How to Choose An Anti Bark Collar For Your Dog?

It is one of the most googled questions from the owner’s end. But what mysteries have hidden to that? Well, it is none other than the callowness about it.

Once you know the defining parameters of choosing an anti-bark collar, the job will be easy for you. But what are the parameters you should pay heed to choose an anti-bark collar for your buddy? Let’s have a look.

The thing you should consider to choose an anti-bark collar

Size and breed

Barking is natural for a dog, so do the excessive barking. Hence, your dog won’t like what you are going to put in his neck as you won’t appreciate someone makes you stop to speak up.

So, the mission is making your dog less uncomfortable with the collar. Size is the first considerable parameter to ensure comfort.

How do you know if it fits or not? Consider the rule of thumb- at least one finger loose from your dog’s neck. And what about the different breeds?

There are also unique anti-bark collars available for different breeds, such as if your dog’s breed is very small then you can opt for mini anti-bark collars. This mini collar has a special feature that can wrap up your dog’s neck and work efficiently in resisting the dog from unnecessary barking.


Since you are a proud dog owner, you know how sensitive they are!

Sometimes dogs react in silly things. So how would he react with the vibration or electric shock (though it is tiny) right in the neck? You have to treat him considering his behavior.

If your dog gets afraid easily, select a collar which has a feature of vibration and sound. The sensitive type of dogs would not be able to take the torments of electric shocks usually.

The strong breeds such as Ridgebacks or Bull Terriers can take shock treatment around the neck as they have a significant level of pain tolerance.


The material of your dog collar plays an essential role as it will always be attached to your dog’s throat.

The inner part material of the collar should be smooth and delicate to ensure possibly maximum comfort.

If the belt is not comfortable, your dog can get irritated and also may feel suffocated.


You will find several types of no-bark collar in the market. You can also customize the anti-bark collar’s design, such as bow-tie.

We would personally suggest you opt for reflective collars and collars which have the option to tag basic information as this would help to find your dog even after sunset.

Types of anti-bark collar 

Ultrasonic collars

The sound makes the dog stop making excessive sounds. Funny, Right?

When your dog starts making a nuisance, it sends an unpleasant ultrasound, which will stop your dog from further barking. This kind of collar is effective and quick.

Before buying ultrasonic collars, make sure it sounds clear, and the collar size is also adjustable.

Spray collars 

These collars release one kind of liquid sprays, such as lemon or citronella. The smell of this spray will be unpleasant to the dog, and it will prevent it from barking.

At the time of buying a spray collar, test it out a little bit at the store on your dog to see its reactions whether it’s allergic to it or not. Also, get an adjustable collar as spray collars work better when it’s perfectly fit.

Static shock collar 

These are a little harsh but the most effective collar out there. It will stop your dog from barking instantly by passing an electric shock to your dog’s neck.

The collar also has the option of different levels of correction. While selecting a shock collar, check the beep function and waterproof feature of it.


Choosing an anti-bark collar is not a difficult task at all. Once you are acknowledged with all the facts which we have mentioned here, it will be an easier task for you to choose the right anti-bark collar for your dog.

Remember, if you fail to choose the perfect one for your dog, both your time and money will go in vain.