Low Salt Dog Food: What You Need to Know

When I got my dog, I swore that I would take care of him to the best of my abilities. It wasn’t just about feeding and loving him every day, but to also take account of WHAT he eats. Did you know that the food you give him will end up either keeping him healthy or sick? That’s why I make sure to search for low salt dog food, which helps ensure a healthy and long life for my furry friend!

But what exactly is low salt dog food and what good does it do for your dog? I talk about this type of dog food and what it can do!

What is Low Salt Dog Food??

Your dog’s food is one of the most important things you’ll need to consider. Just like humans, dogs have a wide variety of dog food that vary in flavor and specialized diets. Some dogs may require food high in protein or those who are on a low sodium diet to help maintain their health.

What is Dog Food Low In Sodium?Low salt dog food contains lesser sodium than your typical type of dog food. Usually, the ideal dog food low in sodium is about 100mg for every 100kcal. But the sodium content for every serving of dog food would vary from the brand and flavor you get.

But take note, low salt doesn’t mean NO salt at all. Dog food low in sodium still contains a necessary amount of salt to maintain your dog’s fluid balance and muscle cell function.

This type of dog food is a necessity for dogs who suffer from conditions that require a diet low in salt or sodium. Namely, it’s for dogs who suffer from heart conditions caused by your dog’s diet or genetics.

Of course, you will need to consult your pet’s veterinarian to see if your dog needs a low sodium diet, as dogs who consume too little salt may end up suffering from other health conditions as well.

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Food Low in Salt

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Food Low in Salt

Feeding your dog food low in sodium has a lot of advantages, just like us humans who try lessening our sodium intake!! To be more specific, food low in sodium will help do the following for your dog’s overall health:

  • Low salt dog food will also help maintain your dog’s blood pressure. It keeps your dog’s nerve and cell function working well, too.
  • Maintain blood sugar levels by helping the pancreas function properly. The pancreas produces insulin to keep your blood sugar levels at bay.
  • Through a healthy pancreas, insulin is well-distributed in the bloodstream. The good function helps support blood circulation and heart health.
  • Low sodium dog food can also help with your dog’s digestion. It allows the food to break down efficiently for your dog to excrete any bacteria out quickly.
  • Improve your dog’s mood and energy. The maintained blood sugar levels would prevent your dog from sugar crashes!
  • Older dogs will also benefit from the low sodium, as it reduces the risk of them suffering from liver or heart diseases.

Where to Purchase Low Salt Dog Food

What’s the best low salt dog food for your pet? There are a lot of brands you can choose from, making it quite an ordeal!! Here are some tips and factors to consider when purchasing a bag of dog food for your pet:

Veterinarian’s Advice

What does your dog’s vet say? Your dog should have a regular checkup to ensure that he is in good health. The vet will also advise you on the exact sodium content your dog needs.


You can choose between different meats and flavors for your dog. There are organic or vegetarian choices as well. Consider what your dog likes to encourage healthy eating habits.

Sodium Content

Take note that dogs without any heart conditions should take in about 0.35-0.50% of sodium. Dogs at risk of heart failure should consume no more than 0.35%. If your dog is already old or in the advanced stages of heart failure, then the food should contain only 0.10% of sodium or less.

You can purchase dog food low in sodium from your local pet store or reputable online shops.

Tips on Feeding Your Dog a Low-Salt Diet

Now that you know what low sodium dog food can do for your furry friend and how you can purchase the best one, how do you feed your dog?

Yes, it may seem easy to pour a serving and leave it at that. But there are some things to consider as well! Here are some tips to follow when feeding your dog low salt dog food:

  • If your dog doesn’t like the taste of his new dog food (since low sodium equals to lesser flavors!), then you can add pet-friendly food. I recommend you to add a bit of low-sodium broth or gravy for added flavor.

  • If your dog just began a low sodium diet, consider taking it slow. Mix the low salt dog food with his regular meals. Increase the quantity of low sodium food while decreasing the latter. Do this every few days until he is used to the new food.

  • Your dog may be aging, and he finds it difficult to eat. Opt for wet dog food, or add a bit of water to his dry food for him to chew better.

In Conclusion

I hope that this article about low salt dog food helped you become more knowledgeable about what you need to give our dog. So what are you waiting for? Purchase high-quality dog food and give your furry friend the best starting today.

If you enjoyed the article or have any questions about this type of dog food, then comment down below! All comments are greatly appreciated.

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