Best Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Pet

Most of us who have pets would do anything for them. Pet’s are always giving us unconditional love without expecting anything in return. Most pets are like a member of the family, and we enjoy treating them like we would our children.

It’s nice to buy them a gift to show how important they are. If you keep reading below you will find the amazing personalized gift ideas for your pet.

We love pet companions, and while some may be a handful to take care of, there’s no comparing to how much joy they bring to our lives. Treats are just one way of making your pet feel special, but there are plenty more ideas to lavish on your animal.

Best Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Pet

If you’re a pet lover, here are a ton of unique gift ideas you can get your adorable family member.

Whether you fancy practical gifts or something luxurious to splurge on, there’s something for you. The bottom line is finding that special token that makes your pet feel loved. Enough said, let’s kick off the list.

Personalized Toy Storage Basket

Play is an important part of the exercise but an even better way of bonding with our pets. As much as we like to sneak in some quality playtime, sometimes we’re just not available or too tired.

Toys are a great alternative in this case. Your animal probably has a few already. With a toy storage basket, you can keep their play objects in one safe space.

Have it in their name for a tailored feel. That way, they can associate the basket as being one of their own. It doubles up also as a storage tool for clothing apparel and other accessories. So get organized with one today.

Custom Pet Mat

Is your pet shed in need of some styling? A custom mat is an answer. Whether it’s used for sleeping purposes or just as a chilling spot, it makes resting places serene and comfortable. And as you know, pets too deserve a cozy environment.

They come in 5 different colors- gray, purple, maroon, blue, and beige, and in a size range, small, large, and X- large. Made from polyester material, you can rest easy knowing your pet will be warm.

The blankets are customizable with calligraphy that can be imprinted in different styles. And when it’s time to clean, throw them into the machine for a quick wash.

Photo to Canvas Print

Who said only paintings could be hung up a wall! Art can be anything, including your pet(s). And it makes such a loveable sight to behold. With the help of new technology, you can now have your furry friend on canvas, lighting up the inside of your home. Think of it as a photo frame, only much more authentic.

The sizing ultimately depends on your preference and wall space. You can have it as large as 48by 32 inches or in smaller proportions. Be sure to use an image that fits onto the canvas frame without leaving blank edges. Finally, select one that best captures great memories.

Pet Steel Bowls

Mealtimes are happy times. But you can bring them closer home with a bowl made just for your pet friend. Great ideas to play around with are catchy patterns, colorful prints, and embedded names.

A personalized stainless steel bowl is a thoughtful gift. Most of them typically have ample space to pack a satisfying meal. Thanks to the anti-skid bottom, these ones in particular are safe and will not slide away when put to use.

Animals love it when they have a plate to call their own. And you can bet they will always cling to it when feeding. These stainless steel dog bowls are made with quality materials and they are not only incredibly durable but are easy to clean in your dishwasher.

Personalized Pet Blanket

You may not always be able to travel with your pet carrier everywhere, but a blanket is easily portable. It offers just the needed protection from unfriendly surfaces without sacrificing too much space. And it’s the perfect present for a birthday surprise.

When mat doesn’t suffice, a blanket gets the job done by offering superior comfort and coverage. Get one on Amazon in either Gray or Beige and have it designed with cute details. Some bone drawings, paw prints, even a nickname can be engraved on it. If you have a hefty animal back home, large sizing is available too.

Custom Pet Mug

Your mornings could be better off with coffee served on a custom pet mug. How cool is it to own a classic white cup with symbolic drawings of you and your buddy? We especially love this adorable image with a sea view backdrop on Amazon, going at a friendly price of only 16.99$. It’s durable and does not fade off even with multiple washes.

It is equally light, weighing roughly 10.88 ounces, so you should have an easy time using it. Better keep it away from your pet, though, if you intend to have it around for a long while.

Personalized Pet Bandana Handmade

When you love your pet, you want to dress it appealingly. A dog bandana gives you the chance to add that with an extra touch of detail. It’s as easy as wrapping it around your dog’s neck, and when you want to take it off, the buckle opens just as easily.

They make a special treat, especially if you fancy walk with your four-legged companion. Safety-wise, they are made from cotton, which is friendly to the skin and breathable at the same time. Have your pet name imprinted on it, and choose a color that rhymes with your dog’s personality.

Custom Pet Necklace

Pet owners who love to go the extra mile will certainly love this handmade necklace idea. Pet jewelry is becoming popular by the day and can be a great way to show pride in your animal friends. To add on, they are a resourceful security measure if your pet happens to get lost.

These round disc key chain necklace options on Amazon pack a ton of style and sass. Available in Gold Plates, Silver Plated, and Rose Gold Plated, they make a splendid gift for a memorable occasion. The best part is, for just under 20 dollars, you can own one!

Personalized Treat Jar

Mealtime is every animal’s favorite time of the day, so why not make it extra special for them with a personalized food bowl, water dish, and mat. Metal, ceramic or plastic tableware can be purchased with your pet’s name emblazoned across it in vinyl lettering or hand engraved.

