[Infographic] Daily Schedule on How to Take Care Of Your Dog

When most of us get a new dog, especially a puppy, all we want to do is hang out and cuddle throughout. This is quite unfortunate as the dog needs proper scheduling of routines to stay healthy and develop good behavioral patterns.

As your dog becomes well-mannered and healthy, you will be the envy of every dog owner in your neighborhood. To help you in achieving this, here is a comprehensive article that will outline for you how you should take care of your dog on a daily basis.

So, what daily schedule should you put in place?

This is the first question you ask yourself when you get a new dog. You start to ponder on various measures you would put in place to make your dog the happiest around. You are also aware that having them trot around by themselves can be boring too.

Here is a daily schedule on how to take care of your dog that you can implement to ensure your pup grows into a healthy and well behaved canine friend.

Daily Schedule on How to Take Care Of Your Dog

7-9 am

The first thing you should do is cleaning the dog’s cage if he has one, then you can prepare the food. Ensure that plenty of water is provided. When the dog has had enough to eat, take him for a walk as you spend time playing and talking together.

Dogs really love playing. This is beneficial for both mental and physical development. Toys provide very good stimulation for a fun time. As you go for walks, introduce yourself to other dog owners and let the dogs sniff and associate with one another. This prevents dog depression.

When feeding your dog, take care not to overfeed him. This causes health complications for your dog. You can seek advice from your vet on how much you should feed the dog. Plenty of water aids in the digestion of the treats you give your dog. The dog would otherwise experience constipation.

10-12 pm

At this time, the dog starts to bark signaling the need to relieve itself of excretes. You need to be ready to provide a helping hand so that he does not make a mess of the whole situation. Just like humans, whatever the dog eats must come out at some point. This is the time that the dog will need to poop and he will let you know about it by barking.

You should then provide an appropriate place/something to poop in. After the dog bends the back legs, raise the tail upwards for ease of defecation. Setting this time will make the dog know that it cannot just poop whenever and wherever.

After the dog has relieved himself, spare some time to play as they still feel quite energetic. If you are busy, then you can have a pet sitter play with the dog.

1-5 pm

This time finds the dog already too exhausted. They would normally be asleep recharging their energy reserves. You need to be prepared as when he wakes up; playtime will resume as usual.

After all the running around, the dog is bound to get tired. Provide ample sleeping time to rest the nerves. The amount of sleeping time will be different from various dog breeds and the amount of activity he took part in, but dogs can sleep around 14 hours per day, for large breeds may sleep up to 18 in a day.

5-11 pm

After resting, the dog feels full of life and ready to resume your plays and walks. Spare some time and take the dog for a walk as you teach him new tricks and commands. Keep the command phrases short and easy to grasp.

After you have had enough fun together, feed the dog once more. Plenty of water is a must. At this time, it is also important that you do not keep your special friend to yourself. Invite friends with dogs over and let the canines socialize with one another. You can also take this time to provide some family time. The dog can jump onto the couch and watch some TV.

Before bedtime

Before poppy goes to sleep, play one more time. Goodnight kisses aren’t such a bad idea either. Dogs will appreciate another time to get some much-needed sleep time. For energetic dogs, this time should be followed strictly.


Besides this schedule, you can as well provide some time to groom your dog. This should not be frequent but once in a while. Visits to the vet for regular checkups should also be included. When you combine all these, then you have the perfect daily schedule on how to take care of your dog.

This schedule should be able to make you and your dog the darling of your friends due to her impeccable health, obedience and unrivaled manners.