Pets That Can Make a Fabulous Addition to Your Family

Deciding to get a family pet is one that can take time. As well as discussing what kind of pet you might like, you should also take the time to consider what would best suit your family set up. The hours you work, the spare time you have, and many other factors play a huge part in determining what kind of pet to choose. The size of your home, as well as whether you have adequate outdoor space, may also be a deciding factor. You must make the right choice not only for your family but for the pet. In this article you have four different pets that can make a fabulous addition to your family.

It is advisable to take out a pet insurance policy where possible and register with your local veterinary clinic. Insurances vary depending on the age, type, and breed of your pet, as well as the level of cover needed. Cover varies, so make sure you read the small print and familiarise yourself as to what is included and what isn’t. You should also account for regular vet check-ups, injections, and other incidental expenses that may crop up.

What Pet Should I Get For My Family?

Pets can be costly, so make sure you are fully aware of what’s involved. As is the case with any pet, it’s advisable to take specialist advice before committing. More and more people are trying to make a quick buck breeding and selling animals despite not being registered or having the experience to do so. Purchase your pet from a reputable breeder or specialist store. Here are four pets that can make a fabulous addition to your family, as well as some information that might help narrow your search.


Lovely Puppy dog on the parkDogs are an extremely popular choice when it comes to buying a pet. Some breeds are not only gorgeous, but they have amazing personalities too. They can take a lot of looking after, and so, it’s important to do as much research as possible before taking the plunge. Many dog breeds do not like being left alone for any length of time. Whilst nipping to the grocery store is perfectly fine, it isn’t a good idea to get a dog if you work the typical 9 – 5, and your household will be empty for the majority of the day. Not only do dogs need to be walked and have toilet breaks, but they can get very lonely.

If you are getting a dog regardless, then check for dog walking services in your local area. An experienced dog handler will come to your home and take your dog for walks every single day or as often as necessary. This will not only be welcomed company for your dog but will give you peace of mind that they are being checked on in your absence. If you are leaving your dog at home, particularly at the puppy stage, then it’s a good idea to get a cage.

Why should you own a dog?

Many dogs have been known to trash houses when their owners are not there. It’s not because they have badly behaved, but because they like to explore and can get a bit bored if left on their own. Make sure the cage is adequately sized and has enough room for your dog to stand up and lie down in as well as having adequate space for a water bowl and a blanket. Dogs require regular grooming and, in some cases, lots of exercises based on their size and age, so be prepared to go out daily regardless of the weather. Many people are allergic to dogs, so make sure that isn’t the case before you get one.

There are many breeds of hypoallergenic dogs these days, so they may be a more suitable option if anyone in your family is an allergy sufferer. It’s a good idea to have your dog microchipped if this hasn’t already been done by the breeder. This will make it easily traceable should it go missing. A day out with the dog or a trip to the park to play catch is an outstanding way to bring the family together, and the kids will adore their new friend. Dogs bring love, joy, and fun to any household, and so should be a definite contender.


Beautiful fish on a small aquariumIf you want a pet that looks stunning but requires very little day to day maintenance, then fish may be a good choice. Many fish require specialist surroundings in terms of tanks, plants, and food, so before buying, make sure you know what you are doing. There are a host of different aquariums available, so research is essential. Aquarium Source is a resource where aquarists can learn about and find reviews on the best products for their tanks. They have a host of information on a range of fish-related topics, so it’s worth checking out their website. You can visit them at

An aquarium can make a stunning aesthetic addition to any home. Many people have adapted their properties to have integrated tanks built into walls or even used as a room divider. Lighting, plants, and wonderfully colorful fish can create a real wow factor. Fish can be very calming and create a very soothing effect on a home. They aren’t noisy, don’t create a mess, and don’t mind being left alone, so if you want something low maintenance, then fish might be right up your street. A fish is one of the pets that can make a fabulous addition to your family.


Lovely cat sleeping in bedSimilar to dogs, cats love affection and can make a great addition to a home. They are far more independent than dogs, so they might be a good option for anyone who isn’t around much during the day. They don’t like to be home alone all of the time, but now and again won’t be an issue. It’s a good idea to have a cat flap installed in your entrance and rear doors. This will allow your feline friend to roam around as it pleases. Cats generally don’t run away, so leaving them to go outdoors is a very common thing to do.

They should know their way home and won’t roam too far. Cats require brushing every day if possible, so it’s a good idea to agree who will be responsible for this or to work out some kind of rotation. You can get your kids to collaborate too. Cats like to lick themselves regularly, so brushing should stop fur balls forming.It is easy to overfeed a cat, so make sure that you have researched the levels of cat food needed based on weight and height.

Cat’s Do’s and Don’ts

It is imperative to keep your cat hydrated, so make sure you have a bowl of water freely available throughout the day. In terms of litterboxes, it’s essential to clean them regularly. Cats don’t like going to the toilet in an unclean tray, so if you don’t clean it out, you might find that your cat starts going on your floor instead! That will make your house smell pretty horrendous, so try and stick to a regular cleaning schedule and replace cat litter regularly.

Cats like to scratch and so need a strong and sturdy place to do so. To protect your furniture from being clawed, it is wise to buy a scratch pole or two. Try and guide your cat to using it, and your lounge furniture should remain intact. As is the case with dogs, it’s a good idea to have your cat microchipped where possible. They occasionally do go astray, so it will make locating them far easier.


Most children love hamsters, so if you have kids, it’s a pet to consider. Children of all ages can get involved with their upkeep too. Teach them how to clean out the cage and explain what foods they like to eat and how often they should be fed. Cages should be big enough to let the hamster run around, and adding a hamster wheel is a must. Hamsters are natural runners and require lots of exercises to avoid becoming overweight or developing illnesses like diabetes.

You can buy a range of different hamster toys to keep your cuddly little creature amused for hours. You can even buy little cars for them to sit in and let them take off on your living room floor. Hamsters generally sleep during the day, so try to keep their cage in a quiet location. They like to bury their food, so it’s a wise move to clean their cage regularly to ensure that nothing decomposes.

It’s important to know what type of hamster you are getting. Dwarf hamsters, for example, like company, so it’s best to buy two or more at a time. Syrian hamsters, on the other hand, prefer living alone. Make sure you get advice from a specialist before purchasing. Hamsters are lots of fun and can create hours of amusement for children.

Wrapping It Up

Whichever pet you decide upon, they will be a great addition to your household. Pets can become companions and friends and bring much joy and love. Some people say that getting a pet has made their family truly complete. Hope you have enjoyed our list of four pets that can make a fabulous addition to your family. For dog cleaning tips and more follow our recent posts.

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