23SWDM Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door

Ideal Pet Products 23SWDM Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door

by: Ideal Pet Products 1072++ Reviews

The 23SWDM Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door from Ideal Pet Products has an adjustable width. You can adjust it from 45 to 50 inches depending on the size of your furry buddy. This product features a white aluminum construction that gels impressively with your home décor.

With a flap size of 7” x 11.25”, it is mostly recommended for medium sized dog breeds. Alternatively, you can install it for dogs weighing between 13 and 35 pounds. If you like, you can install it on sash windows for your cats.

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Popularity: 9.5
Quality:      9.7
Opinions:   9.3
Indicators:  9.8