Why Does Your Dog Need Low Sodium Wet Dog Food?

Certain conditions will limit the type of food the dog takes. A classic example is a low sodium wet dog food. Dogs with heart diseases, ruptured chordae tendineae and others would require low sodium dog food.

It doesn’t have to take a condition to change the dog’s meal though. You could be just looking for something healthy for her. Here is everything you need to know about canned dog foods low in sodium. Are they healthy? Well, here is everything you need to know.

Benefits of low sodium wet dog food

First of all, your dog does not need to have a particular condition for you to feed her on any type of food. If you feel your furry friend deserves something special, then go ahead so long as it does not affect her health in any way.

Avoiding sodium in any dog food is harder than you might think. In most of the dog foods, it is added as a flavor. In others, it exists naturally from the ingredients used in the recipe. Excess sodium is what you should never feed to your dog.

Low to moderate amounts will be okay so long as the dog receives adequate exercises. Low sodium canned dog food is beneficial to your dog in a number of ways. One aspect entails the canned food part, and the other is the low sodium dog food part.

1. More proteins

Canned dog foods normally contain more proteins than their kibble counterpart. More proteins mean a healthier dog. Feeding your dog on low sodium canned food will, therefore, prevent high blood pressure cases while also making her as healthy as possible.

The protein content may not be noticeable, but when you do a dry matter analysis of dry and wet dog food, then the difference becomes clearer.

2. Lesser preservatives

The canning process of low sodium dog food brands makes for a very good preserving method. A dog on a special diet should not have to deal with artificial preservatives commonly used in certain food brands.

Low sodium canned dog food is also available in smaller quantities which your dog finishes faster. The dog, therefore, enjoys fresh meals as compared to dry dog foods which might be kept for up to months.

3. Proper fluid balance in the body

Sodium serves the purpose of maintaining the right amount of fluids in the body. The concentration of sodium around and in cells is what determines the rate of moisture transfer into these cells for proper functionality.

If the sodium concentration is higher outside the cells than inside, water then moves through osmosis out of the cells. Higher concentration of sodium in the cells then facilitates water movement into the cells.

Availing the right amount of sodium will, therefore, keep the dog hydrated. Too much salt contributes to the extraction of water out of the cells. The net effect is the dog constantly feeling the urge to drink water. Low sodium canned dog food will however not dehydrate the dog so much.

4. Less chances of heart diseases and high blood pressure

A meal of just enough sodium levels helps regulate the circulatory mechanisms of the body. If you feed your dog on excess sodium (which you should not), the excess salt builds up in the body since the kidney cannot eliminate the entire amount.

Sodium buildup around the heart causes less blood pumping efficiency. This inadequate blood circulation makes the heart to enlarge as blood accumulates inside. Kidney and any cardiac problems are not exactly what you want your dog to go through.

How to tell if your dog needs low sodium wet dog food

Now that you have known the importance of low sodium dog food, it is then important to know if your buffy needs one or not. Various dog breeds will need varying amounts of salts to maintain a healthy system.

The exact amount is not provided by the American Association of Feed and Control Officials (AAFCO), but it approximately stands at 0.3% for a healthy dog.

This amount could be lower or slightly higher depending on the sodium restriction level of your dog. If your furry friend shows any of these signs, then it is time to provide her with a low sodium canned dog food.

Drinks a lot of water frequently after meals

High concentration of sodium in the dog’s body dehydrates the body hence the need to replenish this lost water. It usually occurs after a meal high in sodium when the effects begin. If you notice that your dog is unusually cranking up the water uptake, then consider buying the best low sodium dog food to mitigate the effects.

Excessive urination

Urination is the method the body uses to rid itself of excess salts in the body. High water uptake is followed by urination as the water dilutes the salts, which are then eliminated by the kidneys.

Known and confirmed cases of high blood pressure in the dog’s genetic lineage

If in the unfortunate event that your dog lineage has a history of cardiac problems, then you need to take her for a checkup by your vet. If it is confirmed that she too could be susceptible, then you need to look for the appropriate low sodium dog food brands.

Dog’s age

Elderly dogs are more prone to heart disease and high blood pressure than younger ones. If your dog has been your friend for a very long time, then it is time you changed her diet to a low sodium wet dog food.

Choosing the best low sodium dog food

Apart from the low sodium content, the low sodium dog food brands should also meet certain standards to be considered worthwhile for your dog. These are;

  • High-quality protein should be the first ingredient
  • The packaging should clearly show the ingredients list and their nutritional values and facts
  • No fillers
  • It should be from a reputable manufacturer

All these are what make a particular dog food the best low sodium dog food.

Help your dog live a healthier life

Feeding your dog on a low sodium wet dog food is a great way of preventing or mitigating the effects of certain health complications in your lovely pooch. Feeding the dog on this particular food is not sufficient enough. You as a dog owner should take care of her in the best way possible, not only in times of crisis.

Last Updated on 08/12/2023 by Karen Snow