying a cat for yourself, she/he will be a part of your family for several years. Cats are independent pets but they need proper care to become good feline citizens at your home. How to take care of a cat is a serious issue that every pet owner must be interested. Make sure that your pet gets proper food and other needs are adequately take care. Grooming is also an apparent necessity. Besides, you must keep yourself updated with cat health and behaviour problems. In this way, your cat will feel loved and appreciate her place in your family.