Furminator For Husky? Should You Use It

Furminator For Husky

Using a furminator for husky dog breed grooming is a contentious topic. There are those who feel that it should not be used since it cuts the guard coat hairs. However, there are those who have also used it for a considerable amount of time and their dogs are just fine.

Is a furminator safe for your dog? How should it be used without interfering with the dog’s defense against the cold? To find out keep it with us.

What exactly is a furminator for husky?

The name is a little creepy, but it does just that. A furminator is a grooming device for your husky. It helps to thin out your buddy’s hair by exterminating all the dead hair present on them. This device has gained popularity over the past within the Husky dog breeds.

These dogs have double coats and shed often all year round. Mini Huskies and Siberian Huskies and other furry dog breeds really need a furminator to reduce their shedding by close to 90%. Eliminating shedding completely in your husky is not possible, but you can control the magnitude of shedding by using a furminator, rather than combing it out.

How does it work?

A furminator for husky is a dog hair brush having a fine-tooth comb fused to an ergonomic handle. Unlike other dog brushes, a furminator is very effective at penetrating deeper into the recesses of the husky’s coat, loosening the huge chunks of dead hair.

The furminator is not motorized; it just acts like a really top-notch brush. It disentangles the clumped up hair on your husky.

Why you should be careful when furminating your husky

Grooming your husky buddy is no walk in the park. You should be well aware of the presence of a double coat. This includes a softer fine insulating undercoat that keeps him warm during winter. Then there is another weatherproof coat that consists of guard hairs which grow right through the undercoat.

Furminator For Husky

The undercoat should never at any time be allowed to become entangled in a mess. When it does, the insulating ability is lost, and the dog can get very cold. The outer coat is waterproof and keeps the husky’s body dry when in the snow and rain. This dog breed has its roots in such conditions, do you remember that?

Clipping or shaving the hair of snow dogs is not allowed. Shaving off the hair exposes the dog to UV rays and extreme heat from the sun as the air pockets are eliminated.

During the shedding season, the thick undercoat is slowly released, giving you the owner a real headache on how to deal with it. If not well handled, it sticks on soft surfaces like furniture.

When doing the furminating, be careful not to distort the balance between the undercoat and the outer coat. Be careful not to pull the dog’s fur as this causes an irritation.

Tips on using a furminator

  • The husky’s coat should be dry with no mats and tangles.
  • Brush from the head to tail, in long strokes.
  • Avoid brushing over cuts.
  • Never put too much pressure on the furminator. It has enough penetrative power of its own.
  • Remember to furminate the ears and tail too, though with caution
  • Do not forget the legs and tummy.

Any precautions?

Just as with any sharp tools, you have to be careful not to harm your dog. This tool can also be very abrasive on the skin. Use it only up to 2 times in a week. When at it, do not repeatedly pull it over the same patch of hair or skin. A single Passover stroke will just be fine.

Do not forget to brush your dog once in a while to prevent the formation of tangles and mats.

Go groom your pooch!

Are you thinking of getting a furminator for husky? Having second thoughts? Well go on and buy one. This grooming tool is pretty good at getting out the dead hairs on your husky that would otherwise find themselves on your furniture.

This husky dog care should be carefully done as his double coat is kind of hard to groom. Any mishap could leave him cold or exposed to UV rays. Care is mandatory.

Last Updated on 21/10/2019 by Karen Snow