Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench Review

Cat owners know how the cute furry pets can be messy at times with their litter boxes. Cleaning the mess, refreshing the contents and the likes brings great joy and despair at the same time.

In addition to these inconveniences, hiding the litter boxes from plain sight can be another hassle on its own.

But what if you had a way of hiding them to create a neat room that is devoid of the unsightly litter boxes? That’s where you’ll need the Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench.

What is a Cat Washroom Bench?

The term washroom is mostly used in the human context, but rarely in the pet’s world. It refers to a box-like structure used to hide away a cat’s litter box. All the messes the cat makes in the litter box are, therefore, confined inside the box.

In addition, extra space is provided so that you can organize the washroom in your most desired way. The washroom accommodates not only the jumbo type of litter boxes but also the automated ones too.

Inside the bench is a removable partitioning wall which can then create more space. The litter, supplies, and scoop can then be tucked away out of sight.

You may be wondering how a cat enters the bench itself. On either side of the washroom is an entrance, depending on which room will be in use. In a way, this succeeds in giving your cat the privacy they so much crave for. They can then go about their businesses unperturbed.

Features of the Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench

For functionality of providing cat discretion, this washroom comes with an array of features. These are either for storage or for accomplishing washroom purposes. Here are the features that make this bench great for pet owners.

Magnetized Doors

These doors can be opened widely to allow for easy access to the inner parts of the washroom. When you want to organize the stuff inside, or refresh supplies, simply fling open the doors for access.

Pre-cut Hole

At the back of the bench is a pre-cut hole. These are for passing cables for powering electronic or automatic litter boxes if you own one. You can conveniently pass the cables through, without having to widen the holes.

Removable Partition

Inside the washroom, you will find a partition wall that can be removed. You can either put it in or remove it depending on the amount of storage space you need. One side of the partition can be the actual washroom, then other for storage. Either clean up tools or kitty essentials goes into the other space.

Versatile Entrance

Besides the magnetized doors, an entrance is provided. This is meant to be used by the cat and can be installed on any of the two sides of the Bench. You can then install it where your little pal prefers to enter the washroom from.

Wainscoting Detail

The Cat Washroom Bench features a wainscoting detail, complete with natural wood. It is given an elegant white stain so that it perfectly matches your home décor. There is another option that is walnut stained if you might fancy it.

Large Size

Any litter box fits inside this washroom. Whether it is the small pan type, or the large-sized automatic/electrical ones, it fits right into the bench.


Although it’s considerably heavy, the weight is still manageable. You can shift its position in the house until you find somewhere it fits into perfectly. It has a weight of 57.4 pounds when empty but could rise considerably depending on what is inside. The whole structure measures about 21.3” x 37.4” x 22.6”.


The washroom bench has been crafted from a Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF) wood.

Benefits of the Cat Washroom Bench

Are you wondering whether to buy this bench or not? Well, if you are, then these benefits might persuade you more to make the purchase.

  • It seamlessly hides or camouflages messy litter boxes away from guests or even yourself
  • You can use it to organize litter, litter box and other cat supplies you and your kitty needs
  • Color grains of walnut and white perfectly matches any room the bench is placed in
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Versatile and can be used as a cover for a litter box, washroom for kitty, accent table and a storage room
  • Large enough to accommodate any litter box size and type
  • Magnetized doors provide for unrestricted access
  • The partition wall allows for efficient space utilization

Care Instructions

Just like any other pet care equipment, you will have to take good care of this pet washroom. It is the only way of guaranteeing that you get the real value for the investment you are about to make.

  • For cleaning the panels, dampen a piece of cloth in clean water then use it to wipe the side panels
  • During the assembly, handle all the panels with utmost care. Doing this ensures that you avoid any injuries or damages to the pieces
  • On the provided assembly manual are instructions which you need to read carefully. More importantly, use the indicated tools.
  • Assemble the unit on a flat level surface. It prevents uneven putting together of the pieces. I would recommend that you do the assembly with at least a two-member team.
  • Do not exceed the weight limit of the washroom bench. This weight is provided as about 80 pounds.

Limitations of the Washroom Bench

However few, this product still has its share of limitations that might limit how much you can use it.

  • The product has a weight limit that should never be exceeded, especially on the top cover.
  • Only a single litter box is appropriate for the washroom. Putting two would force one cat to step on the other cat’s litter box.
  • It is slightly heavy

Help your cat enjoy his privacy

The Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench is a great way of masking the sometimes-messy litter boxes. Although cats are generally conscious about their cleanliness, camouflaging their messes still comes in handy. The bench also gives them the privacy they need.

Last Updated on 21/07/2022 by Karen Snow