Are Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Worth The Price Tag? Find Out Here!

Sick of cleaning our your cat’s litter tray? We don’t blame you – it’s not the nicest of tasks. Your cat needs somewhere to do their business, but the result can be smelly and gruesome to cleanout. However, there could be an alternative which means your kitty litter cleaning days are over!

Self-cleaning litter boxes are now a thing. Most of them look nothing like traditional trays, but that’s because they do much more. These machines are capable of clearing themselves out, ridding your home of unpleasant odors and taking one task off your household chore list.

We’re going to go over how a self-cleaning litter box works, the bang you get for your buck, and long term litter box management. We have put together this guide to help you pick a product perfect for your home, lifestyle, and of course, your furry friend.

How Does a Self Cleaning Litter Box Work?

It works exactly how you’d think. It cleans the litter box without any human interference. But how exactly?

A self-cleaning litter box uses sensors to detect when your cat is inside. From there, the machine waits until your cat has safely exited before getting to work. The litter box uses metal rakes to sift through the grains in order to pick up waste. Then those waste particles are taken to a different compartment for later removal.

The waste area is completely closed off from the surrounding area. This means that the odor does not spread to the rest of your home – result. Depending on the brand you get, your device either uses special litter or is compatible with the kind you already use.

What Exactly Am I Paying For?

The initial price of a self-cleaning unit is what has most people straying away. This is understandable. These machines usually start at around $100 and increase from there. But this price tag comes with a few things.

First, it comes with the guarantee that you’ll spend less time worrying about your cat’s waste. It also ensures that your house smells fresh and you don’t waste time emptying the tray several times a day.

The waste compartments are really easy to take out and dispose of. Self-cleaning machines are great about sifting through waste and extending the life of your litter, meaning that you have to buy it less often.

Won’t It Cost More In The Long Run?

No! The self-cleaning units allow you to save more money on litter… and litter is really expensive. The initial cost of a self-cleaning machine is quickly offset by the amount you save on buying litter.

A self-cleaning box is also more efficient than a traditional unit in that you won’t have to replace the bottom box as often. With a normal tray, it’s best to replace it every six months to get rid of any smells and bacteria build-up. You don’t need to do that with an electric one.

These machines need to be plugged into electricity, but the costs should be minor. The small cost to your electricity bill is nothing compared to what you’d spend maintaining a non-electric unit.

What Do You Think?

Are you sold on this new piece of pet-care tech? Maybe you are, but before you run into a purchase, think about whether your cat will take to the change. It’s all about them after all. Cats aren’t really huge fans of new stuff, so if you do buy a machine, be sure to introduce your feline friend gradually.

We hope you’ve got enough information here to make a decision. Get a fresh-smelling, more efficient household today by getting your pet a self-cleaning litter box!

Last Updated on 01/08/2023 by Karen Snow

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