Are training collars effective? Here are the pros and cons

The training collars are modern and latest methods to train your dog-be it domestic or hunting-and have taken over from the old ways. The Electronic Dog Training Collars are becoming famous gradually among the pet owners and have made their strong place in the market, but they have also started a debate about their efficiency.

As these collars are totally different from the old techniques and have an opposite approach for the dog training, hence, people are arguing over the pros and cons of these collars. Some believe that the collars are more useful due to the liberty, hassle-free options, and modern technology but other group thinks that the involvement of electronics, vibrations, and stimulations can harm the dog. The debate is currently stronger than ever before because of the influx of information online to both sides.

To discuss the pros and cons of the Electronic Dog Training Collars, the following are some points regarding the debate.

1.    Pros of the Dog Training Collars

The electronic dog training collars have brought the training regime into a totally new era because these collars come with multiple features as per modern demands and needs of the owners. These collars with constant stimulations, Lock and Set options, Wide Pulse Static, LCD monitor, Waterproof equipment, chargeable batteries, up to 3-4 miles sight range and many other features make these collars user-friendly, safe, reliable and cost-friendly.

They are inconvenience free because they give your dog a free hand to run and play during the training as you do not have to stick with him. Further, these collars are straightforward to use and can be used even by your children and through electronic stimulation, you and your children do not have to wrestle with the dog for control.

These collars, especially at E-Collar Technologies, are prepared to keep in medical standards and methods keeping your dog safe and sound. These pros have made these dog training collars famous and popular among the users.

Cons of Dog Training Collars:

The cons or disadvantages of these electronic Dog Training Collars are mainly focused on their use of electric waves, i.e. stimulations, vibrations and ‘shock waves’. The people against these collars have argued that these vibrations can affect the mental and physical health of the dog as they are constant; hence can affect the dog both internally and externally.

These objections, however, are easily resolvable and Educator Collars by E-Collar Technologies have been prepared to remove these doubts. These Educator Collars are shock free and work on constant ‘Wide Pulse’ stimulations adjustable according to the behavior of your dog.

Furthermore, the people have objected that these collars will burn the neck of the dog which is also resolved by Educator Collars as they are made with high-quality material keeping in mind the neck condition of the dog. Another said con of these collars is that they made the fearful of the owners, but through pulse stimulations, this con has also been removed by E-Collar Technologies.

Last Updated on 11/05/2019 by Karen Snow