Best Way to Bathe a Cat: Learn How to Bathe Your Cat Smoothly

Cats wash themselves several times during a day but there could come a time when this feline needs a real bath. Feline have a long-standing hatred of water and as an owner, you are starting to know this. If your pet goes outside, you may have to give him a scrub from time to time.

There are a few circumstances when you need to give a bath to your cat. The instances can be to treat fleas, clean up the dirt, remove potential substance etc. It is important that you use some tips regarding the best way to bathe a cat.

It will make this process smooth and fruitful. As general rule, do not bathe your cat unless there is a particular reason. Over bathing can strip your pet’s fur of its natural oil and make the skin dry. The fur coat will become brittle and dull.

Bathing Your Cat like an Expert: Follow the Basic Procedure

Most cats don’t relish the idea of bathing because they are afraid of water. If you really want to clean your cat with water, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Use a cat-friendly shampoo and nothing else. Soaps and shampoos designed for humans or detergents have active chemicals. It will damage the fur of your pet and make your cat sick.
  • Use a kitchen sink for bathing your cat and put bath mat or towel in it. This will prevent your cat from slipping. The kitchen sink is a small space and will help you to hold the pet firmly without escaping.
  • Don’t use a bathtub because it is slippery and your cat will not be able to stand properly. Besides, there is plenty of free space from where your cat can escape. You will not be able to hold your pet firmly.
  • The sink should be filled with lukewarm water up to seven cm. Use the water to dampen the fur lightly. Take a small amount of shampoo and rub it gently into the fur and later it well. Don’t let the shampoo get into the ears, nose or eyes.
  • Take a small cup of warm water to rinse the fur thoroughly so that no shampoo is there on the body. Finally, take out your pet from sink and take a fluffy and thick towel to wrap him.
  • Keep him indoor and allow him to dry otherwise the coat will remain wet. If your cat behaves well during bath, then offer him some reward in form of goodies.
  • If your cat is longhaired, use a comb or another towel to get her dry. Don’t stop under she is completely damp.

If this is the first time you are going to bathe your cat, then don’t do it alone. The best way to bathe a cat would be to ask a friend or relative to help you. One person will hold your pet securely, and the other one can wash and rinse him properly.

People having small kitten don’t need a helper to bathe them until they are full in size. Before baths just make sure, the water is warm and make proper use of cat shampoo. The bathing time should not be more than five minutes otherwise your pet will start protesting.

Don’t forget to give her a treat because she will understand that good thing follow a bath. Make bathing a habit right from a very young age because it will be less stressful for you and your pet.

Seven Survival Tips to Bathe a Cat

Best Way to Bathe a Cat: Learn How to Bathe Your Pet Smoothly

To minimize the harm and hassles during bath, follow these tips to make bath time a success:

  • Claws are deadly weapons, and you will damage your arms badly during the bath. Trim the nails slowly and quickly. Some cats enjoy nail clipping while others consider it as an act of war.
  • Plan the bath time accordingly and it should not follow playtime. It is because your cat gets tired after playing and needs to relax before having a bath.
  • Start with gentle brushing if you don’t want hairs all over your kitchen sink. Remove all the loose fur from the body before the bath.
  • Wet surfaces will make your pet and she will not like it. Put a mat under the sink so that she has something steady to stand on.
  • Don’t bathe your cat in a careless manner and avoid touching the sensitive areas during bathing. Make sure that water does not get into the eyes, mouth and ears.
  • Use the correct products to bathe your pet. Use shampoos and soaps that are specifically available for cats. Follow the instruction for the shampoo on your pet correctly.
  • Rinse your pet thoroughly to make sure that no shampoo remains on the coat. Left over shampoo attracts dirt and make the bath a complete failure

The most important thing you should know before giving your cat a bath is not to get intimidated. It might appear difficult during the first time. After 3, 4 and 5 baths, the process will become easy and both you and pet will start feeling better.

If still your cat hates water, then you can use some disposable wipes, wet cloth or water sprays to bathe her. Make sure that the water does not get into her eyes because cats really hate this thing. These are some of the best ways to bathe a cat smoothly and successfully. You might not enjoy the idea but you will get used to it gradually.

Last Updated on 18/11/2023 by Karen Snow