Petnet Smartfeeder Review [Feed Your Cat Automatically With iPhone]

Petnet SmartFeeder is an automatic feeding device that dispenses food automatically for your cat. With this you can manage feeding time, food supply, portion size, and your cat’s food is delivered directly to your doorsteps. It is a smart tool that helps you find the most compatible food for your pet animal.

Also, you get complete peace of mind as this automatic device takes proper care of your cat. Your cat will have proper nourishment throughout the day. You can download the app on your iPhone directly and control your cat’s feeding from your smartphone.

Pros of Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet SmartFeeder

Your cat could not talk else s/he would have a laundry list of requests. Since your pet is not evolved to carry out a conversation, it will rely on you to make all the decisions. One of the important choices is food and don’t let him/her beg. If you want to feed your cat properly in your absence, then Petnet SmartFeeder can be a great device. Given below are some of the notable pros of this automatic cat feeding device:

  • Personalized Care: You need to enter details like weight, age, activity level, and food type. All your cat’s feedings will be 100% personalized.
  • Healthy Portions: This smart feeder will eliminate all the risks of overfeeding your cat. It will dispense the exact amount of food and offers great feeding choices for your pet.
  • Stay Connected: With this best automatic cat feeder, you can stay connected with your home. Frequent status notifications from the device will always keep you in the loop.
  • Feeding Freedom: You will have the freedom to feed your pet animal no matter where you are. Its sensor technology will give you flexibility to dispense food in your absence.
  • Food Supply: The device monitors the food supply for your cat. It will notify you when you are running low on supplies. Food will be available at your doorsteps as soon as your cat food gets over.
  • Prevents Overfeeding: It can control pet obesity by dispensing the correct portion of food. You will have a healthy cat devoid of any overweight issues.
  • Food Recommendation: This automatic dry cat food dispenser analyses ingredients and nutrition info from its database. It has over 3000 different food products to choose from.

Features and Specifications of Petnet SmartFeeder

It is an excellent automatic dry food dispensing device for your cat. You can program and control your pet’s feeding through your iPhone device quickly. Some of the features of this tool are as follows:

  • Comes with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Available in black colour with two years limited warranty
  • Supports 2.4 Ghz of wireless communication
  • Programmed individually for big breakfast and small dinner
  • Requires iOS running with 7.1 or above in iPhone
  • Can store up to 7 lbs of food
  • The feeder is cat proof with two latches in the lid
  • Track feeding history of your cat
  • Bowl depth is 2 inches and weighs 7 lbs
  • Security camera with 24/7 live-streaming
  • Night vision and personalized alerts on iPhone
  • Feeder distributes measurements as small as 1/16 of a cup
  • Manage feeding time, proper ingredients and portion sizes
  • Schedule feeding your cat remotely using your iPhone
  • Dispenses dry food and work best with round kibble
  • Product dimension is 11.9 x 11 x 24.6 inches; 11.2 pounds

Cons of Petnet SmartFeeder

Undoubtedly it is a great device to feed your cat in your absence. However, there are some restrictions on using this dry food cat dispensing device like:

  • App can support a single pet at a time
  • Compatible with iPhone devices only
  • Can’t be programmed without internet
  • Bowl is not big enough to feed two cats at a time
  • Can’t be managed through PC but through iOS apps

Tips on Using Petnet SmartFeeder to Feed Your Cat

Petnet SmartFeeder

This automatic device connects with your iPhone device through an app. All you need is to configure this smart feeder to the Wi-Fi connection at home, and you are ready to go. Given below is a start up guide to learn how this automatic dispenser works:

  • This product uses sensors to detect whether your pet is consuming the right food proportion. It has learning software that creates charts based on your cat’s eating activities.
  • It searches the database for the healthiest cat food and based on the eating characteristics of your pet animal. It makes a feeding schedule and dispenses food automatically.
  • You need to set up the feeding schedule once and the device will start recurring automatically day after another.

Petnet SmartFeeder has brought a revolution regarding cat food and has taken the pet industry by storm. It can be programmed quickly, and you will be able to control feeds in real time. At the same time, you will have the best option to choose from a wide range of different cat food ideal for your pet.

The app acts as an adviser for the proper feeding and well-being of your cat. Food will be delivered directly to your doorsteps when you are running low on supplies.

If you want to feed a cat, and you are always busy using your iPhone, this is the best cat feeder available in the market. You can see more about products of automatic cat feeders here.