How to Sell Puppies: The Top Tips You Need to Know

Did you know that the average purebred puppy can be sold for up to $600? Selling puppies is a great business to get into, as it provides you with a way to make money and spend tons of time with your favorite furry animal.

Parting with a litter of puppies can be difficult, but the ultimate goal of selling puppies should be to bring the love of dogs and with many homes as you can.

That’s why today, we’ve created a complete guide with the top hits you need to know to start selling puppies. Keep reading to learn how to sell puppies!

Screen Prospective Buyers

Once you have a couple of families interested in purchasing your puppies, you may notice that there’s a whole slew of people who were contacting you.

One of the biggest challenges or your face as a breeder is weeding out the candidates that aren’t suitable and finding the people that are willing to dedicate time and love to giving your puppies a happy home.

Someone interested in purchasing your puppies should:

  • Have knowledge about the breed of puppy they’re purchasing
  • Build a fenced in yard
  • Have time to train the puppy
  • Permission from their landlord to own a puppy if they’re renting their home
  • Have the ability to afford veterinary care
  • Have an understanding the dogs require vaccinations and annual check-ups
  • Provide shelter that will protect the dog from the Weather
  • Pay for the dog to be neutered or spayed
  • Have a solid comprehension of the grooming needs
  • Provide the puppy with access to high-quality food and freshwater at all times

By going over these key points with a prospective buyer, you’ll be able to help that out the fires that aren’t a perfect fit for your puppies.

Establishing the Price of a Puppy

When you’re trying to price out how much you should sell your puppies for, several influential factors will go into your final decision.

The first factor will be the average market price that your breed sells for. This price will help you to figure out a baseline price that you should sell your puppies for.

If you’ve provided the puppies with any veterinary care, such as an initial check-up, vaccinations, testing for genetic conditions, dewclaw removal surgery, you can include the factors of these bills into the price of a puppy.

When you’re pricing your puppies, you should make sure that profit isn’t the only concern that you have. You don’t want to miss out on the chances that you have to place a puppy into a loving and caring home just because your prices were too high.

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Ethical Obligations

As a breeder, there are several ethical obligations that you should be aware of to establish yourself as a high-quality and caring breeder.

Puppies need time to fully ween, as well as time to gain social skills at the pick up from interacting with their mom and their siblings. Giving puppies time to fully ween will make them into better companions with people and other dogs as they grow up. This means that you shouldn’t sell a puppy before it’s eight weeks old.

You should provide your buyers with a health record of the puppy, which should include information such as worming records, the vaccinations that the puppy has received, the contact information for the vet, the dates they receive their vaccinations, and when their next vaccinations are due. There should also be information on the health record of the vet that has looked for any type of heart murmur.

Lifetime Guarantees 

If the puppy has any medical conditions, the buyer needs to be fully disclosed before the sale is finalized. Also, you should offer a one-week health guarantee, which will give your buyer time to have the puppy looked at by their personal that.

If there are any medical conditions discovered on the puppy, you should be willing to provide a complete refund and except the puppy back.

Establish breeders also often offer an additional lifetime health guarantee against genetic conditions such as progressive retinal atrophy and hip dysplasia. Some health conditions are breed-specific and won’t appear until the puppy has grown up.

In some situations, the breeder may provide a replacement pump while allowing the owner to keep the original adult dog. In other cases, the breeder may take the dog back and pay for all of its medical care.

Before the sale is finalized, all guarantees that your offering should be written out and signed by both you and the buyer. Both parties of the contract should have a copy of the signed agreement.

Sending the Puppy Home

When you’re ready to send the puppy home with its new owner, you should plan to send at least a two day supply of the current kibble the puppy is eating. This will provide the owner with time to go to the pet store and purchase more. You should also give the owner the puppy’s current feeding schedule and how much you’re feeding it.

Understanding How to Sell Puppies Ethically

By understanding how to sell puppies ethically, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy breeder. There’s a lot of information and attention to detail that goes into selling puppies, which is why you must do the necessary research before you begin selling.

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Last Updated on 23/01/2023 by Karen Snow