Essential Dog Medications and Supplies that Every Pet Owner Should Know

Dogs quickly become part of the family, the minute they are brought home as pets. Their loyalty and high-energy makes a great addition to the family, not just for adults, but also for kids. However, what happens when your dog falls sick? Like any other creatures, dogs too can fall ill due to different reasons.

When this happens, the hyper-activity you are used to, together with the high appetite can be gone in a whisker. Luckily, there are medications available in the market to help stabilize the health of your dog.blank

Medical paperwork

Before you can determine any medication for your dog, you need to have the relevant paperwork that informs of your dog’s overall health condition. The best place to begin is to have your dog checked by a vet. The medical history of your dog matters, especially in the event of an emergency health situation. Some of the information in the paperwork should involve the name your dog responds to, a phone number, home address, allergen triggers, and hereditary diseases, to mention a few.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Your home first aid kit should always have Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is great for cleaning up wounds and cuts on your dog. Further, you can use it to induce vomiting, in the event your dog ingests some toxic food.

No-Chew Bandage

It is not enough to clean up a wound when your dog is hurt. You will need a bandage to cover up the wound before you can seek further medical help. In this case, you will need a no-chew bandage. Usually, dogs will chew off any bandage on them. However, there are bandages made to prevent this. The no-chew bandages have a bitter taste so that dogs are not tempted to chew on them.

Omega 3 supplements

Most people do not appreciate that there are several benefits of fish oil for dogs. For one, fish oils help boost heart and joint health. Further, Omega 3 supplements are fantastic for growing lustrous and healthy hair, while reducing shedding of the coat.

A blanket

A blanket is one of the essential supplies your dog should always have. When your dog is hurt, in shock or injured, wrapping them in a blanket can help them ease up and calm down. It is especially true if you pick a soft, ultra-absorbent blanket. It is also the best way to provide cushioning for your dog when you need to check out what is hurting him from beneath.

A gauze

Your first aid kit should always have a gauze. A gauze is very useful when it comes to controlling bleeding when your dog has been hurt. You can even use it to brace and support a possible fracture temporarily before you get professional help.

Antibiotic Ointment

There is no better way to prevent infection on a wound than using an antibiotic. Once you realize your dog has been hurt, an antibiotic ointment prevents further infection on the wound. Besides, this supply is a great resource for relieving pain on the injury temporarily.

Magnifying Pet Tweezers

A dog is very susceptible to splinters on his paws because he does not wear shoes. Every time your dog is put and about, he might just come home with a splinter, putting him in a lot of discomforts. For this, having magnifying pet tweezers in your home can save you a lot of hassle. You can quickly get the thorns, or burrs out of him in seconds. This goes for getting rid of a tick or flea on his coat.


For the health of your dog, feeding and exercising him is not enough. Consider the above medications and supplies as part of the healthcare for your pet. However, even while most of the medication in this list is helpful, be careful to consult your vet before you procure any treatment for your dog. Ensure you learn how to use all the medication and supplies beforehand, instead of doing so when there is an emergency.