7 Easy Tips on How to Potty Train a German Shepherd

Learning how to potty train a German Shepherd should be the first task you undertake immediately you get a new puppy. If you neglect this training, it would be hard to manage your dog’s bad behavior in the future.

7 Easy Tips on How to Potty Train a German Shepherd

Coming home to a poopy floor and wet carpets are not what you want to settle for. You should take charge of your pup’s life and ensure she does not ruin your house with poop and pee.

How to potty train a German shepherd puppy !?

Not training your GSD puppy during her initial days is a mistake that a number of GSD owners make. There is this common belief that you will do it when the time is right. Such a time never reaches. It is more sensible to start the training on the very first day you bring your pup home.

So, here are some of the excellent tips on how to potty train a German Shepherd using the best laid out plans.

#1. Keep the timing right

GSD puppies normally have a very efficient digestive system. The first step in training your puppy is to take her out to poop at the destined place after her meals. Being able to predict her motive helps a great deal.

GSDs feel the urge to poop after approximately 10 or 30 minutes after having their meals. Do you feed her regularly? If yes, then give her about 30 minutes then take her out to do her stuff there and not the house.

#2. Mind your attitude

Just like in any dog training schedule, the attitude you portray to your dog during training is key. GSDs in their own intelligence would quickly read the manner in which you behave; your voice, body language and general appearance.

Her response to your commands is dependent on your attitude. Rushing her or shouting at her will make the training take longer and become harder. Shouting at your puppy will make her become more aggressive.

#3. Pee pads are a “No”

If the training is not going your dog’s way, you could be tempted to ditch the training altogether and use pee pads instead. Pee pads train your dog to do her business inside the house, which is what you want to eliminate in the first place.

When the dog gets older and can no longer use the pee pads or training mats, you then have to train her to pee and poop outside the house. Postponing the problem does not help you. You better solve it once and for all when the pup is still young.

If you still need to pad train your pup, do it after she has mastered the outside bit. The pad could be useful during the night or when you leave your dog in the house as you leave.

#4. Be consistent

When a dog owner is trying to figure out how to potty train a German shepherd, you have to put measures in place to take her to pee or poop in the same designated spot all of the time. This hastens the learning process. The puppy will also be aware of the place to relieve herself outside the house when need be.

The puppy will not be able to master the training if you take her to a new spot each and every time. She would not know where to go when left alone. Alternatively, she would poop all over the grass outside as she thinks everywhere is okay to relieve herself.

#5. Reading the puppy’s body languages

Your GSD puppy will not always need to poop after the 30 minutes each time after meals. A  time shall come when she will give signs at off times. Your potty training should factor this into consideration.

The pup would normally growl, sniff and walk strangely in circles when she needs to pee and poop. You then have to take the pup outside.

#6. Give clear commands

Taking your puppy outside every time she needs to do so does not help her. She needs to learn how to survive on its own. To make this possible, teach your puppy some commands. Commanding him to ‘GO POTTY’ makes it easy for you.

After knowing the designated place, teaching your puppy this command eliminates the need to walk the dog out every potty time.

#7. Reward correct behavior

After you have taken considerable amounts of time to potty train your GSD puppy, take some time off and watch as she performs the procedure herself. If she gets it right, give her some sort of treat or even affection.

The feeling of knowing that she is doing something right will make her do it every time. There should be no reward each time though as she may get too attached to rewards.

How long does the training probably take?

After all the tips, this is the next question you would probably ask when learning how to potty train a German shepherd. The truth is, there is no specific time frame for potty training. It could take a shorter time or longer depending on lots of factors.

Since GSDs are an intelligent dog breed, the training could take roughly between 2 and 6 weeks. All you need is to be meticulous with the training and take your puppy through it regularly. Remember to give consistent and clear-cut instructions.

If the training is not going as per the plan, do not hesitate to seek professional help. It could be that you are not doing it well or the pup does not respond well to instructions. Look for help when it is still early and make your dog responsible.

Have fun with your well-mannered German shepherd

When learning how to potty train a German Shepherd, it could look like a lot of work as you start, but after a while, you will start to enjoy it when the rewards begin to show.

Better still, pup’s mom had already initiated the responsible behavior in the pup while still with the litter. By keeping the crate clean, the pup would grow up with cleanliness in the background already.