Hiring a Professional Cat Sitter That Provides Quality Care 

Do i need a professional cat sitter? Every cat owner knows the anxiety that takes place when planning a trip. While we’ve all heard about the people who take their cats everywhere with them, most cat owners aren’t able to do that. Finding a solution for the pet is usually a top priority.

When thinking about the perfect person for taking care of their cat, people usually think of neighbors or friends. Sure, you can drop off the kitty at your friend’s house or ask that nice lady from the neighborhood to check on him daily. But does your friend know how to handle an emergency?

Plus, your cat will be stressed enough because of the fact you’re not around. He won’t need additional stress that comes with the change of environment. Or if you go with the neighbor, does the nice lady know how to give your cat the proper medicine, if needed? Trusting your home and all of your possessions to a neighbor is another issue.

Many people don’t feel comfortable imposing on their neighbors by making them responsible for their cat. Taking care of another person’s pet is a great responsibility, and no one can do it better than a trained and licensed cat sitter.

They know how to resolve any situation regarding your furry friend, and they are professionally trained to handle any emergency. Hiring someone with vast experience will give you peace of mind knowing your pet is well taken care of back home.

How to Find the Perfect Cat Sitter: Pet Care Tips To Leave Your Kitty In Good Hands

Knowledgeable cat sitting service for pet care

When searching for the perfect cat sitter, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The sitter has to be licensed and preferably highly experienced. A sitter who has handled a fair share of cats during their career will know how to behave in critical situations.  A good reputation is a must, and so are good cat-skills.

Ask around for recommendations

The best place to start is to ask your colleagues, and acquaintances for recommendations. It’s very likely for someone who owns a cat to know about a good sitter. In fact, many pet sitters rely solely on their reputation and the word-of-mouth marketing strategy to get new clients.

Another place to find useful recommendations is your veterinarian’s office. Ask the doctor or staff members if they know about reputable cat sitters. In many office lobbies, you will find pet sitter business cards. You can also ask Google or Yelp for recommendations, or check with local organizations such as Pet Sitters International (PSI).

Choose your sitter carefully

The most important thing about finding the right sitter is understanding that both you and your cat must be comfortable with this person. The sitter is going to be staying at your home, and you will trust them with everything in that house. Make sure you talk to previous clients and hear all about their experience with the sitter.

One cat owner won’t lie to another, so talking to someone who’d trusted their pet with a particular sitter is the best thing you could do. After you find several reliable sitters recommended by people you know, have the candidates visit your home, and interact with your pet. This way, you will see if your cat likes them, and it will also allow you to ask some crucial questions.

Review a few cat sitter profiles

As cat parents, we are responsible for ensuring our feline friends receive the best care possible when we are away. By reviewing cat sitting profiles, we can gain insight into their experience, qualifications, and previous client reviews.

This allows us to make an informed decision and choose a cat sitter who will provide the love, attention, and care that our cats deserve. Request photos and reviews of previous jobs for you to evaluate.

Interview a pet sitting service

A cat sitting service can be a good fit for cat owners who are going on vacation or need someone to care for their cats while they are away. It provides a convenient and reliable solution for ensuring that cats receive proper care and attention in the comfort of their own home.

Many cats prefer to stay in their familiar environment and may become stressed or anxious when taken out of it. A cat sitting service allows cats to maintain their routine and reduces the risk of behavioral issues that can arise from being in an unfamiliar setting.

Ask the pet sitter if they offer additional services

Usually the cat sitters that offer additional services provide quality care and ensure that your pet’s needs are fully met. These extra services may include grooming, administering medication, or even taking your pet for regular exercise and playtime.

Some cats require special care due to health conditions or specific dietary needs. It’s important to discuss these requirements with the pet sitter beforehand to ensure they are capable of providing the necessary care.

Schedule feeding times and any dietary restrictions with the pet sitter to ensure that your cat’s nutritional needs are met. Providing a clear feeding schedule will help maintain your cat’s routine and prevent any digestive issues.

