How to Get a Cat to Like You-Help Your Cat like You

Cats are very popular animals and can be a great companion for human beings. However, they are mercurial creatures showing love one moment and scratching you in the next. Building positive relationship and understanding her behavior is how to get a cat to like you.

It is important to be affectionate with your pet to deepen the friendship bond. Getting your cat to know takes a lot of patience and time. But there is no need to worry because the more you love your pet, the more she will adore you.

You need constant interaction to strengthen the relationship with your pet. At the same time, you will need to create a safe and healthy environment where she can grow properly.

Five Steps that can Help Your Cat like You


  1. Prepare your pet’s spaces: This animal prefers alone time sleeping and playing. You can prepare a clean and comfortable space where she can relax. She demands a cozy bed with some warm blankets or towels on it. She should have plenty of space where playing can be fun. Prepare another space for her food dishes which will encourage eating in one place.

  2. Proper and regular feeding: You need to give proper food to your pet because your cat’s health relies on it. Consider feeding her at the same time everyday in order to develop a routine. You can feed her canned or dry food and have a bowl of fresh water available for her. Don’t feed her table scraps because it might upset her stomach.

  3. Reward with treats: If your pet hesitates to come near you, place some treat in your palms and let her eat. It will make her trust you and she will start enjoying your company. Never feed her many treats because it can lead to unhealthy weight gain. You can prefer feeding her canned food instead.

  4. Clean litter box regularly: This animal is extremely sensitive to cleanliness. You can keep her happy and healthy by cleaning the litter box daily. Unclean box may frighten your pet sometimes. If you don’t have sufficient time to clean the box regularly, you may opt for the electronic ones. They are nice tools that automatically clear the litter and give you the peace of mind.

  5. Promoting health: If your cat is healthy, she will be happy and vice versa. Always watch for any signs of sickness and visit your vet at least twice a year. This animal requires regular vaccination against deadly diseases like rabies and distemper. In the event of your pet not eating properly, check for any dental issues. If she is eating from only one side, check her canines properly.

Develop Positive Interactions With Your Pet

It is one of the most important ways how to get a cat like you. Cats don’t like alone time and make sure that she is not alone for more than 4 hours. Otherwise, she will become fearful and develop a feeling of loneliness. You need to understand her body language so that she will get comfortable with you.

Some examples of her affectionate body language includes soft purring, licking, kneading with paws etc. Provide plenty of toys so that the pet is physically and mentally stimulated at home. Rotate the toys on regular basis in order to overcome boredom. You will have to schedule regular playtime with your cat.

This animal is very active during dawn and dusk. So you need to schedule play sessions accordingly. The playtime should be of same duration every day. This will be something your pet will be looking forward to each day. This will also help maintain the positive bonding between the both of you.

Once your pet is comfortable in your presence, build a positive relationship with her. Cat associates with food and it is a very strong motivator. Feed her 3-5 short meals throughout the day. Stay in the room when she eats because it will strengthen the association.

Your pet should be properly neutered and sprayed. It will limit the population and is important if your cat is spending time outdoors. Contact a veterinary clinic to set up an appointment and get her neutered. Cats like humans talking to them in a non-threatening and calm tone.

Your behavior with cat should be gentle and kind. You should never yell or indulge in physical punishment as one of the methods to discipline you cat. It will never work and your pet will start avoiding you.

9 Signs that Cats Actually Loves You

Do you wonder whether you cat likes your or not? Cats express love through a number of ways. Some are obvious while some have hidden meaning beneath them. Here are some signs that can help you understand that your pet actually loves you:

  • If your pet brings you her kill, it is a sort of present for you
  • Rolling over the back and flashing their fuzzy belly
  • Receiving a head butt from your cat
  • Love bites and playful nibbles
  • Lingering and following you everywhere
  • Kneading the master like a pizza dough
  • Twitching the tips of their tail
  • Purring sound when she is happy
  • Eye contact with a kitty kiss

Knowing what your pet does not like will help you understand how to get a cat to like you. Don’t pat your pet on her belly because she does not like it. Follow your cat’s lead and don’t force interactions with her especially when she is timid.

Cat love might seem tricky at first but it is important to make her understand that you love her. So instead of waiting any further, go show your pet how much you adore her. Bask in the love you get in return and this will help promote healthy relationship between both of you.