You could have photos of your pet made into stickers that could be used to decorate their dishes or stick them onto your hamster or rat’s cage for a cool rodent abode. Another great gift for your furry friend is a personalized treat jar or food caddy.

They can be printed with your pet’s name or picture so that they know the treats are all for them and nobody else. Treats can be made personal. Some bespoke pet bakeries will make boxes of biscuits made especially for your pet.

Plus, the package will be labeled with your pet’s name, and the treats themselves made to look like your pet.

For a birthday or special celebration, ask a local baker to make you a cake in the shape of your loved one or get a photo of them printed onto icing or rice paper and use it as a cake topper. Ensure the cake is made from animal-friendly food though!

Personalized Hanging Hook

Dogs (or indeed some other animals) love going for a walk. Keep their leash and collar neat and tidy with a personalized hanging hook or a name plaque above the hanger.

Overall this is a fantastic gift for those who have more than one pooch or other animals who likes walks. Additionally, it is great for keeping their collars and leads separately.

Pet Collar and Fluff

Bring out your pet’s beauty with a shiny new collar and name tag. Collars and harnesses are available in various colors, patterns, and fabrics and can be embroidered or stamped with their name.

For a bit of bling, your pet’s name can be made from diamanté’s or metal cutouts. Identity tags are essential and can be bought in various shapes and colors to coordinate with the collar.

Look online for companies or crafters who can make identity tags with your pet’s face on them. Fashion-conscious pups, cats, and even ferrets or ponies might enjoy parading around in a personalized bandana.

Metal can be engraved using a photograph for reference, or a person proficient in pyrography can burn your pet’s image onto a piece of wood and fashion it into an identity tag for their collar.

Custom Glossy Coat

For pets such as dogs and horses, coats are available with personalization. Your favorite companion will love to keep cozy in a coat with their name on it.

On special occasions, you could buy your pet a special item of clothing such as a Christmas jumper with a pattern saying something such as “Fido – Santa’s Little Helper.”

Personalized towels are useful for mucky pups after a long walk, so you can dry them down and not confuse their towels with the household towels.

Playtime Toys and More

If your pet has lots of toys, you could buy them a toy box with their name on it, so they have a place to store all of their favorite things. This helps to keep the home clutter-free, and you will always know where to find your pet’s belongings.

Some pet toys, such as balls, can be personalized with your pet’s name. This type of item can be extremely useful if you have a dog and take it to busy parks where there are lots of dogs playing and chasing balls – it prevents any confusion over the ownership of the toy.

Personalized Pet Beds

Ensure your prized pet is super cozy and comfortable at nap time by giving them a bed with their name on it. Study how your animal sleeps.

If you have a dog, notice how it positions its body during sleep. Also, If they curl up around, a soft donut bed might be best, whereas if they like to stretch out, go for a long bed.

There are a wide variety of pet beds on the market – climbing towers with high beds for cats, straw nests for hamsters, mice, rats, and other rodents, and wooden, memory foam, wicker, plastic, and faux fur beds for dogs.

If you have caged birds as pets, consider buying them a blanket to put over their cage at night as a special gift. Has it monogrammed for an added touch of fun?

Pet Face Socks

Keep your feet warm with these cute unique pet socks designed for both men and women. They are the perfect stay–at–home socks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stroll around in them either.

If you’re multiple owners, get a pair for each. You can even have them matching in a color your pooch loves for a more synchronized look.

The socks are purely customizable. Send over an image, and let the designers’ team work their magic. The result is a lovely pair perforated with your pet’s face all through. For quality results, upload an image with high resolution.

Personalized Photo Sequin Pillow Cases

Ever thought of having your pet on your pillow cover? Well, here’s your chance to! It’s the perfect way to show off your cat, dog, or any other home companion with a personal touch.

These sequin pillowcases are not only glamorous in design but functional. Plus, throw them over your sofa and enjoy some alone time with your pet, even when they’re away.

The good news is, they are reversible, so you have multiple styles to display. If you wish, you can have as many different photos for every cushion for diversity. Your pet is gonna love seeing their face!

Extra Tip: Put Them In Print

Show your pet how much their cute face means to you by immortalizing them in print. Look for websites such as Animalist that will create bespoke pictures of your pet, which can be framed and hung on your wall.

A minimalist image will provide a fresh modern look to a home, especially when framed in sleek metal. Everyone will appreciate a watercolor or oil painting as a gift. You can achieve this by sending a photo of the pet to the artist, and you’ll see the magic they can conjure up!

Other websites such as Etsy offer computer-generated portraits of your pet in different costumes or against various fantasy backgrounds. Check out some of the local art galleries for a range of animal art and craft.


Pet gifts are a great reward, and personalizing them makes them so much more special. If you’re an animal lover and have been wondering what to get, the above ideas should get you off on a great start. Remember, it’s not about the price, but if you can, don’t shy away from a luxury gift either.

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