Request a cat sitters background check

Checking the background is crucial to know if a cat sitter is trustworthy and capable of taking care of cats. It helps ensure that the person has a clean record and no history of animal abuse or neglect. Additionally, it can provide insights into their experience with handling different cat breeds and any relevant certifications or training they may have received.

Family vs Professional Cat Sitting Services

Professional cat sitters that offer a good service

As cat lovers, we usually forget to consider the option of professional pet sitting services when we need to leave our kitties behind. While relying on family members may seem convenient and cost-effective, there are certain advantages that pet sitters can offer.

Pet sitters are experienced in handling various situations and can provide specialized care based on your cat’s specific needs. Additionally, they often have a network of backup sitters in case of emergencies, ensuring that your cat will always be taken care of, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Your husband may be able to feed the cat, but pet sitters can offer extra services such as daily exercise, administering medication, and providing companionship. This can greatly benefit your cat’s overall well-being and ensure that they receive the attention and care they need while you are away.

You can get an automatic pet feeder to schedule your cat’s feeding times so you don’t miss any meals, but a pet sitter can provide personalized care and attention that an automatic feeder cannot. They can monitor your cat’s eating habits, ensure they are eating enough, and address any concerns or changes in appetite.

Dog sitting vs Cat sitting

A cat sitting service that is insured and covered

Cat sitting varies in terms of the level of care required compared to dog sitting. While dogs often need more attention, exercise, and social interaction, cats are generally more independent and self-sufficient. However, cat sitting may involve tasks such as cleaning litter boxes, providing fresh water and food, and ensuring they have a stimulating environment to prevent boredom.

Dogs require more attention than cats because they are generally more social animals and thrive on human interaction. They need to be walked regularly, played with, and given plenty of mental stimulation. Additionally, dogs may require more frequent bathroom breaks and may have specific dietary needs that need to be met.

What Is Cat Boarding?

When their owners are unable to care for them, cats can stay overnight or for an extended period of time at pet care facilities as a service. During their stay, cats are provided with a comfortable and safe environment, regular meals, and attention from trained staff members. This allows owners to have peace of mind knowing that their cats are well taken care of while they are away.

You want a cat-sitting service that provides you with daily updates on your cat’s well-being and activities. It is important to choose a cat boarding facility that offers personalized care and understands the unique needs of your cat. With regular updates, you can stay connected with your kitty and ensure they are happy and content during their stay away from home.

Are Pet sitters Capable of Administering Medications?

Cat lovers may be capable of administering medications to your pets as long as they have received proper training and are comfortable with the specific medication administration. It is important to communicate your pet’s medical needs and requirements to the pet sitter beforehand, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle medications safely.

They can take wonderful care of your pets while you are away, providing them with the necessary medications at the appropriate times. However, it is always recommended to consult with a veterinarian before entrusting a pet sitter with medication administration to ensure the well-being and safety of your kitty.

Questions to Ask the Cat Sitting Service

Before making a decision, make sure to ask the following:

  • If the sitter is licensed and if they use any insurance that bonds them to protect your pet and home from accidents.
  • What their services include – for example, is giving medication to the cat included in their rate, or would you need to pay extra.
  • If they only offer daily visits or if they’re available to commit to the pet full-time. Some sitters have specific hours when they visit the cats, and some of them provide 24/7 care.
  • Ask if the sitter will be the only person that comes into your house and gets in touch with your cat.

Trusting your pet and your home to a stranger is no fun and games. The cat sitter you choose can make your life more comfortable, or they can create a disaster. It all depends on how carefully you pick them. Never rely solely on reviews you see on cat sitting websites.

Always ask for personal recommendations, preferably from someone you know. Don’t hesitate to ask around, and once you’ve found several candidates, don’t hesitate to ask all the critical questions. Your cat will be thankful.

Last Updated on 19/02/2024 by Karen Snow