A DIY Guide For Grooming Your Own Dog

Being a dog owner is definitely one of the most thrilling experiences in the world. As long as you take good care of your pooch, you can guarantee that they’re going to love you for the rest of your life. Just remember that being a dog owner can be very tough. After all, you’ll be responsible for pretty much every single aspect of the dog’s life. You have to care for their diet and their hygiene. Within this guide, you’re going to discover tips for grooming your dog at home.

Get Everything You Need

First and foremost, you should do your best to get everything that you need. There are plenty of items that can be very beneficial to you. For instance, you’re going to need nail clippers, a dog hair clipper, comb, brush, and some styptic powder. Some of these items can be found in big box stores. If you’re unable to find them there, you’ll want to check out pet supply stories. While they might seem expensive initially, they’ll pay for themselves since you won’t have to visit a professional groomer.

Stay Away From Loud Clippers And Grinders

It is possible to use clippers and grinders to groom your dog. The clipper will be good for the dog’s hair, while the grinder is great for cutting their nails. The only downside is that some of these products can emit a loud noise. Obviously, a lot of dogs hate loud noises. If your dog fits into this category, you will most definitely want to stay away from clippers and grinders that are loud. Don’t worry. There are good alternatives out there.

Careful With The Nails

If you’re going to be using ordinary nail clippers, you have to be very careful. This is why you’ll want to invest in some styptic powder. When you’re just starting out, there is a good chance that you’ll cut your dog’s nails too low. That can cause excessive bleeding. The powder can help. Once you’ve put a little powder on the nail, it should stop bleeding within minutes. Either way, try to avoid cutting down to the quick. Look at the dog’s nails and cut above the pink area.

Choosing A Shampoo

Choosing a dog shampoo is just as tricky as buying shampoo for yourself. Some shampoos are going to be too strong and they might cause your dog’s fur to shed like crazy. This is something that you’ll want to avoid. However, you will also want to invest in a good smelling shampoo with a long-lasting scent. If your dog has sensitivities, you may have to buy something organic. According to Carlotta Cooper, it is also pertinent to get a shampoo that is pH balanced. Be sure to put some effort into researching the shampoos available to you before moving forward.

Washed And Brushed

Before you begin cutting your dog’s hair, you’ll want to make sure that it is ready. A lot of people will wash their hair and cut it when it is wet. This is fine for humans, but not canines. It is always best to start by washing and brushing the dog’s hair. Make sure that it is completely dry before you try to cut it. You should only use the very tip end of the shears when trying to trim the dog’s tail, face or feet. This will help reduce the chance that your dog is going to get cut when they move.

Be Patient

The truth of the matter is that grooming your dog can be tough. With that being said, you really need to be patient with them. Introduce them to the Clippers a little every day. With time and practice, grooming your dog will become easier and your dog will become more comfortable to it too.